Hand of Fate 2 REVIEW | Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC

Hand of Fate 2 REVIEW | Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC

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Luis Alamilla’s review of Hand of Fate 2 for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Hands of Fate 2 combines the table top card genre with third person action combat. All together it creates one interesting collaboration card deck building game. It originally came to PS4, Xbox and PC last year but now it also comes to the Nintendo Switch this week.

Despite the pretty average presentation, I found the gameplay to be pretty darn fun. Even as a solo DND game, it provided just as much entertainment and a solid replacement for the days where you’re not in the basement with your friends playing a traditional DND.

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hands of feet to is a fascinating collaboration of a tabletop card game in the third-person action game it meshes the two genres together to create one of the more interesting interactive D&D video games I've ever seen although it came out last fall on ps4 Xbox one and PC the developers of the game sent me over a review copy of the new switch version coming out this week and I already had the PC version since I never actually reviewed it when it first came out I thought we check it out and see if it's still worth picking up hands of fate too has a unique setup for a story where instead of having one great big campaign for a D&D game it actually has 22 different campaigns in the form set of challenges each of these campaigns are generated through the use of random cards that dictate the events in the pathways of the story they're all sent in the star fantasy world of Dungeons & Dragons the stories that these campaigns talent aren't all that fascinating from a writing standpoint instead they act as backdrops for the challenge that the campaigns bring up through the gameplay despite the writing not being so amazing the experiences were pretty fun to go through they were very much bite-sized indeed adventures with just yourself rather than an entire group and it worked pretty well with it being built from a mix of different game genres hands of fate – is ultimately a card deck builder its main game of the campaign is broken up into 22 challenges each acting as its own little campaign these campaigns are led by a new mysterious figure known as the dealer who builds up the D&D campaign on the tabletop as it unfolds before your very eyes before entering a campaign you'll be asked to choose the deck you'd like to use as you play out these challenges you'll gain new cards that can then be used in your deck and new challenges in the future these cards are split into three categories companion encounters and equipment companion cards are your partners in situations like combat they can be very valuable assets or a support figure as you take on waves of enemies encounter cards create new situations in the D&D campaign like running it to a pie salesman or being chased off a bridge by a Ford of enemies lastly there's equipment cars like weapons and shields that can give you an effective boost and battles these are the cards that change up each of the campaign's from their core story each campaign is represented by a tarot card with a goal that varies with every campaign it can be anything from saving some soldiers to guarding a helpless man across a dangerous pathway these stories are pretty set in stone for the most part well the core base is while one story may be set on having to save someone what happens along the way it all depends on the cards you pool that was a constant trend in this game as a lot of it is now left up to chance and one that can make each experience fuel new efforts it can still grow repetitive overtime and at times feel unfair and discouraging you see playing one of the later challenges in the campaign can at times take up to an hour or so in total the game can actually be in about twelve to fourteen hours when you're in a campaign your goal is of course to survive everything while achieving that missions objective and it can certainly feel like the odds are against you at times when it's done well the campaigns are lengthy giving you many opportunities to dodge attacks gather resources like food and gold and basically survive however it can feel pretty unfair when you have a solid deck of cards to begin with and still manage to lose a challenge solely because he pulled a bad success rate or a bad dice roll in the situation leading to your death furthermore it can be a bit discouraging to continuously replay these situations because you start from the very beginning of a challenge once you die if you're an hour into a challenge at that point you're most likely more annoyed than eager to right back into it and have to replay everything now that's not me complaining that the game is too challenging or too hard but rather than allow the success rate in these campaigns can often land on the simple dice roll and it can feel a bit unfair with that said these campaigns were still pretty fun to go through and although the repetitiveness did hit eventually it only did hit towards the very end of the game pulling an encounter that has he fighting enemy throws you into a quite literal reenactment of the situation in these sections you get into a third-person action shot that certainly feels better than the first game but can still feel simple and stiff at times these battles usually have you attack block and dodge and coordination to the movement of an enemy it's not a super deep battle system but it feels slightly more polished since the original hands of fate this is also where your companions appear to help you out with their own unique abilities outside of the main campaign mode you can play an endless mode that is quite literally as it sounds a long-form campaigning made above the cards you've collected it's a great move to jump into once you've beaten all the challenges and wants to mix it up a bit hands of fate too is a pretty okay looking game it's one of those games where you can just tell it was made with a Unity engine without you even checking if it actually won so take that as you will I thought that the scenes where you were inside the dealer's room playing the tabletop game look really nice and Atmospheric it definitely wasn't the best looking models I've ever seen but I think the way the scene is presented is captivating in the battle sequences on the other hand I thought I looked really rough the animations and fights can look stiff at times making the game look generously less polished than the tabletop scenes I played both the PC and the switch versions of hands of fate to basically the lower and the high-end tech spectrums of the hardware the biggest difference I noticed between the two versions was the resolution in the aliasing going on with an attendance which version the antenna switch version looks like it's running at 720p both in dock and handheld mode with a pretty solid 30 frames per second it does dip on occasion but nothing has got enough to ruin the game when compared to something like the PC version it's a completely solid port that takes to hit on resolution aliasing and less environmental effects to make this playable on the switch the grass has been toned down the Haven environment is turned off and the shadows are pretty darn blurry hands of 82 wasn't a particularly good looking game to begin with but with that said the switch version didn't have to make a ton of sacrifices to get it to run either and leaving the protection of their people to the lazy worthless and malign I have tried to anticipate the changes that you Serpa might make the music and hands are paid to isn't anything outstanding in the combat sections you get this heavy drum music that's and like it belongs in the new god of war game but certainly not as catchy let's just say that the music was good enough for the fights I were already pretty mediocre to begin with actually I'd even say that the music was pretty parallel to my thoughts on the visuals and I thought that tabletop sequences not only looked better but sounded better the eerie sounding effects in the background has a horse carriage pulls you along with you inside it it sets the perfect mood for this dark fantasy world now whoever did the voice for the dealer also killed it with their performance because hot damn that's one great voice it was chilling to listen to and it basically is the old grandpa raspy storytelling voice as is perfect for DMD games it definitely made the campaigns a much better experience on the Nintendo switch version I didn't miss some smart use of the HD Rumble like moments where you had to roll some dice shaking the dice with the analog stick would actually roll the droid con around to feel like there were actually dice inside the Droid kind it was a clever way to make use of the new switch feature with a constant game mechanic that was already implemented ultimately hands up b2 is an amusing collaboration of tabletop card gaming and third-person action combat to create a funding D cross deck building game presentation isn't the best in general but at least not a lot had to be sacrificed for it to run on the switch that's not to say that the game is a flawed though a lot of the challenges can end up feeling unfair when things are left up to chance and the punishment is repeating the campaign from the very beginning however when the odds are in your favor or at least are more balanced these campaigns despite being solo games can give you hours of entertainment as if you were playing a D&D game in the basement with your friends in that sense I thought that hands of pictu was a great game to get lost in for hours on end whether you're playing in front of a TV or on the go with your Nintendo switch at least when the odds are more balanced currently hands up a to ghost for 30 bucks across all the major platforms including the new Nintendo Swiss version and if you're into D&D or tabletop gaming I think this game is definitely worth checking out if I had to give you the score I give it an 8 out of 10 that does it for my review of hands of a2 for the ps4 Xbox one PC and Nintendo switch if you have any questions about the game feel free to ask me in the comments down below if you enjoyed the video then please consider giving it a thumbs up you can also click on my face to subscribe for more videos just like this or you can check out one of my other videos on the left side of the screen thank you all very much for watching the next video you'll probably see on this channel will be my Q&A while I'm in Japan so I look forward to that and I'll see you all in the next one

24 Replies to “Hand of Fate 2 REVIEW | Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC”

  1. supercommando440

    Crap… a MIX of hack&slash and deckbuilding… wow… I was sold until I spotted all the hack&slash junk. Is there a mode where you can just play the card game WITHOUT the hack&slash stuff?

  2. trippy treez

    yeah Im pretty sure the game runs at 60fps n not 30.. Gonna confirm this later since I was pretty drunk yesterday when I tried it.

  3. V IE

    Card builder, rogue lite, DnD, lite rpg elements, hack and slash, bite size battles… i really want to give it a shot. I’ll check it out if it’s on sale

  4. Kofta VR gaming

    I've almost finished the game on pc, i have played 80 something hours and i am still not done. And it is still fun as hell. One of my favourite games atm.

  5. Paul Rawling

    Was expecting more card game and less real-time battles. Feel as though I wasted £20 on this as it is too frustrating. Still looking for a decent fantasy card game on Switch…

  6. Alex b

    the background music is from the game? if yes, then i want this game. love the eerie music… great atmosphere like that makes a game.

  7. Poison

    So you had mentioned in response to one of my comments that I should let you know if I had any suggestions for a game to review . Sooooooo…Im going to do that. 😛
    The Switch is getting a port of Titan Quest that releases on 7/31/18. I'm pretty excited to see this as Ive been itching for a good "Diablo" style game on the Switch, and Titan Quest is one of my favorites from its era. However it seems the other console ports are having some issues from what I've read. Save game corruption and crashing being the worst of it. Id really like to see how the Switch port fares before I buy it, especially with it being on the high end of what I want to pay for digital games. Oh man eshop might get me twice this month even with that price tag. lol

    So yep thats my request. Cheers.

  8. Poison

    Thanks so much for reviewing this one. I loved the first Hands of Fate, and this will be my first chance to play the second. I was a little hesitant though since $30 is generally more than Im willing to pay for a digital only game. Glad to hear its a good port though. I think Ill be picking it up on release after all.

  9. JamesJose1245

    hold on a second, you give hand of fate 2 an 8/10, but octopath traveler gets a 7.5? I'm confused. I know it's your opinion and your review, but still, I don't how to feel about that.

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