Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption (PC) Review - A Worthy Successor to Quest for Glory

Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption (PC) Review – A Worthy Successor to Quest for Glory

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Today I’m talking about the revival of one of my favourite series, though under a slightly different name. It’s a game I backed on Kickstarter 6 long years ago that just released in July of 2018. It’s Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption.

I was given a free key for this game, which I am giving away here! Comment if you are interested and I will draw a random winner on September 2. (They key was won by Steve!)

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Game footage is my own captures and game trailers. Soundtrack from the game.

Intro artwork, logo and banner by: @theMagdalenRose

“Cantina Blues” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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hi I'm Pam and I'm here to talk about video games today I'm talking about the revival of one of my favorite game series though under a slightly different name it's a game that I backed on Kickstarter six long years ago and it just came out in July of 2018 it's here oh you rogue to redemption here oh you was developed by trans solar games company of Lori Ann and Corey Cole creators of the quest for glory series since the quest for glory license is sadly in the possession of Activision the Cole's made a new game in the same vein based on an older web-based game they and run called school for Heroes you play Sean O'Connor a would-be thief who was caught in the act and given the opportunity to attend a school for Heroes rather than go to jail you must survive the semester at hero u over the course of 50 in-game days you attend classes raise your skills make friends and enemies and get plenty of chances to have adventures and get into trouble your main goal is to win the illustrious rogue of the year title hero you combines the gameplay of a point-and-click adventure and a role-playing game I like the quest for glory series you can't create your own character which was a bit of a bummer at first rather than be able to choose between a rogue a magic user a warrior or a paladin you have to be a rogue as the title kind of suggests while your focus is on learning rogue skills like climbing lock picks and stealth you also get to choose electives during the semester you can choose between science magic or first-aid which will give you some extra skills to help you survive your adventure most days a hero you follow a similar pattern you get up go to your rogue class have a few hours to practice skills or talk to people in the castle have dinner then have another few hours to socialize explore study or make some money before curfew of course you can find ways to break curfew – you get the occasional day off classes and events will happen at set times within the semester as you practice talk to people and use your abilities over the course of a normal day you will see your numbers on your stat sheet go up in real time i've always loved having a good stat sheet and this is an interesting one with lots of skills to focus on and boost up there's also a page where you get to keep track of all the relationships with your classmates and the other people in the school some are fairly easy to make friends with and you can even have a romantic relationship but some are determined to hate you the setting feels a lot like you've stepped into a Harry Potter novel except that you're a rogue instead of a wizard the 2d backgrounds are nice there's a lot of variation within them and it makes the castle fun to explore honestly the art is not my favorite art style that I've seen in a game but it's serviceable and some of the portraits you see during certain key events are quite charming so I don't review a lot of games right after they're launched and there's probably a good reason for it my opinion of the game changed considerably within a few weeks of the game's initial launch initially Shaun's movement speed was very slow and the animations were really ugly it was so bad that I didn't even want to explore the castle because everything just took so long and when I did that I ended up missing most of the game now luckily within about a week or two of that initial launch there was a patch that came in that increased the movement speed considerably and I'm not sure whether the animations actually improved or whether they were just less noticeable since they were faster but I found the whole travel speed and just visual aesthetic of moving through the game improved tenfold it increased my enjoyment of the game considerably I ended up replaying the whole game again and enjoyed it a lot I'm really thankful that this patch went in so quickly although it would have been nice if it was there for lunch this kind of game where you're gonna get more out of it the more you put into it if you talk to everyone and explore everywhere you'll see more events and get more tasks that could otherwise be missed there are some secret dungeon areas that really open up the game once you find them these are the sea caves and the catacombs both of which are full of monsters as well as treasures to find the combat here is turn-based and I ended up liking it even more than the combat from the original quest for glory games at first I was mostly trying to just stab my enemies and kill them before they killed me but eventually I learned I had to make the most of my inventory there are traps to lock enemies in place thrown weapons explosives and magic rune stones to help you out there's also a good amount of equipment you can use that will buff your stats in certain ways to help you out you can find equipment in treasure chests or buy it from the school store or the secret thieves fence if you can find him if combat is not your thing you can use your rogue abilities to avoid combat through things like stealth bluffing or using things like climbing and agility to get out of danger the game is full of puns sometimes bordering on too many puns aside from this I was pretty happy with the writing and the story I especially liked the quests that involved opportunities to help out your classmates every one of them had a certain personal mission or goal and you could help them out with it an example of this is Katie the daughter of a pirate who's out to find a buried pirate treasure to prove to her father that she can be a pirate too I also enjoyed that the game made the most of the school setting there are specific tasks you'll have to do like disarming traps or practicing your stealth as well as tests make sure you paid attention in class and I'm a nerd who loves tests my only major complaint about the game at this point is that the pacing can be a little strange the first half of the game isn't lacking in things to do there's tons of people to talk to and skills to practice however as far as the scripted events go they're mostly relegated to the second half of the game sometimes at the start it felt like I wasn't skilled enough yet to do much fighting or exploring of new areas in the second half of the game there are many more events and challenges to undertake though I did feel like after a certain point most of my classmates were no longer around to talk to you during free time overall I really liked here oh you rogue to redemption enough to play through it twice back-to-back with each playthrough taking about 20 hours it certainly scratched that quest for glory its while at the same time presenting something new the Kickstarter did take a long time to deliver but I'm very happy with the final product or at least I was after a patch or two if you want to see more check out my review of quest for glory one or one of my other videos I have a patreon if you'd like to support what I'm doing here thanks for watching and I'll see you next time you

28 Replies to “Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption (PC) Review – A Worthy Successor to Quest for Glory”

  1. pendulousphallus

    Quest for Glory came into my life with Quest for Glory III. I never really figured out any of the games even as an adult but I was wholly charmed by them. They made a deep impression on me. I'm just hearing about this spiritual successor today. I might throw some money at it when I see it on sale somewhere. I'm glad I don't have to wait six years to get my hands on it. It's always nice to find somebody who's into the same niche nonsense that you are.

  2. Biouke

    Looks cool.

    Now that I think about it, games in fantasy school setting have an unexplored potential. Apart from this, Danganronpa and Persona, I can't think of many in that genre. And I'd kill for a game based on Freak's Squeele, particularly since the P&P RPG came out.

  3. Ferret7Studio

    Great review! We're about halfway through our first play through and I'm already planning what I want to do differently the second time around lol.

  4. essmene

    I would a good game to take *at least* 6 years. Almost every game below that has issues as they need to cut corners – either story wise, the engine, bugs, … If you go too early from proto-type into development you are stuck and once you find out that certain things do not work, you cannot change them for the better.

    I hope to see more games like this in the future.


    Hi, thanks for the review!

    How much stealth is in the toy, that's my fav aspect of games? Also, how much of a ratio of time is spent searching or action (not interested in turn-based fighting) vs talking-reading (not that interested in either unless if just to set up missions)? Thanks again!

  6. JiraIndivisualArts

    Great video! Thanks! 🙂 I really like this game and i love the Quest for Glory games. Did you ever played the JRPG Persona series? Despite the most JRPGs Persona is a really great RPG, with great characters, great story, player choices, romances and deep character development. Hero-U reminds me a lot of persona, so maybe, if you interested in this kind of games, give it a shot. Persona 3, 4 and 5 are the best imo. 🙂

  7. fucheduck

    thank you for giving an objective review. I swear most people are like voters in politics about this! When it comes to this game. they either love it to the point of butt-kissing the creators or hating it for no good reasons. we are getting as much friction speaking about it as the elections these days. it is JUST A GAME! A fun and light hearted one at that! I remind people. anyway, thinks for a real review! 🙂

  8. alfa-psi

    I don't understand how people can put up with a protagonist so unlikable.
    Your alter ego is an idiot of epic proportions trying to fit jokes and puns in every single sentence.
    And they are atrocious.
    I hope to be able to erase it from my memory as quickly as possible.

  9. James Gant

    I donated money toooo..

    Forming what feels like real relationships is why I always loved their old games. By the time you get to QFG 3 you feel like you really do have these friends that span that world…especially Rakeesh. The story arc from QFG1-3 is ridiculous.

    I loved all the old Sierra games especially theirs and the ones produced/directed by Kristy Marx (christy?). Marx's games started with "Conquest" conquests of camelot and the longbow. Anyways this is what is missing from games these days- the feeling that you are living in another world interacting with living people…

    I play Destiny and other games that are supposed to be so amazing, and while they have a lot of money and time put in to them sometimes it feels as if the motivation behind the games is greed and that your motivation in game is also greed or just boredom.

    So you spend hours trying to collect loot to beat monsters and dungeons that are the same monsters you've been killing for hours but which are now more difficult than before but just in cheaper ways of increasing difficulty. And any story that is unlocked is secondary to collecting new shiny objects that do the same shit you've been doing for hours and hours.

    And then I think back on these old games Quest for Glory 2 in particular you had to form relationships with the people in the game. The conversations you had were clues and easter eggs which revealed the mystery and you learn about people who become like your friends. And the parser aspect of it made it somehow more interactive….but I think about these games and it feels as if these kinds of games just don't exist anymore.

    Games driven by imagination and narrative rather than just ridiculous spectacle to grab a hold of your ADD brain.

    Conquests of the Longbow for example had riddles that you had to answer that were seriously difficult and you had to learn this language that was on your hands to spell out the answers which then taught you how to speak to plants. Some people say that this was just copyright protection but it was also an element of gameplay which in and of itself is like a kind of magic system in game that is more magical than shooting HD megadeath fireworks from your hands. After you learn the language you can point to your hands the phrase "grow" to some vines to make them grow on a wall so that you can climb a tower…That's a genius game element. You could build a whole game around that game element and a few others that are no longer used.

    Or another example of this was StarTropics where you had to put the game booklet in water and the words "Frequency 747" would appear on the back of the booklet and that was the code to get in to the submarine or something…or it was the musical phrase you played on the organ?

    Anyways the point I'm trying to make is that modern game makers similar to modern movies have become all about spectacle and less and less about nuance and narratives, and people should be playing those old games to learn these tricks, because as a gamer I get to where I play fewer and fewer games each year because I already played the best games when I was a kid, and all the new games while they look amazing graphically often lack in these simple little amazing things that were present in games from the 80s and 90s.

  10. Samuel Barrett

    Just finished playing through this for the first time too. Quest for Glory (Hero's Quest) was the first real game I ever played and I have the 1st-4th on an emulator that I go back and occasionally play from time to time. I love the humor in these games. Though this last one was a little different I can definitely see a replayability factor. Like the others, having several different ways to figure out puzzles with slightly different results is pretty fun. This one seems like it could have turned out completely different by the end. I'll have to replay just to see how many people I can piss off this time.

  11. Fuz

    I'm playing it right now (almost at the end), never played the original QFG games as a kid, but I'm loving it so much. It's great and it's clearly a work of love. I truly hope it sells really well, the Coles deserve all the praise… and funds to keep making such amazing games.

  12. Game Glyph

    Quest for Glory 4 is one of my favorite games of all time. Which is why it was one of the early reviews on my channel. Dragonfire was a serious disappointment to me as a huge fan of the series. But this looks reallt promising! I had no idea! Great review!

  13. Tristan

    Very nice review and i can agree on everything you said. Hero-U is definitely a complete different and fresh experience on todays gaming market, don't be scared if the graphics are a bit rusty, you won't bother… in fact i started to like them exactly how they are and right now, i am on my second playthrough where i try to make lots of things different. One thing i like to add, the humor is great in this game, i had a lot of laughs when shawn responds / comments to people or things. I really hope we can see "Hero-U 2 – The Wizards Way" in the future.

  14. Rod Hannah

    Great review. I just finished my second playthrough, however I didn't get a chance to play the game for the first time until three weeks ago (a month after release). So I started out with the patched version and I guess I'm lucky for that. I love the game and hope we get Wizard's Way sometime in the not too distant future.

  15. newwavejunkie

    This looks like a game I would throughly enjoy. I’m really intrigued by the school setting. Thank you for this review and putting this game on my radar.

  16. Gwellmyn

    I have had my eye on this game for a while now, so I am definitely interested in a steam key! I think the Quest for Glory series is the best of the quest-series from old Sierra.

  17. jeremy arecco

    quest for glory 1 remake and quest for glory 4 best in seris hero u is better than 5 but thats easy beat cause 5 is weak sauce

  18. barkaszg

    I know I've seen this game before, it has come up in my steam queue before, recommended by RPG Codex. Seems like a lot of time and effort was put into providing something unique. Let's see if my reminiscence of schooldays can be manifasted by delving into this thingy =)
    P.S.-props for the review, you have a soothing voice

  19. Rogue Rifter

    I love this game as well. Its one of only two or three games I've backed on Kickstarter. While I sympathize with anyone who would want to play as a different class.Rogue is my favorite common fantasy class so I'm ok with having to play as one.

  20. Jeremy Pinkham

    Seems like it turned out better than the Kickstarted Ultima revival, aka "Shroud of the Avatar." PS: guess I'd like to enter the giveaway drawing!

  21. canuckwithnoname

    I’ve been meaning to resuscitate my love for PC gaming, and this looks like the perfect starting point. Please enter my name into the raffle.

  22. sonichuizcool

    Thank you for taking me out of my gaming rut and exoploring new paths. Because of you I have gone into directions of games I never thought I would like. You are awesome. thanks again!

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