Hoverboard / Self Balancing Scooter  Won't Turn On Or Charge

Hoverboard / Self Balancing Scooter Won't Turn On Or Charge

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This video will help you address the following issues with your Hoverobard / Self Balancing Scooter;
Hoverboard will not stay on
Hoverboard will not power on
Hoverboard will not turn on after charging
Hoverboard will not charge
Hoverboard will not charge or turn on

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FAQ: Where do you get the battery?
Ans: When this video was made we were still able to find them on Ebay and Amazon. If they can no longer be found there, I would try the manufacturer website.

hey guys this is Jamie with point tech we're bringing you another do-it-yourself repair video today today we're working on a hoverboard also called a self balancing scooter we're gonna show you how to swap out your battery sometimes your things completely dead as you can see here I'm hitting power button absolutely nothing's happening and then if you look when I plug my charger in turns on it goes yellow and it stays that way and you can charge it as long as you want but the moment you unplug it it's dead and you can't turn it on now the charger that I have that came with my hoverboard has a little green LED on it and when your hoverboard is charging that turns red so if you have that same feature that'll be a nice towel because it's plugged in and it's still green so I know that it's not actually putting it in any juice out it's not taking it but you may or may not have that feature but yeah either way you can charge this for as many hours as you want it's going to be dead so I'm going to open it up show you how to swap out your battery now your battery is on the opposite side as your charger your charge reports here means your battery is going to be on this side that's the only way that they could fit it so we're going to flip it over take off this bottom panel and then I'll show you how to get your battery out and swap it out now usually I would magnetize my screwdrivers to help me get the screw out but I didn't do that this time so I'm gonna swap screwdriver half way to help me get it out but all right so and then I take it the panel off like that make sure you keep an eye on your screws you don't want them falling in here and then getting left in here they'll be clanking around and they could shut something out so get that out of the way here's your battery underneath these cables now it's in there pretty tight but you can slide it out it's held on by four screws and most models so let me go ahead and take those screws out and then I'll show you how to free this without really messing this thing up all right so first of all it's plugged in down here and get that cable out so I can see it so there's your little connector just pull that apart right there and now we'll just finish off taking these screws out of the battery looks like I'm losing juice in my magnetized screwdriver now it takes a little bit of wiggling but you just can't slide this thing right out on this side so it took a little bit of finagling but that does slide out so now you would take your battery slide that right in where the other one was let me take some finagling again but that sits right in there make sure that's nice and secure too don't forget this isn't like a stationary object you're bouncing around in this so make sure that this is nice and screwed down nice and secure you don't want it coming loose and then when you get it screwed in lastly plug it in obviously that wasn't too bad because you didn't have to mess with any of the wires or undo them so that's what you want to do on this side get that nice and tucked in there make sure these are down flat put this back on I may take a little bit of finagle in this to make sure it's not laying on top of each other because that big battery takes up a lot of room in there now before you screw this down and get it all in place you want to make sure you did it right so go ahead plug your charger in and again I have that option now you can see that my Chargers gone to read on the LED so now I know it's charging and as you can see here my battery lights blinking now instead of stationary so it's a good sign that is charging but if you don't have this if you don't have this just let it sit for a while see if that battery is good and then when it is unplug it feel free to seal this back up with your screws but that's how you would change a battery on a hoverboard or self balancing scooter please like and share if this is helpful if you have any questions put them down bottom and if you enjoyed do-it-yourself repair please subscribe

32 Replies to “Hoverboard / Self Balancing Scooter Won't Turn On Or Charge”

  1. jeongies ._.

    When i charge my hoverboard the light is still turning to green but everytime i wanted to play it, it says that it needed to be charge smh help

  2. Johnathan Nielsen

    I opened mine up and the battery is fully charged (41V) but it still won't turn on. I tested the switch and it is working just fine. Do you still think the battery would be bad at this point?

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