How can I learn programming in days instead of years?

How can I learn programming in days instead of years?

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In “How can I learn programming in days instead of years?” I answer a subscriber question.

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hey guys so today we are answering a subscriber question and the question in question was Fredrik what are some timeless tips that will be will make it possible to learn software development in days instead of years so let's get him to it well I will give you the universal truth I will give you the only way that the secret technique that I know how to be able to learn basically be able to learn software development in a time prepare that is measured in days instead of years and this is this is yes this is the only way I know how to do this are you ready redefine what you mean about knowing software development because if you mean that you know software development by being able to write hello world then you can learn software development in a day if you define it as you can do some basic basic coding and maybe produce a small little say hangman game or something like that or maybe a very short adventure game with the text with text in on a CLI or something like that then maybe you can know software development in a week maybe a few days there if or we could just read it'll go really far and say that you can convert the rough roughly roughly it will take you ten thousand is that they say usually it's ten thousand hours if you convert that into days then hey there you have your days as well if you convert the amount of years into day see you're gonna have that definition as well I mean this question here is kind of it's in the same ballpark as a lot of people there's a lot of people out today who are on well basically they're in the gold rush era because that's what we are guys we are in the gold rush era of programming it used to be the case that programming was this like elite give you know it was a job software valent was a job for elite the elite like the highly highly in intellectual highly highly and today it is much more of a blue-collar job and as most blue-collar jobs what happens is that you have this category of people who are more focused on the quick quick return on investment and quick results as opposed of actually learning the profession and as I've said many many times before guys this field of study is it's not the sort of thing that you should get yourself into if you're looking for quick wins because it's very unlikely that you're going to be able to do something like it like it really gets I anywhere with that mindset the fact of the matter is that learning how to as I said you the only way for you to learn software development in you know a few months or if you'd like a few days or whatever unit of measure you want as opposed to what most people do which is you know they study for years is by defined like you're asking yourself okay what do you mean by being able to write software as I said if you want to do it at a amateur level it's absolutely feasible if you want to be a hub a programmer you can invest a few maybe a month a few say three months and there you are but that's awesome meaning that people are gonna come out and ask you to start working for them because the demands of a professional software developer it's a lot higher than that it's a similar thing to you know being somebody who trains for the Olympics or trains to like professional a professional athlete as opposed of being somebody who works out twice a week just to be feel active you know and I I know that there's like I don't know if like I don't really know why this question keeps on coming back I suppose it has to deal with people being taught like you just having a really weird worked understanding of what well well instant gratification it seems it seems that we live in this world where every single person believed wants to believe or not every person but like some people just have this idea that using some magical way of doing something is going to make you make you be able make you cut all the work that is entailed in order to achieve something I mean there are these workout videos that claim the day you're gonna get a six-pack in eight weeks and I can promise you they're not you're not gonna get that the only reason that a video exists and that is not being bladeless absolute direct fraud is that there is a possibility that a person who you who was extremely fit or who already is extremely fit you just picks up that video uses it loses four kilos of water weight and all of a sudden they have a six-pack but their average Joe who has more than a little bit overweight is gonna have to work years in order to achieve the same result if you haven't been worked if you haven't worked and grown up as somebody who's done sports fairly actively throughout your life you haven't built up the sort of body like body embody composure that is required in order to make something like that happen in such a short amount of time it's gonna take you a while to do that the program is the same way are there people who will become software developers in three months yes but these people are not the sort of people who didn't do anything growing up actually they didn't like you they they have a background that very clearly sets them up for success with this then within this region I mean I have people sent me who sent me a request for reviewing their github accounts one person has something like an amazing project we really post it like a repository of amazing projects and so forth and the person has been basically programming since he was in elementary school I mean a high school kid writing software tool at that level that I would freedom I mean if I didn't know any better and I actually told him this I would have I would have pegged him for a senior developer but he's been doing I mean as I said I get he has been doing it since he was like yeah you know yay high and then the next person comes in who is a little bit older is like a middle aged type of person and person some stuff and that's like basic the most basic thing that you can imagine this as I said this hangman sort of game like these very simple things and I mean that is what you can expect I mean that's where everybody starts out at just the depends on you know how much time have you invested so what I want you to take away from this is that if you're looking for a way to like a magical way to get good at programming where you can reduce the amount of time like which most people count in years down to just days in terms of learning and to get it like you get a good feel for the only way you can do that is to to basically reduce your expectations if you expect yourself to be a professional-grade software developer and measure the time you need to invest in just in days you can forget about it it's not gonna happen I can promise you that if you on the other hand say that a I'm okay with you with doing hobby level stuff or being empowered enough to make my own websites or things of this nature I don't have to do this as a full-time job then it's absolutely possible there then then absolutely then take a bootcamp and you will get get to a point where you can absolutely do this but you should know that there's a big difference between being a professional and being somebody who knows some basic code and that's that Misun that ambiguity or lack of understanding is one of the main reasons why you have so many of these people on the internet trying to sell you the idea that hey you can be all these amazing things without any work trust me guys anything worth having is going to take time have a great time

16 Replies to “How can I learn programming in days instead of years?”

  1. ActiveLivingChallenger

    Thank you for making this video. I think it was a response to my question or an amalgamation of similar questions like mine from previous videos. I was hoping to get a programming job by the start of next term but it looks like I probably won't be able to get a programming job until after I finish my CS degree. At least it helped me start to get prepared for life out of college. I've realized just having a degree means nothing, it takes a lot of work outside of the classroom!

  2. Mateo G

    Hey Frederik , so I have come to conclusion that only thing a programmer really needs to know is understanding of Data structures, Algorithms and programming in general and mastering a given framework, everything else can be learned on the go if it is needed. If one already knows his field of interest, I see little point of going to college because of vast unrelated topics one needs to study , which only would slow you down. Since I am a Computer Engineering student, there are so many topics of so many fields and I feel like choosing a field right away could spare me quite some time , I mean I could just aquire all the learning material on the internet instead of paying for a college degree. What are your thoughts about that ?

  3. Carlos Cab

    This subject is really huge and the rabbit hole goes very deep. I agree with you in the point that everything requires work, but then we need to define what "hard work" means for everyone. I always tell people around me that if they want to get similar results as anyone else all they have to do is to think and do the same things the others do. How many Einsteins of Software Dev do you know ? hard to find them even in companies such as G00gle, Micro$oft. If someone want to be able to set him self apart from the rest of Programmers out there , he needs to do things differently. I've develop my own method for learning Software dev which is vastly different from anything that is out there and I putting it to test, I am not sure what level I will be in a year, but I am sure I will be far ahead any other that have been practicing/studying using conventional methods and modalities.

  4. David K

    Hi, I'm studying chemistry but have fallen in love with programming and since half a year I've been spending all my free time to learn it. Right now I start to struggle real hard when I try to make projects with more than 1000 lines of code (I know I shouldn't use this as a measurement :)). Can I overcome this hurdle by using design patterns or how should I plan more complex apps? Hope you can understand my question and thx for all your content.

  5. Milo Sander

    Brilliant, content as always. I spent 16 to 18 hour days for 3.5 year period to understand the R programming language and I'm still learning. This isn't for the fainthearted. Keep up the awesomeness. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  6. Milligram

    This is a link to the first stuff I ever did. I tried doing tutorials but it was slow and boring. They would demonstrate a feature and you're sitting there wondering "ok, now what?". I found a list of all the keywords of a language then I looked up for each what they meant and did small examples. I highly recommend this technique as it will allow you to get started quickly. Then you need to work on some project in order to get these things to stick in your mind.

  7. Jimmy Wong

    ' how can i learn in days .. ', equals to * the rest of the IT community have been living in la-la land, spending their years on honing their skills * , this question falls in the category of getting rich and succesful * instantly * , the total fantasy guy. it would be possible yes, if you're from another planet

  8. Steven Bishop

    I think bootcamps gave regular people who weren't already interested in IT the idea that they could just quit whatever job they have now and learn to code in a couple months. I'm just now getting my first job after studying everyday for two years. While learning I felt like there was something wrong with me because I would watch Youtube videos of people who claimed they learned to code in three months using programs like Team Treehouse.

    Also I found out that a lot of these people who got web development jobs weren't necessarily doing the jobs that I was aiming to have. They were doing static HTML/CSS/Jquery pages for design firms. Some of them didn't even know javascript itself, just jQuery.

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