How Fast Can You Learn Programming? | Programming Tip of the Day – Tim Buchalka

How Fast Can You Learn Programming? | Programming Tip of the Day – Tim Buchalka

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How Fast Can You Learn Programming? | Programming Tip of the Day – Tim Buchalka

Have you ever wondered how long it would take to learn a technology or programming language? Or how long it would take to actually understand how programming works? In today’s video, I’ll answer one of the most commonly asked questions usually asked by students who are just starting out their programming journey. If you’d like to know more about the answer, please keep on watching.

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My name is Tim Buchalka and I have put together a series of videos which I call the “Programming Tip of the Day”. And basically, each video goes through talking about some of the pitfalls and things that you’ll need to overcome to succeed as a programmer, things like overcoming frustration and keeping yourself motivated.

In this series I will also answer common questions about choosing a programming language to learn, questions about your career path and things of that nature. Now there’s a lot of other things as well that I’ll cover in these videos and I’m also opening the lines for you to tell me what you want me to cover.

Now I’ve been a programmer for over 35 years so I think I’m really qualified to answer a lot of these questions. So if you do have a question, pop the question in the comments section of this video and I’ll do my best to address that in a future video.

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– So how fast can you become a programmer? So in other words, how fast
can you learn the technology and understand programming? Let's talk about that in today's video. This video is brought to you by The Learn Programming
Academy's Master MATLAB Through Guided Problem Solving course. Become an expert in MATLAB programming and scientific computing. Advance your career in
engineering, physics, biology and more. Visit or click on the link in
the description below. (upbeat music) Welcome back my name is, Tim Buchalka, with another programming tip of the day and this video is in relation
to a question I get asked fairly often by students, and how fast can I learn to
programme is the question. That's typically from someone who's just starting out in a course, they're very keen and
eager to get started, but they wanna know, they
want to put a timeframe on when there gonna quote
unquote become a programmer or when they're gonna
understand programming. Well the answer is that
it's not really possible to necessarily figure that
out in advance, because a lot of this comes down to factors that only you can control. Firstly, how much time
have you got to allocate to this endeavour and, you know, people can have one or two hours a day. Other people can have 30
minutes a week available. So it really does depend on
how much time you've got, the technology you're learning, your aptitude for understanding, and like for example your logic skills. And I've got another video
that talks about logic so check that out up here if
you're interested in that, but learning logic is a
key part of programming. So you'll need to understand that. Some of the basics can take quite a while if you haven't had any
experience in that field, but look I think you're
asking the wrong question. This is the truth here, that, you know, if you're
coming from that mindset of how fast am I gonna learn this I think you need to take
a step back and think well okay I want to learn programming, but I want to learn it properly. So learning fast often means
you're taking shortcuts. That's the reality. Like if you want to get
to point A to point B as quickly as you can often you have to, you basically have to jettison some information along the way. So you have to decide that you're not gonna learn this aspect or you'll gloss over other areas, because you just want
to get to that stage of quote unquote being a programmer. That's the wrong mindset in my opinion. What you need to do is just think, okay I want to become a programmer, I want to learn this technology, and I'm gonna take as long
as it takes to get there. That's not to say you should
take 10 years obviously and it's not gonna take 10 years either, that's the other thing, but if you're putting a timeframe on yourself you're just adding all this pressure to get yourself to that end point and you're gonna be rushing through it. You're not really gonna be taking care to understand the material that is being shown to you if you're
going through a course or an eBook or bootcamp or whatever it is. So make sure yo don't necessarily put, you know, hard limits on
how long it's gonna take and just realise it's gonna
take as long as it takes within reason, I mean
you might decide that you know, you think you
can give yourself to you know, maybe to the end
of the year, for example. That's better than saying I
need to learn by next month, because I've literally had
students who will ask me can I get my first programming
job in a month's time and they've had no programming experience. Well no, almost certainly
that's not going to happen. I mean that's the reality
in almost any industry that is skilled in a similar
alliance to programming. You're not going to
start with no experience to getting a great paying
job in a month's time. I mean that just will be very unlikely. It's possible, I guess
anything is possible, but very unlikely, so try not to give yourself
a hard constraint, but also realise it's
not going to be years. You can basically work at it and just keep working at it consistently and reassess where you
are on a regular basis, because the other thing
that is important with this is as you progress and you're learning, you pick up a language, say
you start with Java or Kotlin or C++ or C# or whatever
it is you might decide once you've been through
part of one of those courses that okay, I think I know
where I wanna go now. I want to get more into
programming games, for example. Then you'd maybe choose the C# route, because that's, Unity
3D is a great framework or Xamarin are two great
platforms, cross platform packages or frameworks to
enable you to create games and other apps across platforms. So basically the more you understand, and I've talked about in another video the four principles of
becoming a programmer, four stages if you will. So check out that video as well
if you're interested in that but just realise that this is a journey. Try not to put this artificial
time constraints on yourself and just realise it's gonna
take as long as it takes and try to enjoy that journey. Remember don't just
focus on the destination, but try and enjoy the
journey along the way. Be thorough with your
training, go through it all systematically and
really try and understand what you are going through
and trying to gloss over, not trying to rush ahead,
because that's ultimately gonna give you the better
skills that you need to become a programmer and to
make the most of those skills when you start getting into more advanced areas of programming. So good luck with it all,
and just try not to put artificial time constraints on how long it's gonna take. It's gonna take as long as it takes. All righty, so I hope that helped. If you've got any questions
feel free to leave a comment and I'll get back to you. If you're ready to look at the next tip click on up here and
you can check that out. If you're interesting in coding
specific programming videos click on the link in the
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clicking on the link up here and I'll see you soon.

9 Replies to “How Fast Can You Learn Programming? | Programming Tip of the Day – Tim Buchalka”

  1. AJ Media

    Hey Tim. i have a doubt on which language to choose for the back end and i'm confused between Java and Python for Web Development. Please make a video and answer my question which language should i choose to get started. I hope you'll answer my question.

  2. Clarence Anu Channel

    I'm incredibly slow at learning it. It's been six months, and haven't gotten a feel where I can start creating projects. There are few in my class that picked it up in three months. The class I'm taking is kinda fast too. What to do?

  3. Wojto90

    It took me 6 months from being an Architect (buildings) specialized in Building Information Modeling, to getting a Job offer as a software developer. I quit my job, bought a bunch of courses on Udemy (two of them from Tim! 🙂 ). Devoted about 4-6 hours almost every day (including weekends) to learning. After 4 months I felt I had the bare minimum and started applying. 100 resumes later, about 15 direct rejects, 5 on-line tests, 3 f2f interviews I got a very good (for a complete beginner) job offer. I was very determined and quite conscientious with my learning (which doesn't mean I wasn't lazy from time to time 😛 ). I also have great logical thinking skills, tested them multiple times. That probably helped a lot.

  4. Gavril Ioan Hasmasan

    Hi, I learned html, css, javascript, little react.js, I created some simple applications, I started to follow your java master class, I'm almost half way. I also have a small website I am currently working as an engineer for a metal structure and furniture company. I want to migrate to coding but I do not know when I will be ready enough for that. How do I figure it out?

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