How Long Should You Code Every Day and Best Resources for Practicing

How Long Should You Code Every Day and Best Resources for Practicing

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How long should you code every single day and what are some of the best coding resources for practicing & improving your skills? We cover that and more in this video. This video is your guide to better software development, increasing your freelancing skills, and moving you one step closer towards becoming a web developer.

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hey guys what's up how's it going this is Kazi from clever programmer calm in this video what I want to talk about is I get this question a lot like how much should I call it every day and also where should I go to practice coding so in this video I'm going to try to tackle both of those concepts so without any further ado let's jump right into it [Applause] first of all let's start off with where you should be going to code so a lot of you guys get hung up on what resources to use what to code about it's sometimes a very confusing thing and I get it so I'll give you a few few resources here all right one of the resources you could try is hacker rank comm another resource is project Euler okay and these are two good resources start off with another resource is code fight comm all three of these resources are fantastic to just practice coding exercises when you go to these websites try to do the easy exercises first so this should give you a good basis of where should you go to practice doing coding exercises and maybe even coding projects now the different question is what should you do about when it comes to how long should you be coding every day that's the second question that I get very frequently in terms of the length there's no one good time but just make it a goal to try to say you know code one hour a day I get it you're busy you probably already have a job you're doing things in your life now that you know makes it a little bit more difficult so if you can make even half hour one hour stick with that and just practice it right it's okay to set a bigger crazier more obsessive goal if you fail it that's okay just reduce your time if you can't keep up with it but in the start I try to set up some kind of crazy goal like for example when I started I set up my goal to be 18 hours a day I was in doing 18 hours but I was doing 16 hours or 15 hours a day coding so um you know I had no life but you probably have a life you have a wife a girlfriend or maybe you're just a college student and you got things going on or you have a job whatever it is right you're busy and you don't have all the time in the world so when you have less time you know just go okay I'm going to spend one and a half hour 1 hour and I promise you have one or two hours right let's be honest like what do you do you have a job then you come home armed maybe you have some time that spent commuting maybe you have to study a little bit but if take away all the time your sleeping time all that you still always have 4 to 5 hours left so instead of you know going oh I just need to watch some Netflix or Channel or I just need to watch some Game of Thrones no you don't have to do that right it's not like if you don't do that your energy reserves just get like used up you know energy is not one of those things that can get used up energy is unlimited that's one of your resources that you can exploit and take advantage of that Gary Vee said Hustle is the most controllable aspect of your life right so and Grant Cardone says something similar like you don't run out of energy there's no such thing right and Grant Cardone and I also say this you're not tired you're uninspired right that's really what it is so focus on just doing the things that move you forward and you'll find that you'll be tapping into this reserve of energy that you didn't even know you had right you come from your job you're exhausted but it's you're really exhausted a lot of times of a life of mediocrity you're not exhausted of all the things that you're doing because think about it sometimes you go on this awesome vacation and you have all this stuff planned out right in the same day you'll go ski lifting you'll go to the pool you'll go like see some Museum I don't know you'll do like 50 different things if you were that tired you wouldn't be able to do all of that right how come you sit at your desk at your job for eight hours and you come home and tired that doesn't even make any sense how could you be tired of just sitting on a desk or you know doing something random where you're sitting most of the times so being tired as a myth you just need to replace that's how you find time you need to replace the fun things that you think you need to do to free yourself up you don't have to do them and instead and you know I'm not trying to speak from just like high moral ground I was in that same exact spot where I would um you know watch to all those things and I would just like lay in my bed and you know blow okay I gotta watch chess or I gotta watch Game of Thrones or I gotta watch house of cards or narcos or whatever just replace all that or replace some of it with coding okay and it could be thirty minutes or an hour try to shoot for a higher goal I'm not big on making goals really small because when they're so small they don't get you excited so you're going to underestimate the work you need to do to improve so overestimate your goals set something that is exciting right if you do one out half hour a day sure you could become a really good developer in one or two years but how about you go I'll try to do two or three hours a day now you can become a pretty decent developer in two to three months and you can be actually looking to get internships and local or junior developer jobs something is starting three to four months so set a bigger goal spend more time learning the things that you need to do and that's how you'll get more time right just use that time you use on Netflix to use for coding when you get home and that should be something that hopefully excites you and gets you going okay so I gave you places where you can go go to code I've told you how long you should be coding for and I've also told you how you can find that extra time that you think that you don't have okay so with that let me know in the comments below you know make a commitment in the comments below I want you to say hey Kathy yes I'm going to be committing one to two hours a day to improve because if you don't do it and you just sit on your ass and you should watch this video it's not going to do anything right I you could sit and consume all my content but you're not putting in action you're not getting any further so I want you to make a comment make a commitment to me right now that this is something that you're going to be acting on and I will check in with you and everybody from the clever programmer community is here and they will check in with you as well so please do that and I want you to start doing this right away okay that's it for this video thank you so much for watching as always I love your faces off and I'll see you in the next video

44 Replies to “How Long Should You Code Every Day and Best Resources for Practicing”

  1. Corbin the Intern

    As a man struggling with depression, I can tell you that energy is definitely limited. I get mentally exhausted from doing the dishes. However, I do push myself to code at least a little bit every day.

  2. Arya vikram Singh

    Hey kathy I am going to do 8_9 hours coding a day because any how I have to atleast build my logic skills within 2_3months

  3. Maurice Williams

    I have plenty of time to learn how to code since I only work 20 hours a week at McDonald's. I don't like programming because it's too hard and I don't know what I'm doing and it frustrates me. I start online College in September for Computer Science at Southern New Hampshire University though. I have a 21 day streak on I program for about a hour a day.

  4. Rawan Reda Fouda

    HEY QAZI YES I'M GOING TO COMMIT 1–2-3-4-5 HOURS A DAY TO IMPROVE! Thank you for the video! Do you have any advice for the 'right' practice? what are the kind of habits that I need to do to make sure I'm doing it the right, efficient way as well?

  5. Ronnie low

    Thank you for the contents you shared with us Qazi, I am a software engineer student and still practicing my codings skill when I have free time. Looking for more improvement on myself and hope you can keep on doing such great jobs with sharing what you know about programming.

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