How to be Successful with Computer Repair

How to be Successful with Computer Repair

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– At one point, I wanted to be a computer repair person. It didn’t really pan out. After a summer of delivering pizzas, I realized I didn’t want to enter people’s homes on a regular basis. I really love the work I’m doing online, helping all of you for free, via my blog and the live calls.

thank you for watching liking commenting sharing and subscribing right now at one point I wanted to be a computer repair person you know answering people's calls and emails and helping them through their problems I still do that but I was gonna make you know business out of it and charge people you know per job etc etc etc that didn't really pan out I think after a summer of delivering pizzas I realized that I really didn't want to enter people's homes on a regular basis and decided to help a lot of people online I don't really charge anybody maybe I should maybe I could charge for every question I answer an email I should charge and see how much would it cost you to fix it normally how much should I charge I've got a tip jar people really enjoy you know what we do and they get help maybe they just yeah everyone wants it for free now we're gonna prefer it to the Internet but I didn't go that route well maybe you're thinking about doing that and Jeremy Hambly had written top five tips for making money fixing people's computers successfully he adds that in the parentheses successfully it's important since I've been a long time viewer of your show and recently started a website to help people get better at fixing their computers as well as how to learn to make some extra cash doing it and that happens to be I'll give them a plug be your own IT comm I was writing a post this morning and watching some old videos of your show and I got inspired to send in my own top five for your viewers it's been really great watching your viewership grow and should you choose to use my list that would be awesome and you could shoot me an email so I can make sure and tune in and then in chat well sorry Jeremy I just decided I was going to read it tonight so hopefully you're here number one don't cut corners do the best job possible fixing your potential clients computers remember if you're doing it yourself you have to market superior quality and selling cheap components or cutting corners on repairs will lead you to never getting any repeat business be the best number two dress professional hey people are paying a lot money to fix your computer and you better look professional even if you're a newbie speak with confidence Dress for Success perception is reality and believe me handing your neighbor a hundred and twenty dollar bill that is you know this is how much you owe wearing a hoodie in ripped jeans it's a very different response as opposed to hating them the very same bill wearing a nice pair of slacks and a dress shirt however I still recommend the time if you don't know how to tie a tie learn like I did on the website like well it's on the blank here or ask your mom or dad they should know number three go above and beyond don't just do the bare minimum if they ask you to replace a cd-rom drive or something give their hard drive a virus skin grab a can of compressed air and clean out their computer from dust check their fans and so on providing these value-added services really make people happy especially when you tell them right as you hand them the bill think of it this way people go to those quick lube oil change places not just because they're quick but because of all the extra things they do like check your tire pressure air clean you know air filter and everything the point is helping them out a lot of times you can generate some extra cash for yourself by recommending simple system upgrades as well number four don't over bill regardless of the situation have some ethics I don't care if you're fixing Oprah's computer bill here the same you would anyone else it's just fair in fact I mean it it's kind of funny Oh Brad a computer problem I'm sure she just wanted up throw it in the trash and then buy a new one it's just fair in good business the key is having a consistent revenue stream rather than one big-time hit trust me this is way more profitable eventually customers will figure out that you're over billing I mean just remember why they likely contacted you in the first place to save some money number five do leave business cards and a way to get a hold of you market yourself if you're anything like I was 10 years ago high school kid with no money I doubt you're gonna be looking to spend five hundred to a thousand dollars per month advertising in the local Yellow Pages some things you must do however is fork over the cash to get some nice business cards printed and leave a bunch of them with each client you service when I got started I just used office max and paid like $50 for a couple thousand cards believe me the return on the investment is huge do you have a website they're very inexpensive to operate however and if you want you can save 10% of your next website registrations that Go Daddy's doc Go Daddy I can't even say it I try to do a sneak a plug in there I can't even do it right use the coupon code Chris chri ass and you can save 10% on your next GoDaddy domain name registration anyway however you can project a lot more professionalism with a nice website nice business card so do your best to get one even if you're working from your bedroom the garage your basement your customers never have to know with a nice website outlining all the services you provide I also I always used to offer free pickup and delivery a great way to avoid the question of where are you located as a parking a parting tip I've read that is parking tip and really more of a number 6 it's just too important to leave out stick with what you know whatever it is master it then sell it in that order taking a job that you cannot complete at a high level as business suicide and can lead to all sorts of problems you never want to deal with if your specialty is PC repair that a PC repair do that networking do that either way don't bite off more than you can chew it's always better to be honest and turn away a job you can't handle it doesn't mean they won't maybe use you for something else take on any job you can't take on a job you can't do and you'll never see them or anyone they know again remember these words do a good job for someone that's how few people and that's good mess something up or screw someone over they'll tell everyone who will listen that is so true there's so much more negative feedback in comparison the amount of positive feedback out there so if you don't if you make a connection you know you may even throw in a discount you say look okay um I'll give you you know 10% off your next call if you refer five people to me you know don't don't write down there don't make it invasive just say if a couple of people come to me through you then I'll give you you know 10% off your ex bill so you you continue to stay in touch with you know what their their whole process is because then when they turn around they need to buy a new computer they're gonna come to you for advice etc etc etc trust me I wish I could oh god I'd probably be a billion I'd probably be as rich as if I charge just $5 for every question that I answered by email did even a small sum so I had the little donate to Chris button you know how much money I've made in that so far about 20 bucks after helping thousands and thousands of people thank God for advertisers and sponsors it's all I got to say you guys are you guys are cheap which is really weird because you always ask about the expensive stuff like gaming consoles and PCs and I don't get it you know I'm rich in friends that's but I can't retire on friendship alone but I could probably move into your house and repair your PC so I may just take you up on that offer even though you haven't offered yet but you might someday my email address is Chris at Perillo dot-com you're also welcome to swing by the website we're tech support is free may not have the answer to your question but if you can ask it intelligently and the people who are in the chat room are feeling responsive they you may find an answer to your question several people have we're typically talking tech throughout the day and night since this video is being streamed out live and we're just capturing this recording to throw out on the web so that other people can watch it and find out that we're doing this 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year however many years let's here 10 years a decade 10 decades century 10 centuries an eon we're doing it all the time man I mean come on – five minutes out of your day just to click and see what's going on you never know what's gonna be happening at live dot Perillo com well you later

37 Replies to “How to be Successful with Computer Repair”

  1. MrMac5150

    Oprah Winfrey, does not waist anything
    she saves her aluminum foil and reuses it
    that's the truth
    maybe that why she is rich……

  2. joetylerdale

    I didn't want to enter peoples homes….
    You would be surprised how many will bring their computer to you if you treat them fair and follow up showing them you are concerned about your work! Oh, YOU DON'T NEED A FREAKING TIE! (It won't hurt though). All the rest is great advice!

  3. Ahmad Manzoor

    Chris In My Experince If You Are Using The Right Things For Your Computer Then There Will Be Only Two Problems
    One Computer Crashes
    Second Window Reinstall
    These Are The Most Comman Problemes In Every Bodys Computers Or Laptops

  4. whiskeyify

    A very smart guy, but I doubt he's ever managed a repair shop. I managed a shop in los angeles and can tell you I learned a few things along the way. It's a lot of work to run a small shop so you'll need help. It's not easy to find good honest people. I made all my help bring in their own tools. you need to test all units before the customer comes to pick up…ensure all screws are in place, customers notice these things, just one screw missing and it's makes you look bad.

  5. sara46762

    HI I know you are good at computer repair… can u help me? when I turn my computer on, monitor light turns orange after a second, and u hear a click sound.
    I thought something was wrong with the computer and changed it, but with the new one also had the same problem, So what is wrong with my computer hard? can you help me?

  6. asus3571

    hey brother was wondering if you could point me in the right direction every once in a while when i boot my pc the harddrive light will not come on i can access bios i have to hit f8 then it ask me to chose a drive to boot from i choose sata1 and the hardrive light comes on and it boots checked all the cables and seem connected well but like i said its periodic cant figure it out for nothing done harddrive diagnostics nothing shows plez help

  7. ericlam2728

    Try to take out the CMOS battery for 30 seconds and reinstall. Then try to boot up. or look at the standoff screw which are the things that lift the motherboard off the case it might have casued a short so ye…

  8. 94WAIPAHUblocc

    can you help my broken computer ?

    its a "hp pavilion 763n"

    tt always restarting itself 5 second after turning on computer

    i think it because the power cord came off when it was loading
    ever since that happen, it cannot go more then 10 seconds into the program, just restart after 4 seconds after startup

  9. nlucctw2

    These tips do prove to be helpful. I have found myself stuck in a place where making these decisions can be tough, expecially when you're tempted to do something that will benefit you as opposed to the customer. All in all its a mindset.

  10. Jonathan Kubiak

    (I am making no money by saying this so don't spam me!)
    With regard to business cards, vistaprint will do you 250 business cards for just £4 postage – no charge for the cards.
    Perfect for the penny-less student!

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