How to build A Website or Blog With Bloggert

How to build A Website or Blog With Bloggert

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This is another video in the series of how to build your blog or website.

hello sunday I dinner got here on the topic how to create your own blog how to create your own blog remember this is tutoria tree this is a toad video tutorial teaching you how to create your own blog and our platform is blog am using blogger to create your own blog you're welcome to the tutorial you know in the last tutorial I told you that to get to your control room or your control panel or your dashboard you always tight tight blogger com once you try type blogger com is going to bring you to sign into your blog account when you sign into your blogger account you come to you know Vito to your blog and these are the activities you can do you know on your blog I have shown you how to create them how to send out of posts articles or information to your blog now let's go to our blog that we created we created my SFI and this is the home page is where all the posts you make will be going see the on page remember if you follow those from from from tutorial 1 you will see that the first post we made was welcome to my SFI this is that first post but you see as you post the second as I send a second post the first post will go down the first post is going down if you present a new post now what I doodlee we go down so this will continue to go down you can have as many as seven posts on this homepage you can have 10 posts on this on page it all depends on you the number of post you want on the home page now it all depends on you but if you for instance let's say you just want only one post on a page you want just one post on a page in your home page you just want one post to be on this home page all other posts will be connected through what we call other post so you go to your control room or your control panel the dashboard what you do when you look at this you go to you go to settings you click settings you wait for it to load setting is loading then you click basic basic setting this is basic setting there a lot you can do with this setting for instance your blog post your blog did you know remember we say the SFI system dot blogspot com but if you like you can register a web a domain for instance your name dot com or your name cozy a or your name a domain that you pay for if you pay for a domain you can change this your blogger to that name and this is where you put it so you not click Edit to do that I will teach you in a letter in a later tutorial how to customize your blogger you're blocked your yo for instance the SFI system dot blogspot com you can now make it to look like your name calm so this dot blogspot will not be there this is where you do that you can do that yourself and you can also do that now that is about basic now let's go to post and comment this is the setting for your post and comment remember I'm trying to get you to post only one post on a peso he's a show at most you not say one once you click put this one in your amigo to your real website at the whole world we see because your word will not see this place this place is your control panel this place is your dashboard this place is your engine room where you make changes to your website your web site this control room will not be seen by anybody only you so whatever you do here is only seen by you is only known by you but whatever you do here will be shown to the world when they click my SF I system dot blogspot com they we see what I have done your control now remember in this place we have two posts and all the two posts are on this homepage but what you want is that you only want one post to appear on your homepage so you come back to your control room the dashboard you go to settings from settings you go to post and comments from posting comments you come show at most one post you get that one post so once you put one if you want to post put two but now we want only one so put one now once you put one you click Save Settings you have saved your settings now since you have saved our settings the nesting is comment comment location is embedded do you want anyone to comment I recommend that you allow anyone to comment now but if you don't want anyone to comment you can say only members of this blog but it's always good for everyone to comment comment moderation moderation means that before any comment that people made is published you moderate it so I had advice that you say always because if you don't say always somebody can give a bad comment on your blog and since it is published automatically anybody that sees the comment they disregard your blog so it can some comments can destroy your blog and you don't want that so you want to always moderate that means look at that comment before it is published so is a comment comment moderation you want to do that always email moderation to you know you want them you know request moderation request easy you want google to send you a notice that somebody I've commented and that comment need your moderation so you just put your your your email address where that comment moderation will be sent once you put your email address here for instance I put my email address pastor just have Adenuga but Yahoo calm once I put that the next thing I need to do is that is they show what verification what verification is that team that time you know to verify whether they're human beings if you want that where I don't want that comment from message add so you now put safe settings once you save settings what you have done it's now saved now when you get to your to your website that the whole world can see if you refresh it you are going to find out that is not going to bring us to post again but only one and let's scroll it down you see that there's only one post so to get your typos you click all that post so anytime anybody comes to your website you only see one post but if you want to post you can do it if you want the repost we can do it so these are the pages we have created you can create more pages you can create as many as seven pages 8 pages night pages in fact this your blog can be done to a complete website that is going to compete with any website anywhere in the world blogger has made life that easy another thing you can do with your blogger blog or the website blog which you created is that when you click mobile and email you can do it in such a way that you can add new post via your email address from your email you can send your post to your blog or website is it post using email is my email you know then you put a secret word here you can put any word you want to put at blogger com so it's going to be passed on Sunday I in I want power dot power at blogspot com that will be the email address that i was sent whatever i want to send to you know we know from my email once i send it to this you to publish what eyes whatever i sent to it automatically so if you want to publish you know anything you know via email you don't have time to come to your blogger control panel all you need to do from your email address you can send an email to pass the sunday i didn't get taught your secret world my own is power at blogger com once you send email from your address that email you put your title and the body once you send it to this address that i am i light in here this address that is highlighted once you send it to this address from your what information you send will be published directly in your blog directly there is no or it is automatic it to publish it directly that is the end of this tutorial in this tutorial remember we have learnt how to determine the number of opposed to what on our homepage and that is where we're going to end today's tutorial I hope you have enjoyed it god bless you if you don't understand anything you can come back to this tutorial and there are more tutorials after this that we teach you how to maximize your use of bloggers thank you and the almighty god will bless you in Jesus name

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