How To Check Hard Drive Space on A Mac - Mac Tutorial

How To Check Hard Drive Space on A Mac – Mac Tutorial

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In this video I show you how to check and see how much Hard Drive space you have available on your mac.

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How to check and see how much hard drive space you have on a mac

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hey guys welcome to another techguru video today I'm going to be showing you how to see how much harddrive space you have on your Mac so there's a couple of ways of doing this but the easiest way that I have found is go ahead and click the Apple icon up in the left-hand corner of your screen and then go over to about this Mac it'll bring up the base information here as far as memory processor size and whatnot the version of the OS 10 that you're running but if you go down to more info which is this button right here you'll see this option come available to you you then will have a few options in the top of the screen here and if you'll click on storage right there it'll show you exactly how much harddrive space you have available on your Mac so in this case it actually breaks it down and shows you okay well this amount is taken up for movies this amount for audio this amount for apps and whatnot so it actually even breaks it down for you so you see here I have 27 right roughly 28 gigabyte free out of my 250 gigabyte hard drive originally so that is how you check hard drive space on a Mac if you did like this video if it helped you up helped you out go ahead and hit the thumbs up button down below that will help me out subscribe to my channel for more great content like this and I will see you guys next time

12 Replies to “How To Check Hard Drive Space on A Mac – Mac Tutorial”

  1. DjsProductions

    Thanks. You used to be able to open the Activity Monitor to see that but not anymore. Thanks for the help. Thumbs up. I subbed.

  2. ThailandVenture

    Hey guru.. love the vids. Can u do one on how to use a windows external drive and read write to it. NTFS file format. And if a add on is needed, what is the best and safest to use 🙂 appreciate it…

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