How To Code A Minecraft Game - Scratch Programming - [1]

How To Code A Minecraft Game – Scratch Programming – [1]

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Hey there lads!!
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In this video we go through coding a simple minecraft game in scratch.
The minecraft game we will create is a remove block , movement , animation type of game. Follow on for all parts by subscribing to the channe!

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31 Replies to “How To Code A Minecraft Game – Scratch Programming – [1]”

  1. S.G. Harmonia

    I'd like to believe the actual source code for the game will be at least 1/12 (0.833…)% of the minecraft source code. Which says that scratch is not efficient at memory and you're better off doing this in a REAL programming language.

  2. Supremo

    When u do a movement code but don't know your x and y's

    It's really simple btw, for right do when right arrow pressed move x: (number)
    When left arrow pressed move x: -(number)

  3. Killer Lick

    Hi, I'm very good with this program, Just a few things you can do to make it better is
    *Copy the block sprite
    It will make it faster… Just a tip 😉

  4. Y2k_Cage

    Hey B3N is it alright if i can use this for a class project and ill tell them a big thanks to you pls let me know as soon as you can thx

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