How To Control Recoil in PUBG PC LITE Best Settings in HINDI

How To Control Recoil in PUBG PC LITE Best Settings in HINDI

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How To Control Recoil in PUBG PC LITE Best Settings in HINDI
n This Video i will tell you Guys how you Can Controll The Guns Recoil in PUBG PC LITE which is recently launched in India and Nepal.

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PC Specification :-
CPU :- AMD Ryzen 3 1200
GPU :- AMD Saphire RX 470 Platinum
Motherboard :- Maxsun A320M
SSD :- Kingspecs m.2 256GB
Ram :- Killsire 8GB DDR4 2400Mhz
PSU :- Venus 600W
Mouse :- Fantech X7 Blast
Keyboard :- Austrum RGB
Monitor :- P2370HD

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okay so let's control the recoil first fun let me get a pen a level 3 backpack Lolita m416 key that I am for 16 for 16 or recoil control technically best attachments our vertical grip subset said I got equal control clear a compensator key today so first I got a red dot my Q key most of the people uses red dot okay there are default Devi controls Misaki they would default málaga Rimini default machete so a different medical control cutting could try cat round my mouse keyboard nature jackaroo hit the deck not equal 10% sort slug arrival 10 min a high percent sort slugger so both the banker recoiled so first let's go to sitting control you have a parallel vertical school 1.20 cat gets a cut they 120 let's try thora control through tonight so let's go to 1.40 it's good but still so let's go with 1.50 I think this will be perfect yes sir I go 1.50 is good for me okay oh yeah it was Lola Gerena so general sensitivity yoga school above knees up the rocky no first price 1765 like a day 65 is little bit slower for me above knee is absurd exactly oh I've got this precise kid 970 yeah 70 is perfect for me chicken that's a typical morning so happy is good change course active phase up and down it's just interesting mostly a use cut down help amo ties together so now okay now sleepy mode a bad cut the irons are given are inside the laparoscope nailer at the opening under the water inside like venkat equal alright but the sensitivity help em trike at their 60 68 right at them okay 60 is good for me so I haven't sought care come near her time targeting sensitivity patterning with fear we may even give it around sorry up crack at a display scopes like holographic to it'll sing again the darkest at the a guy with a your article liquid in a buxom oil amulet Rebecca leverages a filigree but it's car equal to puppy cicadas I see a man now let's try another scopes okay do we actually use got a boatload 2x metal mouse person it is a yeah most tractor key 50-meter pay close Kelly the tree will be toreador Tex I'm gonna glaze Coulomb law practice 670 gate I got there and what about master William Oh say this guy's going like that they liked Rex Rex look at them to me sixty-five now let's try with Forex it up look up up knees up sir x86 excuse our strike at any rate one 6x 61 a tech-savvy day later aha I miss me record is that critical control the time Karina up a signal silks Audrey Doogie the devil in a sacred carton forsake what I bought or sipped evaluate to hold period Kerrigan attacks attacks with slow here at xcopy 50 pipe yes 60 oh yeah is heinous welcome to the man make a screenshot with a lambda

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    Bro vertical kabi bhi change mth karo , vo isme ache lagenge , but jab aur games khelongae tho problem honge and it also dampens your skill like shit!!

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