How to create a photo slideshow in iMovie tutorial

How to create a photo slideshow in iMovie tutorial

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Full iMovie tutorial

How to create a photo slideshow in iMovie tutorial

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This iMovie tutorial for Apple Mac OS covers the creation of a photo album slideshow.
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Using iMovie 10.1 we will look at how to place pictures on the iMovie timeline, we will perform the necessary edits to the photos and once all is complete, we will add music to the photos and export a movie.
These photo slideshows can be designed to be shown at birthday parties or weddings. they are a great way to keep memories for loved ones, and with iMovie and this tutorial it is easier than ever to create something that you can be proud to show your family and friends.

This tutorial is from the bottom up so it is ideal for beginners or advanced students.

18 Replies to “How to create a photo slideshow in iMovie tutorial”

  1. bruce holley

    This was more than a weeeee bit helpful :)), it was GREAT, sooo appreciated they way you zoomed in on a button that you were clicking on, other videos never perform that.

  2. kathy Kebarle

    Just the right speed to learn something new! Not agonizingly slow like some tutorials. Not blazingly fast like the other videos I initially found when I googled slideshows in imovie. Now I can proceed with my fathers celebration of life slideshow.

  3. Christoper Lapite

    Will your instructions work for the latest version iMovie 10.1? Also I have about 80 photos with image sizes from 140mb to well below 1mb. Will iMovie process my presentation?

  4. Rob K

    Thanks for the instruction… Can you tell me how to change that pan on the photo's so that it doesn't pan down woman's body to her chest and hold, or pan to a man's crotch and hold. This is very inappropriate … I have looked for a way to change the pan effect so that it doesn't appear creepy.

  5. Mr Morris

    Very very helpful video. You took your time and explained everything. I definitely learned a lot and I am about to go and make a slideshow right now. Thank you 👍🏽👍🏽

  6. Debi Reese

    Thank you for this outstanding tutorial! This really helped me to figure out how to do a slideshow via Mac and to be able to control the photos and music (not like iPhoto, where they do a shuffle of all photos).

  7. Lucy Jordan

    Helpful tutorial for a complete iMovie beginner like me, although I have used the Open Shot video editing programme extensively so understand the principles. Short sweet and all the info needed without the blah, blah, blah. Thank you.

  8. Deanna Kuroda

    This was a good tutorial. I will try to use it for the Volleyball team's end of season dinner. Hope I can do it. Thanks so much

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