How to Easily Install Mods in Farming Simulator 19

How to Easily Install Mods in Farming Simulator 19

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How to download and install mods in farming simulator 19! Installing mods in Farming Simulator 19 is the same as Farming Simulator 17 and previous versions of Farming Simulator. Mods can be installed from right within the in game menu, just keep in mind you are limited to the mods that are on the giants mod site. And of course zip mods can be placed in the mod folder.

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hello and rain here and in today's video i'm gonna show you how to install mods and farming simulator 19 now if you already know how to install mods in farming simulator 17 this is the exact same process here in farming similar 19 so nothing has really changed that much for 19 so if area I'll do it you know how to do it for 19 same thing but for those who don't know how to do it here for farming simulator 1945 in steam on that has come out through Giants has worked well someone have definitely caused some pretty serious issues so anyway right from the main farming similar nineteen screen here again I have the game loaded you're looking at farming semi nineteen the game here and you're looking going to career and start your game we're gonna go down to mods so mods like the middle one here mods and then through here now again farming semi nineteen has just come out so there's not a lot of mods yet but at some point this screen will probably fill up and you're gonna see all kinds of vehicles and tractors and implements and maps and who knows what else not here at this point we only have three categories we got maps so we can go download the estas eeeh the Pocho map if you want I'm not gonna bother doing that here cuz that'll take too long to download small tractors we got a Deutz agro star and under harvesters we can download the case so for this one here I'm just gonna we're gonna pick the small tractor here we're gonna go there I want to download this swords him to double-click on that tells you some information about it and I don't know really how interesting that is but if you want some more information no I'm not really we're just gonna click install the mod was added to the download list ok so that means it is being downloaded and let me pretty much just have to wait for the download here I don't know if it really my knowledge is not really an indication of you know progress here so you kind of have to wait if it's a bigger download and you have slower internet okay so once the mod is downloaded it only took like a minute or so there once the mod is downloaded you'll see a screen that looks like this mods were downloaded successfully please restart the game to install them restart now yes well I'll restart the game so every time you put a mod into the game or you can do more than one mind at a time by the way you don't necessarily start at this point just keep in mind the mod that you download will not be available until you restart the game so we're gonna restart the game here oh yes okay and the game has restarted so we're gonna go to a career oh let's say I will just download up this one here cuz that's my official save game there so we're gonna load up the fells Bron save game and at this point you should now see the new mod you just downloaded available so we have the Deutz aggro star storage and check that I'll select that start wait for the game to load here and once the game is loaded go to start and we'll just double check and make sure our vehicle is here let's see what cereals that not what small tractors small tractors yes here we go and I'm assuming farming same in nineteen here's gonna be the same way as it was for 17 mods will always be found at the end of the list so you'll see all the in-game equipment first I'll have to scroll to the end near bottom and then you'll see the ANU mod so in this case you know obviously if you have a lot of vehicles and tractors it's you're gonna add up but at the end of the list here well there's our new mod the yeah dude's egg or star let's just note are the rear – sure let's buy that just – I'll just ride out here a second nope and there's our new attractor The Dude's a grow star six point six one we downloaded from the in-game mod hub relatively simple painless process and let's just get back out here okay I'm back on the main screen here for farming 718 we're gonna go back to mods here just want to show you a couple more things here we can see the installed mod so we got the Deutz agro star installed and the John Deere I don't know why it's not showing them a hindering I don't know why that's not showing up but I do have it there also updates so if you ever have a mod that needs to be updated you can go to this screen here and update it just something to keep in mind with update mods if you plan on a multiplayer server just watch watch my hunty update cuz that's gonna affect whether or not you can connect to that multi player server most likely and then there's some other stuff here as well okay so again I like said you can install mods through the game here but just keep in mind it's only gonna be limited to what is available on the Giants official mod hub which is somewhat limited and not very many don't what most people do here not sure let's go to this here we'll go to different mod sites now I'm not necessarily endorsing this particular mod site here the mod hub I would say it's probably one of the better sites out there but there's a lot of different farming simulator 19 mod sites already out most of them just like they were 417 a lot of them are quite shady and should be promptly put out of business and not allowed to exist but anyway that's a whole other point let's see what's here so I'm just looking at the Ahmad hub here and notice there's a place the ball Meridian metal seeds station looks pretty good I thought we're gonna go ahead and download this so I'll just a download again this is for farming simulator 19 and of course I depended on what web browser use and it's gonna look different but we're gonna save as and what you want to do is place it in the farming simulator 19 mod folder oh the farming 719 mod folder is in your documents my games are means simulator 2019 and then mods this is the mod folder where the mods go for farming simulator 19 and if you notice that a grouse star we downloaded a few moments ago that's where that is okay so we're just gonna hit save there and that should yeah it's already downloaded open farming simulator 19 back up here again make sure if you want the mod to show up you need to have the game restart otherwise the mod will not show up I'm gonna go back to career here save game and now we have our minion metal seeds fill station placeable name their art and then we got one more thing I'm going to show you folks as well here before we wrap it up a couple things to keep in mind if you have any troubles with mods that are loading or won't load in the game start here over to play Sable's oh no what that's under silos I'm actually not sure what it's under don't know what that would be considered under miscellaneous maybe yeah there it is see the metal station so we can just I'll just pick it down somewhere can I put this gotta fit somewhere right there stick it there okay so yes they're back here is our metal seeds to my understanding you can just refill from this like you normally would rather than using the bags that's what this is for that works it's down anyway okay let's get back out of the game here okay I'm just gonna go through a couple really quick troubleshooting tips here if you're downloading a mod and it is not working there's a couple of things you can do one open up the mod oh just open it up and make sure you see the mod the script XML file again the mods for farming Sumer 19 should be in a zip file that is the way the mods are handled for farming simulator like all the versions of farming simulator they should come any sip file a compressed zip file so if you see a mod that's in a folder that's wrong if a mod is extracted that is also wrong the mod needs to be in a zip file but what you got to watch as make sure it's not zipped inside of a zip you'll commonly see that with like packs over mods so you know again just open it up make sure you see the mod to script file I kind of an example this and this is not true with the one from the Giants mod website but I like you be downloaded combines sometimes with the mod author do is they'll put the combine and then the headers will be all separate so you'll have a pack that includes the combine which is a zip file and then you'll have like a zip file for the headers and you'll need to extract that and put each one in individually something else you might see is a are AR type archive which is just another compressed type of file I didn't see a whole lot of this 417 but they still exist so something to keep mind if you see a mod like this that needs to be needs to be extracted so if you open this up here you'll see there's actually a mod inside of here and of course you'll need the win our AR extract you're here to extract it that is free to download online you can search for that if you need it but we'll just right-click on it I'm gonna extract here and now I'm just gonna get rid of this here because we don't need that anymore you can see the lift 19 mod is now in my mod folder the lift 19 by the way just let's see lift heavy objects I wondered what that mod does okay and then there's a couple other things you could do here as well if your mod still is not working you go to your documents actually let me just start back at the beginning here go to your documents my games bar means simulator 19 and check your log file so open up the log file and if you scroll down a little bit a couple of notches or so right yeah right up about actually here you'll notice it's saying loading mods so this section right here loading mods I and this you want to look at this and you'll it'll tell you if there's a mod that is not loading properly and it will tell you why so like industry incorrect mod 2 script file or maybe bad name whatever it'll tell you right here why the mod is not loading so if you go into your game you know you just downloaded this great looking new mod and it doesn't work you can check a couple things first or just go straight to your log file here and look ok no mod whatever it has a bad name you'll see if you can fix it or maybe it's just it's plain simple bad mod I mean that happens with farming simulator unfortunately people that make mods should not be allowed to make mods sometimes so and I fortunately release junk anyway folks have any comments or questions about this be sure to I'll leave them below and as always thanks for watching and till next time and hopefully this helped out don't forget also like comment and subscribe

33 Replies to “How to Easily Install Mods in Farming Simulator 19”

  1. Matt Schwarz

    Help please! So I did exactly what you said and all the ZIP files check out but only 1 mod worked. I am trying to farm chickens but I need to download a trailer to make the process of selling easier/more officiant

  2. SwanCreek Farms

    Hi please help. I downloaded mods and they show up in my downloaded slot on fs but when it shows the select mod screen to show on map they’re not there. Please help

  3. CartDerbi

    I downloaded a mod. Saved as. And saved on Mod folder. But it has that microsoft edge logo on it. My other lods have a folder. What i do?

  4. Edzio Design

    Hello i have probem. I'm install many mods… game not show mods… in logs i show "Error: Unsupported mod description version in mod….."
    Sorry for my english 😛

  5. daboss at baseball

    I do wait till there done downloading but when I go to farming simulator and try to start a new map it's not there

  6. Veljko Burmazović

    I dont know why but when i download mod and put it in the mods folder and when i start the game i cant find the mod its like i never downloaded it

  7. Tyler Campbell

    I downloaded some mods from mod hub on my xbox, but i cant figure out how to bring them to my xbox mod hub. Any advice?

  8. Gábor Pap

    PLEASE help me!
    A mod doesn't work which is in my mod folder by zip. How could I fix this problem?
    In log file:
    Load mod: FS19_8R_US (Version: (Hash: c7f9c8fcfc2d2cbe19b68202350c8ec7)

    Error: Unsupported mod description version in mod FS19_8R_US

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