How To Filter Excel Data In PowerPoint - VBA Code Setup Tips

How To Filter Excel Data In PowerPoint – VBA Code Setup Tips

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In this video I walk through all the different variables you may want to customize when using the VBA code from my blog post How To Filter Excel Data In A PowerPoint Presentation. Check out the post to get the code and see the filtering in action!

let's go out everyone this is Chris macro from the spreadsheet today I just wanted to discuss a little bit about a tutorial I put on the website dealing with filtering Excel data in PowerPoint and what I wanted to talk about was how to determine all the names that you have to input into the VBA code I supplied in the blog post so first let's jump into PowerPoint and there's two names that we are concerned about one is the combo box name and to insert a combo box you go over to the developer tab and you click this combo box icon and then you can just draw it whatever size you want on your slide and to figure out its name you have that combo box highlighted and you click this properties button right here and you'll see in the name field they'll give it a name and this is the name that you want to add to your VBA code when you're referencing the PowerPoint combo box the internet' you need to discover and put in the VBA code is this picture name right here way to figure out its name is you go to the Home tab hit select and then open up the selection pane you'll see if you click on each one of these names it highlights an object on the slide the picture that I'm using to filter the data I name sales data and you can change that name by just double-clicking on the name and typing in whatever you want but whatever this picture is called you're going to want to reference that name in your VBA code so let's hop over to excel now and the two names you need to input into the VBA code is the worksheet name which is pretty self-explanatory it's whatever is displayed on the tab that's storing your data and also you need the table name now this table name if you click in the table you'll see this table tools tab and clicking on that tab you'll see the table name right in the first section on the left so you can click into there you could make that a name that maybe represents your data better and just make sure once you finish typing the name that you click the enter key or else it will revert back to the previous name if you just click off of it so make sure you have the worksheet name in the table name reference properly in the VBA code and the last thing we need to do is tell the code where to go out and find this excel file so the easiest way to do that is to open up a Explorer window and navigate to the folder where the file is stored so I have my file stored in this testing folder and to get that file path all you have to do is click in this a little field right here and then you can copy that path and that's pretty much all there is to it in terms of all the names that you need to adjust or you may need to adjust in the VBA code check out the blog post it's a it's a really cool feature in terms of integrating excel with PowerPoint and if you have any questions be sure to leave a comment in the comment section

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