How to Fix “An Error Occurred While Troubleshooting” In Windows PC

How to Fix “An Error Occurred While Troubleshooting” In Windows PC

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“An Error Occurred While Troubleshooting, an unexpected error has occurred. The troubleshooting wizard can’t continue”
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hey guys thanks for coming on this video oMG today we will learn how to fix troubleshooting error like when you're going to troubleshoot anything like internet are you print out update whatever you will get the save option like an error occurred while troubleshooting and unexpected or have occurred the double shooting without can't continue so how do with this problem first the simple thing is just restart your PC and try to fix the problem if this not help is not work then you have to follow the other method so far three sort of busy if not to help you go to other option like just right-click on your desktop and click on new and then click on text document or is better to just go to your start ok and here type notepad like this take the notepad open the notepad and on the notepad just copy paste this code I have given this code on my video description so you can copy and paste this code here on the notepad so after repairs go to file and click on save as not a bad thing here just give any name like I will take testing ok after name you have to type dot B 80 these are important these are extension so off which I will file name type dot B 80 and then each video to say one Dexter ok then save and ok that's it now you can see a icon is appear here on the desktop like testing just right click on this and now click on a run as administrator ok run as administrator and yes and let you do this job it will restore your DLL file and other missing problems like this select it to complete its job ok so they take you successfully okay okay so after complete this process you need to restart your PC okay so offer complete the he stop just restart your PC first close this and after this already started or PC and that's it okay close this and now I restart your PC after restart try to fix the problem like open the troubleshooting and try to troubleshoot your things that's it very simple of this will help you thanks for watching see next video please like share and please subscribe to my channel thank you very much

36 Replies to “How to Fix “An Error Occurred While Troubleshooting” In Windows PC”

  1. Kobflish

    Omg Thank you so much now i can fix the problem of my speakers i love you you got a new subscriber and im the 260,000 subscriber. happy 260,000 subscribers for you! 🙂

  2. Mohsin Ali

    my windows10 trouble shooting wizard is working only for internet but its not working for trouble shoot compatibility apps I did run the bat file with admin rights but it still not working any suggestion ………..

  3. Venkatakrishnan 0 Jayaraman

    I tried many trouble shooting videos.. Nothing worked.. This worked like a dream.. Thanks a Ton…

  4. Minx

    Help me pls It still didn't work even though I followed all of your instructions and we also have the same error code. Is there an another way to fix this?

  5. danaraj anthony

    Thanks. I had the error code 0x80070246 & troubleshooter was prevented from working. Also I could not activate Windows Defender. But after I followed your steps, I was able to connect to Internet , no more "limited access" on my internet. Thank you.

  6. daniel richardson

    I followed everything except when i right clicked the testing icon on my desktop and hit run as administrator the troubleshoot thing camp up so it didnt work

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