How to Fix Corrupted Applications | Mac Tutorials

How to Fix Corrupted Applications | Mac Tutorials

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In this tutorial I show you guys how to fix corrupted applications, more specifically the app store
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hello everybody how you doing drop down to 1310 be showing you guys how to fixed broken applications and as well as how to update your computer so as you guys may have no I was playing go ahead can't update my computer that's because in order to update actually you need the app store afterwards an app that came with the um I'll leave us a ten point six point six update and then the update a little future updates are done from here after ten point six point eight so I can upgrade see right here free upgrade if I wanted to right now but the problems before is I didn't have the after he's mine was corrupted and the problem was it since the apps are came at an update there aren't any other download links out there to get the app store so you have to reinstall the computer software but I mean I find much easier way to do that so just give me a second Russ everything up for you so right now I'm at the exact same state I was before so we're gonna try a bit yep store now you try to launch it I can't open it because little is a um files damage and complete so this means that what might be to do is updating somehow the file get damaged so which one do you want to go under finder go to the application so find the application you can't open so App Store and right click on it you right click you get all these different options open which won't work move to trash get info you can compress a burn a CD anyone just wanna but that you want to show package contents then right here is your contents folder I didn't see ice I have resources in here and then the App Store help that doesn't work so promises you don't want this in here you cut this is a bad contents folder so Louis's looks like now what a contents folder should look like I have this new one right here it should like this with your code signatures all in your mac OSX a lizard plugins version list so all that's the same what you want to do is you want to open up an appt of the exact same version so my brother Peters also on ten point six point eight thank goodness that was and he has his afterwards working I was able to do is able we get his content and so that's why I computer right now his his contents folder of a good app store all you want to do is want to drag this out you can throw in a trash checking an old just for purposes so you can see here I have my old contents that's all just kneel safe bag absolutely shooting boys river back is something broke where do you want to take this and drag it a trash but you need your to log in to the administrator attenti Kate this piece you mess with apps and you have to authenticate yourself to do that I want to do is one coming new I want to take this new contents folder and drag it in and authenticate it again and then you have your brand new kind of tool to use dragged into your old patterns folder and now we launch the app store it works as simple as it has a quick fix but you have to have person the exact same version that you're running exact same version of our the app is as you are so like my brother he's running the same exact version 1.1 point 6.8 so I was able to take his contents folder do that where's my dad who is running a semi-auto 10.3 i believe it is where i tried to his it was two new so you have to have the exact same version of the contents folder just copy it dew drop box whatever and you say have your brand new contents folder and the App Store works again so once you hit the App Store as that's how you got your feature updates be so I go and nurses check our software update our check for a software update it once say I can update via software updates are no longer done through this tab this tab is irrelevant right now you want to go in our App Store look under updates and then you want to hear you're on a free upgrade and you're going to login as admin straighter and you're going to upgrade a key system so I'll get to that eventually that's a quick little trick on how to fix a broken applications know if anybody needs a files I have mine pewter so if you need them just leave me a comment I'll direct messages my skype and then I will leave you file sharing through skype get you the files that way and just follow the steps step by step FG of the files well that's how you fix the apps or any other application you just gotta order finder find the app right click on it show package contents and you have contacts folder you wanna make sure you have a good contents folder you can actually take it from trash it's a bad one it won't have any stuff that was having be like resources tab whatever but you want to ask all your coding in here should be multiple folders multiple texts so that's how you know you have a good one if you've a bad one like this one you'll save your resources folder and I'll be broken after this video guys hope you enjoy it hope you learn how to fix the app server is broken so until i see you guys is little let me know what a lot of the stories you want me to see and I come up with anything else I can't find the answer to then I'll do a video I myself here so much for watching I'm the 13 dining on rich by her to the video is how to make youtube can a lot more better than of luck better so we off with that you can see her at his little collins here within how's everything look

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