How to fix Dark Souls 1 on PC

How to fix Dark Souls 1 on PC

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A pretty rough video. Not as well as I would have wanted, but free video editing software is fairly impractical. So, hopefully this helps “authenticate” the content of the guide shown.

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hey there folks name is wolf hunter and I'm just here to guide you through installing Dark Souls and getting into into working order here we have Dark Souls so a lot of people all be able to run this without any sort of mods the problem in that is that they're not getting the most of the experience and they're also missing out and also completely unsafe we'll get into that second here so it's finding finding the guide or finding guides I just got a library just like the game Dark Souls and you go to I'll just go to community hub and from here navigate to the guides tab mines actually is actually where we're going right here but anyway so this right here is multiple windows of the same thing let's let's do it normally here uh there we go so I'm gonna include you know this video link in the guide itself when it's videos out but for now let's just take a look at it and it's four out of five stars fine I have a lot of haters which just means I you know people that don't like me um let's see just skip everything on your own pause right here but we're gonna we're gonna move to step 1 you disable the in-game AAA so the game first of all works and second of all doesn't crash after it fools you into thinking it does work ideally this would be off and this would be a fresh install here on this video I didn't really do this well so that we're gonna see is basically game starts ideally you know so connect your controller mine is a 360 wireless controller with wireless dongle attached works well Auto maps without any steam support if you you know install the driver for the receiver got the PC settings first take a look at what you got I already set this to what I want and this is 32-bit highest it goes we're gonna find entirely sing right here it'll be on so you just turn it off and it has Dark Souls alright step to get dsfix 2.4 this is a mod that basically reports the graphics interface kind of you'll see it's dropbox count here download this okie-doke all these files take all this extract to wherever the gamedata folder is installed so typically where steam is installed that drive got a program 86 here steam scroll to steam apps common Dark Souls prepare to die edition click the data folder here so it says data and ok I already have stuff there so I'll just replace everything that's in there the PMO boom dsfix is installed this doesn't mean that now the camera is 60 FPS 4k it means now you can edit the graphic settings what you're gonna want to do find that folder again really a very tedious clicking off isn't so bad and this dsfix folder here that's just additional cache data of stuff so it just can't ignore it and find the configuration settings dsfix otherwise known as dsfix dot ini here we have bunch of settings you can leave it at default but some of the more important ones are first of all everything is kind of default to off so if you want better graphics to come in here anyway I'm gonna leave everything default except for this which is unlocking the framerate getting it to 60 yeah yeah blah blah all there might be bugs associated with it that people will warn you about the bugs include and are not limited to like roll distance being botched you're rolling off of a Ledge and basically sliding through the world when you slide down ladders so hit ctrl s save this file after you're done editing and there you go well keep this data folder open because I think we're gonna need to get in there again more than two for two made a interface for dsfix so that you can manually edit the a a setting that we were talking about that was in the game we can edit that from outside the game through dsfix which is nice because the two are not the same then step three here we got the anti cheater which you know if you like the idea of playing online you know even if you don't want to play online intentionally and you just don't want to take the steps to turn off online like as in go offline this is super essential this protects you from cheating effects and displays your nodes nodes are some sort of solution to connection possibilities / matchmaking get this get this tool no matter what you find the DSP W click it and yeah that's all there really is to it open this bad boy up same thing with with this as dsfix as you find forgetting data folder I am no pictures data not the other ones yes cuz it's already done whatever and that's that it's installed there's other things you can do with it not very many as it and I filed but that's all you'll likely ever need to do with it so for here is opting into planning online and being like giving of reliable connections because steam somehow broke it I was there when they broke it and they worked it for like a month so in that month this mod is created I will also inspired my steam name a little bit cuz you know I was at first this was like oh yeah we're gonna we're gonna enable co-op screw PvP and I was like what no screw you I want I want to invade people and and you don't use this for nefarious purposes as well as good so you know over time they wolf incorporated a lot of things basically its it fixes connectivity click the latest stable release I don't know about the testing release but you know stabler release and oh it's just one file one file that you can pleasantly put on your desktop which oh here it is already got it when you run it it looks like this it says oh you can update to the testing if you want yeah whatever I'll do that and just like that I'm in the testing version there's so many people playing this sword yeah favorites and stuff anyway it's really good you keep that running in the background and you'll get connections so we have these a mouse fix mods optional the darcel xinput customizer and the predecessor to that made by this guy right here methane hydrate those fixed Mouse camera issues well this one doesn't this one's more time tested blah blah you know it's all up to you four people got this one so that we could streamline it all everything here pretty much requires Network framework 4.6 so don't be afraid to install that from Microsoft's website okay what else we gotta go so if 20 here's a controller for this there are a couple there many options really and getting them to work is somewhat of a hassle but for the most part they all have some solution which if I remember to link the guide and somewhere in annotation and you can just check real quick at any point for yourself this is just super rough guidelines like kind of sort of proven facts that you know use your eyes and take it in and thing uh crashing on start this is you know a lot of people will complain about crash you can start and that's because this game is ported poorly so here's a list stuff yeah I know it's video can be just telling you to look at things and the bottom line is that not every solution is here particularly some of these are just kind of do it anyway some of its like people don't think like oh this overlay might be causing it oh just take take note of them all and try to do your best to and follow along so I did in this part as like you know why I only have a little bit just other information versus a lot it's totally stretch to call it a fix for good not getting but just you know within or tips on how to get over the whole you know the lack of balance in PvP basically put it into perspective there's a conclusion doesn't mean whatever you know credit here forum post comments so you're you're probably all set to go now probably didn't need this entire video rambling but hopefully I mean let's run the game yeah I'll just show you we're at now and yeah first first video I've tried to make ever it's pretty jank it's actually really jank I don't even have editing software really I'm just kind of kind of winging it started that game yeah turn this off camera Auto wall recovery not good shitty yeah and run angel me alright this spoilers I'm just kidding you're gonna want to enjoy those so in the meantime hope you liked it yep tink tink video here's the here's the nan editing yep well if you guys

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  1. Benign or Design

    0:34 Guide finding
    1:03 Selecting the "right" guide

    1:39 Step One: Disable AA
    2:35 Navigate into PC settings and disable AA
    2:55 Close Dark Souls

    3:05 Step Two: DSFix 2.4
    3:25 Download at Dropbox(Tell it 'No Thanks' on Signing Up)
    3:35 Extract these files into … /DATA folder
    4:41 Edit DSFix.ini(to your liking)
    5:07 Unlock dat FPS(if you want 30+ frames per second)
    5:50 Morten242 to disable AA in-game(no demo)

    6:10 Step Three: Anti-Cheater
    6:52 Download the anti-cheater
    7:02 Extract to DATA folder

    7:41 Step Four: Connectivity Mod(DSCM)
    8:27 Navigate to DSCM tab on left side of
    8:35 Download Stable/Testing release

    9:24 Step Five: Mouse/Keyboard fixes(Nexus mod links, follow those install instructions, sorry for no demo)

    10:11 Overview of controller information/support methods
    10:58 Crashing on start overview
    11:54 Overview of PvP guides included
    12:26 Conclusion of guide
    12:39 "This probably worked"
    13:23 Demonstrating functional game

    13:32 Turn off auto wall recovery

  2. Messiah Sidekick

    Anyone has an idea? My game crashed everytime. Without DSFIX and with. White WIndow turns Black with 0% CPU usage. I tryed every compability mode and it still sucks 🙁

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