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HOW TO FIX PS3 Loading Error 8002f310 “The file system on the system storage is corrupted and will be Restored” “The file system on the system storage is corrupted” Screen The file system on the system storage is corrupted and will be Restored freezes or Freezing or Frozen Loading Bar locks up at 99% then shuts down VIDEO TUTORIAL HELP SERVICE VIDEO GUIDE. Hard Drive Upgrade & usb Update On PS3 PlayStation 3 install 4.31 or later. ( No applicable update data was found ) “No applicable update data was found” Fix (4.25) 1st Buy 1 gig USb Memory Drive Stick then format usb “file system” to Fat32 then “install PS3 Update” To USB Stick
Sony PS3 Tech Support Number
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“Fix PS3” and “PS3 Repair” for errors (8002f310) fix ( 8002f310 ) “PS3 8002f310”

“ps3 hard drives” website Slim PS3 uses slim SATA and older fat Playstation3 uses Fat Hard Drive
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hey guys Tampa Tech and if you have a Playstation 3 that it constantly tries to update and get hanging out but 99% or wherever it may be and then you get an error message that I'm going to show you how to fix that okay so just bear with me so what you want to do is you want to go to your computer go to us dot PlayStation comm forward slash support actually I'm just going to give you the link below video's description you just click on that get a USB thumb drive like this one you see right here plug it in your computer alright follow the instructions right here you have to create a folder called ps3 then create another folder within the ps3 folder called update I'll show you so I created a folder called ps3 here's the actual update ID down I got from the website it's going to look like that alright you want to put that in the folder that you created and then oh by the way the create a folder if you don't know you right click then click on new then click on folder and then name it update ok but I already did that so let's get to he'll get rid of this crap delete damage so anyhow now you know how to make a folder so you want to take that update that you download from the website and drop it in the update folder so I should be right there alright and then X out so now you got the update on your thumb drive so the updates right here now this was caused by and it corrupted update that's why you keep on getting that error message so let's go back over to the TV alright now after 99% it hangs up after a while you're gonna get this message and it's a800 to f3 1 0 alright so that's basically a corrupted update thing so it's going to tell you to hold the power button until it you know system beeps and then you don't like the AC and then you know update will restart but it never does we do it a hundred times doesn't matter so we're going to put the update in right here so let's go ahead and plug in an update in the ps3 and just plug it in the front of the ps3 so basically just take this and plug it in the front of the ps3 alright I'll get an update just like that I'm gonna hold it down hold the power button down keep it holding it down hold the power button down to two and if you hold it down long enough it'll blink blink blink blink blink and it'll turn off completely I'll be ready take out the hard drives basically to take out the hard drive just to show you it's right here it's just a panel you take out the screw pop this open and then take the screw out right here okay this group is panel comes off just like that then you're going to swap out the hard drives so let's go ahead and do that you got screws okay and now this you can put this aside this other harddrive Toshiba line up the screws the screw holes stuff right here I'm only going to put like a screw in because we're just going to test it make sure it works here just like that now just go ahead and put it all back together click the new hard drive in put the new one but color history are driving and the system update turn on plug it into three controller alright let's see what we got here that says connect the controller using the USB and then press the PS button which is the center button I'm going to hit the center button and now it says start and select so we're going to hit start and select okay now after you plug in the thumb drive oh by the way FYI make sure you format the thumb drive fat32 all right before you put in the folders update so now you'll get to this assistant partition of the system will be formatted blah blah blah hit start select all right so it's starting select at the same time for five seconds one two three four five six six seconds apparently maybe I was counting fast yeah maybe let's say checking were you checking ps3 can you just tell us what you're checking please wait right poopoo in your panties oh here we go still with something my ass is twitching could be the fleas in the pants whicka be okay what happened to the frickin nose scream oh something's going on here I think something I am Tampa Tech and I can fix anything it's nothing press the center button okay have you take me you really good you take me for granted I don't feel appreciated around here well last cuz you're not supposed to you working routines way of money money's not good for us checking for updated what the hell you checking just update right you accepted go right go right again go right X and and more installing updates what I'm gonna have to edit the hell out of this video it's like taking a hundred pieces jigsaw puzzle putting in one piece so it's gonna take me like all night or maybe tomorrow all day but I'm going to deliver it to you guys I'm gonna give you guys this because I think there's lots of thousands of people out there that need this fix okay so I'm gonna give you this cold sony sony apparently just says whatever just mill it in and give us all your 50 bucks that's their answer for everything so I'm not gonna do that they're not taking my hundred fifty bucks and they're not gonna go take your hundred fifty dollars either alright so here we go again it's restarting for the millionth time and let's see if it fixes it come on just turn on PlayStation 3 just turn on ready it's blinking it's flashing it's oh wait what the hell Sony make that believe that this thing works let's make believe this this thing works that's their slogan make that believe this actually works alright so let's go ahead and plug in the USB data cable once you get that plug it in let's go ahead and hit the center button we speak English around this part of the woods hey yes come on come on Tony don't let me down yes again yes what the who cares about the date I don't care today could be January 1st 2012 as long as it's more because I don't give a crap with danger yeah 2013 cares I don't care about the name X X come on X oh my god more updates all right here here it is come on X done let's see turn on damaged my nephews ps3 is fixed I only took like eight hours that's all yeah you know you have to pay me by the hour oh come on I wanna see my name no I deleted everything mm-hmm all right delete everything you just have to sign back in and then redownload all your stuff once you slide it back in you PlayStation Network with you email address and your password it's gonna collect your trophies and your friends list that's it that's how you do it can I do it now done sign it in yeah I don't care yeah let me finish this up thanks for watching guys post come and subscribe to Tampa tech and check this works for you post a comment below let us know this work for you


  1. Ceo Of Loser Mart ّ

    When the screen comes up and it says "connect your controller and press the ps button" my controller doesn't connect, any solutions?

  2. Silgrim Marak

    My super slim got error 8002f147 cannot install firmware, but if i try to install firmware on my friend's ps3 with my ps3 hdd will it work?

  3. Bryan Maldonado

    I did this today, but now my controller won’t stay synced. It turns the console on, but won’t connect to it unless I use the cable or press the reset button on the controller.

  4. Erik Bragg

    If my system update stays on and every I turn it on it ttys to update but freezes at 99% it won't go into safety mode no matter what I try or how many times I try.. my question is can I update it without it being in that safe mode setting? Can I just plug in the usb and turn it on? Please help.. thanks

  5. Buhner

    Microsoft hid the FAT32 format so you need cmd to right click cmd and run (command promt) as administrator mode C:WINDOWSsystem32>format /FS:FAT32 /Q X:  X=s any letter your thumbdrive shows one of mine showed (K:) type K: without semi colon

  6. Buhner

    you have to fat32 format the usb thumb drive it  onlyworks with less than 60gb thumbdrive so I used my 4bg thumbdrive

  7. Mountain Man

    Thanks for posting the vid man! I was able to take my hard drive from my broken ps3 and install it into my other broken ps3 and create another working ps3! YAY! Thanks again!

  8. David Ellis

    I spend most my time on my ps4 but I bought a new hardrive for my ps3 I downloaded the software from sony, its a compressed file, but I have tried winrar to unzip the file does not recognise sony's software, any sugestions its frustrating as I cannot upgrade my ps3.Why did sony compress the file its caused nothing but trouble.

  9. Craig Baenziger

    A good tutorial, but the only thing i would add is that 7200RPM and SSD's are perfectly okay, only thing to we aware of is the height of high cap HDD's(say 2gigs). 7200RPM and SSD's will give faster load times for installed games and faster read write speeds for downloads etc.

  10. Ben Johnson

    I have a ps3 slim. I reformatted the hard drive and after it says 100% the screen goes blank and the system doesn't reset/ restart automatically. Does anyone have a solution that can help me with this troubleshooting problem?

  11. Not delivery It's DeMaggio

    After about 45 failed attempts to fix my sons Christmas present (Ps3) it worked!!, Thank you so much @Tampatec!!!!!

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