How to fix the sudden shutdown of your computer.

How to fix the sudden shutdown of your computer.

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In this tutorial, i’m going to show you guys how to fix the sudden shutdown of your computer. I’m talking about the CPU problem not the software one.

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  1. Filmy Hill

    My pc works fine while using but when I left it on for a while it automatically shuts down can someone tell what's wrong with it?

  2. Mridul Singha Phukan

    my pc shut downed and i tried to restart and i heard long beeping sound. Is this same problem that described in the video?


    Never put new paste on old paste clean the old paste off with 99% rubbing alcohol then apply new paste for best cooling performance

  4. Gilmer Tugahan

    sudden shutdown is caused by the cpu overheating.. why not install a temperature monitoring software like "CORETEMP".? while using it you can easily identify the cause, if it is an overheating issues.

  5. jero garlando

    everytime i open my computer and the steam will open then suddenly it will shutdown automatically, what do you think is the problem?

  6. K NaveeN TecH7

    sir na laptop charging cable pettinapudu 10s ki automatic ga shutdown authondhi mali on authondhi. cherging cable petakunda battery tho on chesenapudu shutdown kavatam ledhu . yendhu valla ee problem sir

  7. ew2fgr

    Plz help me I have a windows 10 computer and I clicked the windows button and P to take a screenshot and it suddenly powered off plz help me

  8. kiran shru

    Hello guys
    I am Kiran from India. Pls can anyone tell me how to solve this issue:- i am using windows 7 (actually its xp 2002 model i upgraded to 7) it is automatically turned off within 5min…… Its wiered actually pls anyone tell me my frnds

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