How to Fix Your Klipsch Subwoofer

How to Fix Your Klipsch Subwoofer

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Replacement amp available here:

How to repair a Klipsch subwoofer with a dead amp power supply.

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  1. Ralph Clark

    Since that PSU is evidently a commodity part it would make a lot more sense to just obtain that from the PSU maker rather than cannibalising a brand new plate amp

  2. Eduardo Andreoli

    hi, can you tell me if this Bash 300S can replace the plate in Klipsch SW 112 sub? the fuse is blowing all the time and after your video i think i would try buying that thing and replacing this..

  3. Rouel Marasigan

    Hey there… Great video very informative..i do have the sw450 klipsch sub. No power output after changing the fuse. May I ask if there is a compatible power supply to swap.

  4. Flawless Strategy

    Dude, don't you know sign language?! I can't hear it, my speakers are blown, duh! 😛

    Closed cations works! 🙂

  5. MD Boy

    I have a Klipsch RW-10d subwoofer. Disconnected for 2-months during a kitchen/family room remodel. When I reconnected and turned it back on, the display was out. There is the typical "pop" when the woofer is turned off or on but no sound comes out when the stereo is on. Other than taking it to a repair shop, any suggestions

  6. KaVac DZO

    Whats the mean problem with klipsch subwoofers ? I see many people have problem with amps ? Now I have yamaha sw300 and think to replace it with Klipsch R-115SW what do you think ?

  7. James Yahoo

    Hey man, great videos and you don’t say “uuuuhhh” and “it’s like, like, like” every other word so that alone puts you in the top ten channels according to me.. my only wish is that you would zoom in a bit to the areas you’re addressing and maybe explain your methods such as multimeter settings and the respective functions a little more in depth. Thanks for taking the time to make and post the video, even if you laugh at my wishes and point and my lumpy head that’s okay at least you make good videos. Soooo like uhhhh like uhhhh thanks yeaaaa my bad!

  8. The Bigman Says

    I got a sub 12 like this. However weird is, there appears to be power. and when the coax cable is slightly pulled, I get vibration from driver, but when conneceted blue light
    is on but no sound. again driver works, but its not sensing cable with sound only blue indicator light.

  9. more jello please

    Mine just exploded with blue flames and smoke when I plugged it in after two years. Emailed klipsch, they wanted photos. Sent photos and they said the circuit board looked ok and to contact someone else to have it repaired. It's in the trash and I'll never but klipsch again. The amps are made in China, buyer beware.

  10. Shmagit

    Klipch subwoofers are crap. I have the ksw10. Amp blew..I purchased a brand new amp from klipch. They provide a 60 warranty. Amp blew after 8 months. Avoid klipch. Both amps blew exactly the same spot. Funny thing is the fuse on both are good.

  11. nackesww

    I'm in the process of troubleshooting my amp as well. The information out there like this video is of no help. Theres plenty of videos out there to show you how to test components. A few people I read about claim the mosfets go bad and simply replace them. I dont accept that.Mine tested fine, You need to find out why the mosfetts blew in the first place if they did. I have ordered capacitor replacements from mouser. 2 larger capacitors 220uf 200wv have gone bad "high ESR".And the glue that they used back then becomes hard and brittle and starts to become conductive and causing shorts.

  12. Mr nice guy

    man i had there best promedia setup……that amp blew 3 times… i now run a MONSTER 64lb denon Avr 5800 $3,800(bought mint condition for $600) its 170 watts x7 at 0.05 thd to all 5.1 polk audio moniters and senheiser hd 599 cans……just insane….o yea running threw my creative xfi xtremusic card…..just mind blowing awesome…

  13. malik sheraz

    i have celestion s10 active subwoofer. as soon i put new fuse it burn it. i am in the the Uk can you please help me . many thanks

  14. justsomeguytoyou

    Wow, you got 10 years out of Klipsch computer speakers? That's impressive. My 2.1's didn't even make it to 2 years before the output transistors on the sub channel melted down.

  15. Shawn Roberts

    So I have a Klipsch sub-10 that is not playing any sounds. It powers on for I see the blue light indicating power, and If I place the cable wire next to a terminal on my receiver, I hear a humming sound from the sub. Is this a strong indicator that my internal amp is bad and all I need is the replacement amp listed above or should I run more test to find the exact issue?

    Update: one of my capacitors were bulging so I replaced it but didn't seem to fix it. I sent my board in to a guy who knows how to repair circuit boards so I will update when he fixes it. In the mean time, I bought this sub for 100 bucks to get me by.

  16. Ricardo B

    I was fixing many Klipsch subs for many years, the problem in the 95% of the units are the two IRF 740 mosfets in the power supply.

    I hear some technicians to say "the power supply can't be fixed"
    Power supply can be fixed if you buy the IRF 740 in a trusted company like Digikey.

    Ebay sellers sell counrfeit transistors.

    You need a desoldering gun for replace the bad transistors, I use a Hakko 808.


  17. JOGO

    That's not a repair video ! Anyone can swap out the power section and wala " if you would have repaired and tested the old power supply, then it would have been a repair video even though you replaced it.. you should have kept on attempting to repair the old one , that is why I watch the video for …

  18. Cat Benson

    I am getting a brief moment of power when I manipulate the power switch…I think it may just be the switch itself….don't think fuse is blown, but after removing back panel, I cannot see if any of the switch assembly is loose (all contained and glued to back panel).

  19. Andrew Crocker

    HELP! I have a KSW-10 and recently it's been almost sounding like the woofer is blown when it kicks (which I have to crank the volume a bit for it to kick on) but if I unplug the unit and then let the power drain and then plug it back in it plays just great… I was curious if you could offer some wisdom as to what might need attention?

    I noticed that all of this happened after switching the "Phase" from 0 to 180… Any ideas? Thanks.

  20. GeorgioDavid

    help please.
    have same rw12d and plays no sound anymore. Speaker is OK I have mesuered .it gets power becous display is workinv .Back inside at first look nothing is burned or smelled.what to do please.

  21. mpmarvin999

    Hi, Great video. I have a Klipsch XW-500D that died on me a few months back. My problem is trying to get inside the thing. I've removed all screws and nothing comes off. It's like the sub and the back-panel are both cemented to the enclosure. Am I going to need brute force to get in or am I missing something. I don't want to break the thing but I do want to get in and see what's wrong. In the video you showed that you removed all the screws then the next scene you had the panel off. Well I need those middle scenes on how you did that. lol

  22. JUKE179r

    Great video!
    I don't crank up my R-12sw but already after 2 months that have a bad rattle to them like it is blown. I'm Pissed!

  23. Blue Collar Horse Power

    greetings from texas , do you offer repair services ? i have a tannoy model ts300 that powers up but no sound. cant find anyone that works on it


  24. Forman313

    You dont think it´s a switching PSU? So where is the transformer?
    You obviously know far to much about electronics to NOT recognize an SMPS.
    Had a few drinks to overcome stage fright maybe? 🙂

    Thank you for the movie. I have a very similar amp myself, from a KSW-15. I wish I had found this movie earlier, cause it wasn´t easy to find the schematics and to get it fixed.
    The worst part, was realizing that the output stage is in fact class AB … 300w RMS from a pair of IRF530/9530 (Pd = 88w @ 25c) …. I found that hard to believe. But then again… these amplifier dont last, do they? 🙂
    China in a nutshell .. selling 100w amplifiers with parts that can only handle 50w .. and that is if the parts are even genuine, which we all know, is not very often.

  25. Dmitry Shapoval

    Hi! I have a subwoofer SW-450. Prompt, where I can find an electric circuit for him to repair. The subwoofer doesn't work for a long time. Thank you for the answer

  26. mrsemifixit

    Ever figure out the shorts on original psu? I just repaired one with two shorted power mosfets on the primary side (short video uploaded on my page) and was curious if maybe same issue!

  27. MrNightro

    Thanks redonKiLaus for articulating this video so much better then when I made my Youtube video a couple years ago, I was 100% winging it on the fly at the time. I found out the hard way at the time that trying to desolder the OEM Klipsch board was going to be tricky since it takes so much heat to remove the components with the risk of damaging the board traces. At that time there wasn't any online help for a fix other then sending the amp module off to be serviced, so after doing a bit of cross checking I found the power supply schematic to the Bash 300s made for a perfect direct replacement. Over two years on & the Bash 300s replacement power supply fix is still going strong (used the Klipsch Klipsch RW-12D for at least six hours this evening for the first leg of my complete nonstop Star Wars movie marathon to prepare myself for the upcoming Star Wars The Force Awakens).

  28. Jake Curl

    I am going to try and continue to fix this power supply, and if successful, will post a video on how to do it.  I ordered a pack of IRF740 FETS, which I believe is the root cause of failure.  This same power supply is also used in some Polk Audio subwoofers, as well as a few other brands besides Klipsch.

  29. Jake Curl

    I forgot to mention you can buy the BASH 300 unit from Parts Express.  They are excellent to deal with and have prompt shipping.  I used an on-line coupon to save even more.  Too bad BASH doesn't offer the power supplies as a stand-alone item.

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