How To Get iPhone X Features on ANY iPhone!

How To Get iPhone X Features on ANY iPhone!

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get iPhone X features on ANY OLDER iPhone! So you have an iPhone or iPod, and want to get the iPhone X features on that device, without paying for the latest iPhone Xs or iPhone XR, then this video is for you! You will learn how to get iPhone X gestures: fast multitasking, new shortcuts and get the iPhone X notch! This does require a jailbreak, but the iOS 12 jailbreak supports iOS 12 – 12.1.2, so most iOS versions are supported!

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would you rather spend 1,000 pound upgrading your existing phone – 10 s so you get the brand-new iPhone 10 gestures and iPhone 10 dot or would you rather just get iPhone 10 gestures and iPhone 10 duck or dive in 10 features on your existing iPhone for free on any iPhone any iPod touch if so let's start good day guys assume stick if this is your first time here in altameyer orange what is an Apple tech star now by subscribing I'm ring that bell – no miss not Lutz when I say iPhone 10 gestures I mean the whole thing even how the knotch type will cut out so control center you swipe down from the right I'm going to access the more it's asking just swipe up and hold if we're gonna close out this easy swipe and on the lock screen you have the flash toggle and we have the camera toggle and swipe up to unlock does work and we'll see them better is it if you lose your home button you can use the home button as well however gonna use the gestures you can use the dese's as well get the iPhones they're not which honestly do you really want that I don't know it's personal preference on people do want that done see shocking Apple doesn't put all – 10 features on the older devices because it works flawlessly so you will need to be on iOS 4.0 so I was put more points used to do this not I rest for more point free not iOS 4.2 not OS 12 point 4 and above so I'm gonna move to my iPhone 6 which um doesn't have died from the same gestures and I'm gonna show you the full process case on one more iPhone 6 you can see it doesn't UMP s logo and this doesn't have icons and gestures I'm going to show you the full process from start to finish if you want to open up the Safari browser you want to head over to this link there being a pins comment down below it stops all the VRP on top download top store up now we want to wait for pop-up and you'll see it's asking to install top store gonna tap install and our tops all started solving on Travis twice this is a service which lets us install the jailbreak dog be using on iOS 12 there's like I said earlier it doesn't support iOS 4.3 and above so I'll wait for this to finish the assuming one stops eyes and stood will get a on trust n twice phone for pop so the fix this want to open up settings scroll down to see general scroll down again profiles in the waste management or just a wise man but you'll see it ends up just tap this want that trust trust again and now what we can do is we can open up top store now in top so there are some ads you can see here we have this Avenue to wait five seconds once waited we just tap the X and now at the bottom there's this banner ad top X enough annual tap cancel on asking them to follow their Twitter now at the bottom you have the search icon where tap the search just tap this search bar here you want to search for rootless so you see a root and we see two applications we need to install both of them so we have rootless a jailbreak and we have rootless and solar so I'm gonna show you how to each once you win tap get on rootless jailbreak first and my tougher multiple times here what's up get again on another pop-up you can see the pop up awesome to install root lift your break just tap install and then release jailbreak you'll see it's start will start installing on to your home screen like so and let's just go back and you see a rootless installing one tap get on root this installer and anyone's have to get again and then we'll tap install and now you can see here on the home screen will have brutish tale break or our rootlessness daughter will start instilling console iOS device okay so now on the home screen we have rootless jailbreak and we have ruthless in sorta now we need to install one application we ran up source to just open up the App Store then want to install the shortcuts application will be needed later so just install the right now as I'll show you why we need it later so once I open up root this jailbreak then we just turn down the brightness okay so now we really star what you see the struggles we have I see su balls and a.m. and tweaks just make sure they are turned on so if they look like this make sure they're turned on and it's quite simple with this one touch jailbreak I remember this device is an iPhone 6c at the back cover if so is I phone so this to support every device that doesn't have the iPhone 10 gestures comedy is Staubach the support I content be it doesn't support iPhone 10s and often tennis Mac's this supports every other order twice iPhone 6s iphone 7 iphone 8 the plus more Lewis with 6 plus 7 plus s plus 5s iPhone SE and I productive generation so I'm going to speed the part to jailbreak we can see that was at spinning wheel if you see a point wielders just spinning round round round that means that the job back was successful however if you stay Apple logo I'm user job Rick felt we need to do don't want is open mock-up rootless jailbreak and try again so you'll know when you're jailbroken is when you open up brutalist I'll break you see here it does say jailbroken like so and there we go so the next step what we want to do is in Safari there'll be another link you want to go to in a pins comment down below I'll bring you to this get up link ok and this is for the Cydia tweak that we're using obviously destroy break at the moment doesn't have Cydia but rootless installer makes it so it can actually install tweaks so see it Neptune flutes spring water that's basically the iPhone 10 gestures now all you undo is the pawn do you see this share icon just tap this I'm gonna swipe over until you see request desktop site just tap lap and just be patient the desktop site will load and now we induce one to zoom in and you see it now we have two options about installation files go home indicator and installation files so you know on that – 10 you have that like that white bar the bond know who am indicator need you'll see no white ball insulation balls means you will see the white bar so I'm going to use the white bar one doin tap this and now you see you at the bottom you see comm dot and then Neptune Oh – oh that one got Deb gonna top this one and yes you zoom out I'm gonna swipe over until you see here downloads just tap the download icon and now it will start downloading on your iOS device thanks see we have this link but I just want to tap this one tap copy and I'll this need it for later all we wants to do is we want to open up shortcuts like so no you just type get started and I'm going to send myself a shortcut songs to put this down beat us part okay so I'll have a link in the pins comment arm for this shortcut so let's just tap accept I should load up this silly shortcut it's going to be called rule is installer – one and there we go show em to stop get short cut and you see edits and library and I can see if we have this and we need to do some setting up so we'll induce once I've got scroll over to see settings tap on settings we're gonna tap Wi-Fi on tap the eye and I can see it it says IP address now don't worry I'm not leaking Mike Lee address this is a local IP address you don't know what that means don't worry but basically you won't get to come on occasion with this IP so you can see it says one ninety two two one six eight two one one two three okay just remember that it's important for later I don't think you can copy it just remember right so now what we want to do is we need to open up a super su so you'll see it on the home screen you'll see it icon that says I sub s you if you don't see it make sure you are jaw broken first of all if you are jailbroken then just search up in the search bar like so oh I'm just gonna open it up and we can open up and you can see you we have shortcuts you just want app shortcuts what's up on sound books and you want to swipe over and let's just open up the shortcuts application now what we need to do is we just need to tap this and I can answer your IP address so let's just go back into settings let's get the IP address is tablet i1 i2 bill one six eight two one two one two three so let's just type that same IP in so one liked it obviously for you be different right 102 two one six 8.1 103 if you type listening correctly you'll get an error saying the SSH wasn't working so you can tap Done and now the process will start once it's finished you'll see like custom text box here so what I'm going to do is I'm gonna speed is part you can also see the time well that's actually very fast so you can see here are you see all this coats you see it installing up injecting and you see is installed release Installer you know told you on the home screen but we need to do this to get it to work it's now closed not rootless installer and you see it says version 1.0 0.2 Porton if it's a newer version that's perfectly fine then you want app get root and it's just wait there we go we now got root now there is an ad so we just need to wait the five seconds you tap skip or just tap the X like and they were gonna paste like you're well familiar so remember from the github dick so Matt download link just stop it tough again tap coffee and just make sure that it into here only tap Done let's just type let X and you can see ident type XO puts me into App Store just double click the home button and go back into rootless installer and just tap the X and now you want tap install I'm gonna zoom out and you can see it says success install tweaks so you want tap ok and what you can do is you see you respring just have the restring bond and i'll check this out so although remember earlier we didn't have life and entertain gestures so we have this camera and i don't know if you can see that you see that look at the background so check the flush it's not on now I'm just gonna turn this on and there you go check that out the flash is on I don't need to freely touch on it because this device doesn't have 3d touch I'm about to come we do the same with the camera and there we go so really cool now if we swipe on we go to the home screen and I check this out it'll also give you the doc remember earlier you saw that doc it definitely didn't look like this we swipe up and hold we get some more guitar skin and if we just do this just swipe from the bond we can switch through the applications so this is so cool but let's say you don't want – 10 gestures anymore how do you uninstall it so you want to go back to that same link from earlier which brings you to this download you want a copy this download ink just tap copy and now we want to do some open up brutus install again and now you want to open up shortcuts again so it's basically exactly in pro so you can you do to install it you could not run SSH because we haven't opened up my super su so that's just on sound box shortcuts let's go back into this and let's do the same come on so online 2.16 8.1 103 one tap Done and this time in disputes pop up again I hopeful and you can see here it's done what you see that text I mean sturdy so the installation of rootless this order has to complete so you could open it back up like so and tap get root and it should work and let's just paste that deb URL in I just paste that same URL and let's just hop on install this time and I'll gives you this Sauvage feature bun even yours happy cool and let's just wait I see a success to remove tweaks you want app ok going to tap the respawn button and check this out one movie spring they'll be no more tweak or not on iOS device I think see now it says press ohms open as you see when we scroll down we have the normal iPhone 6 5s weather non-iphone 10 gestures back or not iOS twice just have to get my Finn 10 gestures on any iPhone and even iPod Touch it's why here make sure you smash like button cliff man screens and if you want to learn some more job break to tools and guides but make sure you are subscribed and in a pinch comment down below W my iPhone 6s setup video makes you watch start and I'll see you in my next video

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  1. Saunders Tech

    Getting “NOT SUPPORTED” error? This means you are NOT on iOS 12.0-iOS 12.1.2. shouldn’t have skipped the video 😉
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  2. YaraVlogz

    Does anyone want to do it but they don’t want to do it cuz ur scared if it’s going to mess up ur phone
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