How to Get Started in ARK - A Beginners Guide

How to Get Started in ARK – A Beginners Guide

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I show you all you need to know on how to get you started in ARK Survival Evolved. Taking you from the very beginning then crafting tools, hunting, cooking and building your own house.

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This was filmed on …
Asus x99 Deluxe Motherboard
Intel i7 5820k Processor
Asus GTX 970 4GB (That still struggles with this game)
(I’ve been told a Titan works fine.)
16GB Corsair Ram

hi guys Steve here and we're super basics of Arc and how to build your first house in options you have your graphic settings you might need to lower these as even the GTX 970 struggles at the moment game options than the key bindings if you wanted to play by yourself or just with a few friends you can host showing game and choose which settings you want however after a while when you've done everything that might get a bit lonely a better option is to play with and against other players to do that click join arc then go to the server filter in the bottom left here you can select between official and unofficial servers official servers have run by the devs we usually have a lot more people on them which is a good thing but sometimes to get so full you can't join your own server that's only happened to me once what I did to find a good server was to click pinks of a lowest number 0 it's all that way you should avoid the ones with any lag then try and find one what's about half full so you should be able to get in when you want to play there are different types of official server but no more ones a PvP and these can be extremely brutal if you have large tribes going around raiding and wiping out of smaller ones on PvE servers you're not able to attack any of the players however if you still find ways to grief you say you starting off and you build a small house somebody could come along and build a huge wall around you and block you in then join the hardcore server if you need to for game if you die even once you lose all your stuff and you have to create a new character on the official servers of the ones who are entered by people that are open to the public these normally have less people on a friendlier so easier to play on however because these servers are rented by other players some of them abused for admin power and spawn whatever items they want for them and their friends on this demo I'm gonna join an unofficial server but we're not but pros and cons of each type I would join it an official PvP server that way you know is no cheating going on when you load it in you start off with a character creation screen it can then select if you want to be male or female I'm gonna pick male you can change your skin color or choose from a preset body type but some of these make you look a bit like a mutant so I'm gonna pick the first one then arteries features I'll give him a wide head boost his pecs make your shoulders a bit wider then make him a bit chunky a bit themself yeah that looks fine I just make you sons a bit bigger next leper name reviewing game character the last thing to do is select which zone you want spawn in broward Vantage's in started in some areas more than others to build young game stuff you need a vast amount of metal but this is mainly found in mountain areas they're mainly to the north however around mountains are very dangerous dinosaurs so it's not hard to start off in those areas but you can always move to them later I would save in North Zone some hardest to start on as you get saber-tooth Tigers and birds coming down from the mountains on the east you get nice white beaches and it's fairly easy to start there and the west side for a lot of cliffs is good for defense but are also a pain to get around the South zones are a nice easy place to start however you are far away from the mountains and therefore the metal I'm gonna start it myself as I can always move north later select a zone and when you're done click create new survivor and you're spawning game you wake up in a mysterious island where long dead dinosaurs are flourishing and it's up to you to survive as you can see the graphics look beautiful okay let's get started you have icons on the bottom right the top 1g experience bar the second ones how much weight you're carrying water droplet is your thirst meat icon is your hunger the lightning bolt is your stamina and a crosshair bottom is your health precise open up your inventory on the left you have all your items you're carrying below fat yo if your item slots 1 to 10 if you press Q you can bring up the items name but after a while you know what the items look like so you won't really need to in the center you have your character portrays what you currently got like your name and level at the top your clothing slots in the top right blows out your character stats how many days a server has been running your name and level how much armor protection you have your insulation against temperatures being game time of day the temperature the region and the spawn zone below these sheffy experience bar this goes up as you do tasks and gain experience click view engrams to see the plans of the items you can build as you level up learning grant points more items would be available to learn you'll only have a certain number of points so you won't be able to learn everything to choose carefully next you have your stats each time we gain the level you get points that you can put into your stats so you can customize your character to how you want all of them are pretty much self-explanatory the only ones you might need extra info on our fortitude that makes you more resilient temperatures and poison and torpor is how close you are to becoming unconscious if it fills up you'll pass out then you have to wait for it to go back to zero again before you wake up ok let's start first of all you need to collect resources to build your first tool which is a pick so start gathering stones some of the smaller stones like here are just a ground texture and you won't be able to become up or you soon find out which things you can't gather to replenish your water to submerge yourself in it your notice of it a new icon has appeared above your experience that's how much oxygen you have left you will need to resurface before it runs out or you start to die you will also use stamina when you swim in that runs out before you made it to the surface in time you might drown if we don't have any tools at a moment but we need to gather thatch and what so 1/2 a tree and start punching it you can see how much resources you're covering in a top center of the screen open up your inventory and I'll show you how much you flex it one would 11 fetch in 10 stone if not leveled up yet so we've still got no anger on points dismount press fee and they'll open up you craftable items that you can build now make a stone pick select the plan then click craft items you'll gain XP every time you craft something now go back to you and Tori and drug the pick to an item slot press the corresponding number to select the tick then go to a tree to gather that your water they say that sound means you just leveled up so I opened up the inventory and select which stat you want to increase I always go for help first because I want to survive if I get attacked by a dinosaur when you've upgraded your stats it then takes you to yank rampage and gives you a selection of item plants they can learn next the Stone hunches are most important as that's how you gather what then I normally pick my sphere to protect myself against aggressive dinosaurs we only have two points left but everything else takes three to learn so gonna save those until next time different tools mainly govern different resources like if you use a pick together from a tree you'll get many thatch if you use a hatchet you'll get mostly what if you have at all equipped you're not able to pick resources off the ground the only exception for this is a torch you will need to unequip at all and switch back to hands by pressing Q if he had a rock with a pick you'll get mainly flint what if he hits it with a hatchet you'll get mainly stoned okay that should be enough resources for I need to build next so select hatchet plant and craft item then slip hatchet and drag it to an item slot like said with touch except you becoming mostly what and with a pick nice dispatch like plenty of Ward because I need it to build spares Lex resource we need is fiber to bind everything together and get missed from plants and bushes you'll also get berries which you can eat yourself or feature dinosaurs but I'll go into that later okay I think I've collected enough to eat the berries select them and keep clicking use item you can also grab them CI through slots meet them that way you don't want to eat any flat ones the same foot sleep the white ones give you a boost in stamina or so make it dehydrated next go to craft the balls and build several spares you need more than one because they break randomly and also snap when you hit something hard like a rock once you've built it equip them you're ready to defend yourself and go hunting press left click to stabbed with a spear or to throw it hold down your right mouse button then let go you can go up to your spear or arrows to retrieve them you can survive on berries if you collect enough of them what's a better source of food is meat and the easiest way to get that one starts now he's killing Dodos headshots do more damage and also killing fish use your pick to harvest mostly meat or attach it to get mostly hide I just left home camping from those we've collected 10 wheat because we've leveled up you need to put your points into I have a stash you want then you will be given your extra and gram points we need a fire to cook out me to learn that then you can put the rest of a point since whatever you want but I start with clothing it gives you armor and insulation against a cold plus I've not decided to wear put my house yet putting points into building would be a waste need stone to make a campfire to start gathering that nor so would fuel don't have any spares left bring up craftable to see which resources you need we're missing fiber because it's highlighted rat so I'm going to start gathering that as well from brushes you'll always need several spares review because you never know when you're going to get attacked by dinosaurs okay spend a few minutes covering what I need so let's start making stuff let's start by crafting a few Spears so I can protect yourself next we build a campfire to cook the meat in the top you can see the items are in a belt queue once the space are done it'll move on to the campfire we already place fears on item slot three so they automatically get put back there you'll need to place your campfire down so also drag that down to an item slot then find a good place to protect put it on the beach it's hard to see in the movies somebody else has put our own camp finder we could use that I'm gonna place my team a process press the corresponding item slot key and click the left mouse button where you want it now need to open up the campfires Infantry's pricee that's at the top or we could demolish it which we don't want to do that she needs drunk fuel which is a wood into the fire hold down shift half and remove items of the stab and then the meat and click light fire it'll take a few minutes for over me to dinosaur seems to be intrigued by my lines and I come to see what it is so while that's cooking I'm gonna go off and get some more beans you'll notice that it's getting darker you need to get a campfire up before it turns tonight it'll give you light and warmth as sometimes it gets freezing cold at night Frank we cook meat to inventory then put a raw meat into a fire as what burns it gets turned into charcoal you can eat the meat by selecting it then click use item or you could drag it to an item slot most dinosaurs can't harm you but are really hard to kill because I've run away so fast let's see what level it is no 6 is too far it's not worth the effort at the moment – covering fiber also picked up a few berries large numbers of these can weigh a lot so even though I've got meat now we're still going to eat the berries once what you want to save are the narco berries people need to take dinosaurs with the next thing you'll need to cover resources for is a clothing that sound means it's now officially nighttime if there's a Supply Drop that gives you free items or plans some of them are different colors that can only be opened at a certain level it's really dangerous exploring at night so I'm not going to risk it so I'm going to build a torch so I can gather items when it's dark lights of the surrounding area so you can see what you're taking off you can also use its weapon but it's not very effective to make my clothing I need to collect fiber and because now we have a torch I can see where the bushes are in the dark now skip forward until up collected ends I've leveled up against pretty points where you want them have nine Engram points and I'm gonna put their water skin because I'm running around in gathering resources I'm gonna get thirsty quicker so I can use that to refresh my fluids then with three points left on a pick an item of clothing but then tapping off I dunno moments make a sleeping bag later on you'll get crafting plants from supply drops so try and save your engrams points for the essentials that you need to craft right that's Gavin covered in a fiber to make some clothing so I click on the plan and craft item I don't have unified yet to make shoes over water skin so I need to click my next next go back to you Natori dragger closed and irrelevant clothing slot you'll notice in the character stance but your armor and insulation points have gone off the pic I'm using is almost broken to repair it drag it to you inventory and if you've got enough resources select the page and click the care item can do this with any object than your whole like your hatchet or your torch just drag it back to your item slabs I've just covered enough hein to make a water skin so just make that though the game fit Matt to an item slot now instead of submerging yourself in water you only need to stand our water's edge to drink you have now got a portable source of water just slowly leak but it saves you came back to the river over time it's almost morning so it's time to make a move and find somewhere to build our base when I've taken any leftover wood from the fire only got one spirit a moment to defend myself they fart breaks I'll be in trouble let's see what I need to build more I need flint best source of stone inflames to his rock piles on the floor but they are a bit tricky hit again I'm using a pick to get flint not use a hatchet to get stoned starting off a quickest way to get stone is to walk along a riverbank or beach and just pick them up that sounds to let you know it's a start of a new day hear those chirps that's a delegate close and I screech means it's about to attack me it will open up its head thrills and transmitted in your eye to blind you they'd do a step sideways so a spit doesn't hit you then just keep stabbing it preferably in the head this one's really good at moonwalk in got it I need hide source which to the hatchet now going to fight to make my shoes wash my feet hurt and again just drag them to their clothing slot that's get me another boost in armor and insulation next I'm gonna build as many Spears as I can however wait quite a lot and if you carry too much it could slow you down now let's go exploring this is a blue Supply Drop you need to get close to open though as you can see this one says you need to be level 25 to open it in last several minutes then a new one will spawn somewhere else you need to watch yourself when you're traversing Clips because if you drop too far you'll die that force will have damaged me a lot so I'm gonna try and work way around when you do get injured your hunger bar will go down faster so you need to eat food to keep your health up meat gives you a small healing boost but berries don't as you saw that small drop took a quarter of the helpful way you can press them to look at your map some official servers like this one remark to tell you eight you are on the map however the official ones don't so it's a lot harder to work out where you are as you move into the island more and away from the starting areas down a social encounter are usually more dangerous but that one's a plant-eater there's a scorpion that seems to have died in a harvest step if it tells you you can access its inventory that means it's usually carrying something in colludes so go up to it and press e take what you want quick ways to click transfer all items just used a bit later on a hoot game just see if there's any fish to kill nope nothing there apart from a raptor that trying to kill me and one no to dillos they're gonna eat my body the ambushing gets okay I died which you will do there is an arrow on the map showing you where I was so I need to select close spawn points and work my way back select a zone nearest where you were then respawn when you die you drop everything you are carrying which for me was everything to hurt when I put my skill points in but decide which Engram are gonna learn later for now I've got a long run back to where it died okay 15 minutes later and the back to where I was however I don't have any weapons and the bag with all my items ins God by two dillos we are not very good at swimming so I'm gonna try and lose him in the water hopefully going around this rock give me enough time go to you mag and transfer all your items quickly when you pick them up all your tools and weapons will go back into item starts the dillos just spat in my face and in the bottom left you have an I counter telling you how long have blindness lasts I've got the spears back I just wait to my vision clears and then I'll go and kill it little gets blinded me again the almost got me but managed to kill him my hunger bar 17 quitting it's embarrass but my health slow so I'm gonna eat some me to not give you some health back I check the bitch body's there but I think I covered it with my spear yeah I must do okay I've gone with stuff back and use tools and weapons also a quip however I'm in the nude so I need to put the clothes back on carrying quite a lot of stuff and if it weighs too much she'd becoming convert your movement speed will slow down until he can't move at all I'll eat some berries don't give me food lighten the load this seems to be a nice spot to build my first house I don't want to venture too far into the island at this point because I don't have a bed and they will take you too far away from spawn points plus there might be big nasty dinosaurs around the corner that want to eat me I just have a quick Scouts around and start gathering the stuff to build the first house pardon me boots again grams and learn fetch Foundation there now choose thatch wall muscle in the thatch stuff to go to wood building stone than metal I need wood to build a foundation so start gathering up now I've covered in the free sources to build my first foundations I'm gonna do that now and the next thing to do is look for a good spot to place it you don't want to build right on the riverbank because that's a game trail the carnivores will trouble down it eating off her boo-boos plus it puts you right in the open so hostile players can see you then range your base which better place to build is out of the way and under a lot of trees so no one can see you this seems like a good spot so I'm gonna set up camp here mouth to kill that Dillo if it gets too close okay slightly Foundation and drag it to an item slot and press the corresponding key and select where you want to place it if you're building on a slope you want to place a meter one down first because if you start at the highest or lowest point the height difference of a ground might be too high or low that you won't be able to place some of them I need to gather more resources surf skip forward created another foundation when you try and place it it's not too hard to be over one even though the ground slightly uneven I've placed the first one in the middle so I have enough ground high place the rest of the foundations around it next I need enough materials to start building the walls I've got enough resources to craft too so instead of clicking craft item twice just click craft all you'll walk slower if you try to move while crafting crackle Wars – your time slot you'll get a green image if you can place an item and the red one if you can't but dillos about to attack its press the right mouse button to remove the item placing to get blinded while fighting a Dillo use the name bar to find where they are if you can't see where being attacked from move away and turn around they will come to you then you should be facing them three dead dillos they will give me some extra hide okay back to placing the walls we'll skip forward until I've gathered enough for more of them okay I've put the two sides on it and I'm just building a last front wall I've just put that in last open section move the doorway but I've not gotten your finger on points to learn that yet for one-story house is a bit cramped so I'm gonna build more walls to make it higher now give me enough XP to learn the doorway [Applause] just place that on top of a current wall the two wall high makes your Hut seem less claustrophobic okay I'm just going together to make the rest I've got a campfire going and I've just leveled up second in the doorway whoops I forgot to put the skill points in I think helps the most important of a moment now don't know I get me in Graham points I'll learn the fetch go away and the door also go enough to get the seedling I've created the building parts I need so I'm just going to place them no first a doorway then the wall above it make sure it's in the right position before you click the place button now for the door and finally we add the ceiling to completely enclose it crouch or lay down to get a better view there we go our foots finished just in time for night I'm just gonna put some more wood in the fire to keep us warm there's a splendid first hot not bad if I do say so myself if you go to your door and hold down eight you can bring up the options menu then you can enter a pen so only you or the person who knows that can open it that's a basic hook done we've had a hard day so I'm going to carry on in the morning I'm gonna extend the hut because I'll get more room it's a good way of getting XP so to do that I'm gonna gather resources and shaver stages and do it I've been making building parts and killing dinosaurs a Kurtz level up we have a base now so next learner sleeping bags who can spawn now when we die yoni can spawn from um once so eventually we'll want to learn a simple bed I suppose have repeated use also you can place many of these and fast travel around the island we have six points left but it's a lot of good stuff to pick from we could learn the slingshot to knock out dinosaurs and tame them we could get saddle for our first moment but sec mount is better so i wouldn't learn this one and wait for that i mean your pestle and mortar is one of the most important things to get because when you have it you can learn narcotics a lot more efficient when taming dinosaurs from narco berries and making them is one of the best ways to level up its time i'm gonna learn a storage box because we're carrying a lot of stuff and we need somewhere to put it I'm going to extend the hook by point two more foundations are back we're not dinosaur moves is ass next we want to put the extra walls in and knock out about walls I've got access to the rest of a hot hold down II wait for the time to go down and select demolish now I've just got to get the resources to finish your house make sure you got a constant supply cut me going as with all this activity run out faster just need to put the last two ceiling panels in and it's now watertight time to start filling up the inside got enough height to craft sleeping back so I'm gonna make one of those you can place a sleeping bags anywhere on the ground I'm gonna put it in a hook for safekeeping yes however with a simple batch you can place out on the structure you've built like a foundation that seems a good spot for it now if I die I'll respond there the next thing I need to do is build some storage boxes then I can unload some of my stuff's at the weight where it slow me down wrong tool I need to hatch it oh okay I've built two storage boxes let's place them clicking once fixes the item to that area then you can select which angle you want it then click again to place this I try and get them as close together as I can now can unload everything come carrion now give me more room to carry resources I'm only gonna carry the minimum better need everything else will go in the box there you go I saw you need for a good start the rest is up to you it's a good look next I would start the tamed dinosaurs meant to carry all your stuff and get around faster and also a small army of dillos to protect you and get me quicker you can learn how by clicking this link last bit of advice for you is if you join in a PvP server built somewhere where I can't see you as if I can't find you they can trade you well that's about it guys thanks for watching and if it's been helpful please like and subscribe check out the rest of our video links at the end I hope to see you again good bye you

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  1. Skaard Dragon

    I am trying to run ark on a mac with a gtx 980, twin xeon hex cores and its not looking anything like your beautiful video. what am I missing?

  2. Cameron Boyle

    Once I found this French guy and he was really nice he gave us metal tools and armor and we built a good base and one day about 3 level 90 therizinos came and attacked us and our dinos. So we were trying to escape and suddenly we look over across the river and these guys came over to help with their spinos and saved us

  3. Azrael1486

    Just started, it was free on Xbox Game Pass. Thanks for the detailed video! I basically just spent an hour running around naked getting griefed! I can't wait to get home from work, so I can build all this shit….and then get griefed!

  4. Brad Bartlett

    Steve can you do an updated version our your beginners videos . I have friends that join and your videos would be really helpful but with the new menus etc.

  5. el_cubanogamer 2019

    When I spawn in I have my icons a little off the screen and i wanna position the way it looks so the icons are off a little of the screen

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    Is it weird that i’m a 12 year old girl playing a game that I’m way to young for (ark)? And also, like, every girl of my age doesn’t play these type of games.

  7. Der Rabbit

    After getting killed in the water so much, every time I see you go swimming, I want to scream at the screen, “Get out of the water!!!”
    Mega piranhas are OP.

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