How to install a skyrim mod on PC for beginners :D

How to install a skyrim mod on PC for beginners :D

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just a quick tutorial on how to install a mod..sorry for the shitty quality ..i also forgot to mention before you play the game there is a data file option click on that and make sure the boxes are checked..

Skyrim Nexus:

okay then people of a YouTube of the interwebs okay sir in this video at three in the morning because i'm bored in melbourne and i will be showing you how to install a scar my interesting alrighty sir before we get started make sure that you have a copy of skyrim should it would possibly be on steam a pirated version can still work i guess so to locate the files in steam it's a bit different than Bolivia and with oblivion you just have to go to if there's a soft works living until their butt and we have stamina and it's a bitch sir we click on steam oh I should actually talk you through this okay you go into your computer you go to your local seat you're going to see dr you find programs 86 if that's if you're running 64-bit if you run into the 32 bit and just a little program files will work so just go all the way down to steam and then you double click and you go on to stay maps just above user data I'm just under the files theme okay yeah there will be three folders at the top and all this other bullshit that you don't really need at the bottom so we click on common and you have all your games up here and you click on Skyrim and everything opens up just doesn't normally if it's got Olivia and you have your data file you have whatever this other bullshit is okay so data files pretty much the most important you have your Misha's strings textures and every year and all that bullshit cool now you go into your skyrim nexus i would recommend you becoming a member just so you can download files over to megabyte which is a recommended so you click on categories and let's just say we want closer because it's easy to install a nocturnal robes yeah click on what you want and yeah nice I don't like that for myself okay now we have this thing here these looks are just above the blue thing and there's description files and you have your main valve an old version I pointed out you just get the main file and you have images comments discussion and tax so in the description it will it will tell you where to locate the things and all that kind of stuff and all that good stuff that you need to know so you download you can either download with a manager or just download I don't get this part anyway so just click on main files and download manually for me because i'm awesome in Washington DC no I'm not ok I don't think I'm recording here piece of shit oh I am sorry and I after it's finished no pop off my laptop and you go locate it which will be in your downloads and HQ gosh we cut that and you put it into a file folder my skyrim mods okay and I don't you do with this is you distract we know what about the program you have use and you'll get a data folder and then you have your measures and textures and you cut give it to your data folder for the sky arm and press back talk to the dollar taste yes merge you know that's pretty much all so all that installing mod have to it don't think I could have made that any easier and if you have any problems just message or comment I read them don't have been evil operator okay anyway enjoy you

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  1. GlossyGaming

    C:Program Files/Bethesda Softworks/Skyrim/Data

    should be like that, all you need to know is that the mods need to go into the data folder,

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