How to Install Repair Kit to Change Seats on 3 PC Ball Valve - Flo-Tite

How to Install Repair Kit to Change Seats on 3 PC Ball Valve – Flo-Tite

Views:3110|Rating:nan|View Time:4:11Minutes|Likes:0|Dislikes:0 – Jonathan Lovette of Flo-Tite Valves & Controls demonstrates the proper procedure when installing a repair kit on a HPF 3 piece 1/2 inch ball valve. Please use all safety precautions when attempting this procedure. The IOM manual can be downloaded at

my name is jonathan love it my work here flow tide of the customer relations manager today we will be doing a video on the proper procedure to install a repair kit and today i'll be using our three-piece hpf half-inch valve first of all i'd like to show you this is our OEM first you need to read this understand this this can be obtained from our website at we have this available on all our valves please read this and understand this and also use all safety precautions before you actually to attempt to change anything with our valves assuming that this valve is inline we would take and relieve all pressure from the valve from the line making sure there's no hazard material if there is any please use this open the valve halfway to make sure there's no media contained inside the vial before you do anything removing all pressure also once the pressure has been removed from the line remove body parts the body bones spreading the pipe you would remove your end caps from your sinner body remove your seat remove your seat from the endcap both up in caps just like up move your inner body seal and your outer body your new repair kit place your outer body feel your inner body feel and your seat I'm buzzed in cash pipe still spread apart and replace your end cap now it's time to tighten these boats remember when you're tithing tightening these boats you want to use a crisscross pattern in a staging up to 250 inch pounds you have to remove your locking lever handle cycle your valve a few times just to make sure everything is in line you have no interference there you have it you have a change for a pair kit in hpf trial pro half inch valve thank you

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