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I am yo yo come back another video so if you've seen my face for the first different time then go down there and absolutely smash that subscribe button also guys if you can follow me on all my social medias that would be absolutely insane so in today's video I'm doing another serie life hack videos so I'm going to be showing you some illegal things to say to Siri and how to make Siri swear or cuss it is pretty sick dying without do let's go so now I'm gonna try this make series give me a boost pick up lines because I really need them girls because I am pretty bad at getting girls Siri what is your best pick-up line you want a completely oh that's pretty good pick-up lines guys I'm talking a lot what is 0/0 series you split them evenly among spirit friends how many cookies does each person get see it doesn't make sense that Cookie Monster is sad that there are no cookies thank you are sad because you have no friends Siri just roasted meat okay so this is a pretty helpful one you just say the series a number between this number and this and it'll say a number so let's give it a try Siri say a number between four thousand three hundred and sixty-four and 1,200,000 see how specific I was there so this one is pretty cool guys you might have seen you might have not but Siri is an actual Grammy winning singer guys if you're gonna know so let's try Siri please big bucks for me okay now I'm gonna try Siri talk dirty to me guys it is gonna be pretty late guys it says if she does I might get some girls guys I'm not sure Siri talk dirty to me okay guys so for this one it is kind of illegal so please do not do it just for a joke because for this one guys you're actually calling the police you're gonna make sure you call the police but in like break and different way guys so please do not try it just try it out your own risk and just cancel it as soon as possible so you have to say call 110 – Siri and he'll call the local police so let's see call 110 and then it gives you a like okay it counts down from 3 and then it calls the police because it's not sure if you're just joking or not so as soon as it starts guys just cancel and yeah that's how you do an illegal thing – Siri okay guys let's ask Siri what phone I should buy a kiss I'm still on the iPhone 6s guys and I'm not gonna lie it's getting pretty old so let's ask it and Steve is pretty biased on the Apple products what phone should I buy the guys who develop Siri actually like made her so she would be biased to Apple they're not gonna say to me the buy of like a freaking Google pixel or like this note 7 or something like that so guys for this last part I'm gonna be teaching you guys how to make Siri swear if you want to make series swear or say any kind of word you guys want to learn any sentence just firstly go to contact and then just make a random contact or what you want Siri to say so let's say you want to say you are a king but then you press done and then you go back to settings and then you go to Siri settings probably obviously and then once you're there go to my information and then select let's say you are a king and then press the home button and then just say what is my full name Siri is the contact information for you are a king see you guys there you go so if you wanted to say a bad word it does say bad word I'm gonna try to make it PG friendly in this channel but yeah let's go to settings and then yeah just make any contact you want I already made them so wait my information and then press shot and then you go out of here not there and then what is my full name Siri is the contact information for shit thank you so much for watching guys I love you guys all both get my social medias like this video if you enjoyed it if it made you laugh if you felt entertained leave a like on this I know god I'll see you in the next freakin video


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