How to Move from Android to iPhone (Complete Guide)

How to Move from Android to iPhone (Complete Guide)

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Planning to move from Android to iOS but worried about transferring photos, music, contacts, apps etc.? Well, don’t worry, as we bring you a guide on how you can switch from Android to iPhone without losing any of your data or apps.

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so you have finally decided to switch from Android to iPhone but you have to make sure you take your apps data and contacts along with you right don't worry we are here to help in this video I'll be making a switch from Moto e to iPhone 6s yeah it's a big fit right all right I am the winner from P bomb calm and let's get our hands dirty let's have a look at what all we have got on Moto e handful of contacts loads of pictures and videos and the apps that I use on daily basis now the most frustrating thing is to lose all your contacts while you're making a search from one phone to another but we won't let that happen to you so we'll begin with transferring contacts and calendar settings in the first place first you have to make sure your contacts on Android are synced with your Google or gmail account before you make any move let's confirm that first open Gmail in your browser and click on the arrow facing downwards adjacent to Gmail logo from the drop down menu click on contents if you find all your contacts here all good however if you don't find any of your contacts here don't worry you can sync them now it's hardly a matter of seconds here is how to do it on your phone go to settings scroll down to accounts it may also say accounts and sync here tap on Google or gmail both means the same you will have to toggle the button towards right to make sure all your contacts calendar and Drive etc are synced if you have your contacts synced on Microsoft or any other exchange account you just have to make sure that the contacts are synced so that you can get them easily on your iPhone now assuming that you are setting up your new iPhone just insert it the same as in some cases iPhone won't activate without the same proceeding further follow the instructions as they come for now I will be skipping some steps like setting up touch ID just to speed up the process the last screen that you will get has an option for moving data from Android if you tap on this option it will ask you to install move to iOS app on your Android device which is an official offering by Apple it not only transfers the contacts and media but also installs the iOS version of apps that you have on your Android automatically it comes in handy as you don't really have to install all the apps manually so the apps which don't have iOS version won't get installed so feel free to miss them or use their alternative here is how it works install the app on your Android device tap on continue and accept the Terms & Conditions tap the same code that you see on iphone screen which will make sure both the devices are connected remember both the devices should be on the same network for the app to work now on Android you will see the data that you would like to copy to your iPhone you can either choose all of them Google account messages and camera roll or skip something for this video will copy every bit of data once you tap on next the transfer will begin more the data more time it will take so be patient once the data is transferred let go of the Android device and pick up the iPhone you will see transfer complete on screen and from there all you have to do is to set up your iPhone as you would normally do once the device starts it will ask you for the password of connected Google account now go through your device and you will see all the pics in the gallery contacts and iPhone apps being installed automatically cool right now all your data is transferred you can smile app it uh-huh not that fight because the thing I'm about to tell you isn't very pleasing to ears the catch is you will have to sacrifice your apps data for instance you won't be able to take a watcher chat history from Android to iPhone though it will have all your contacts but previous charts won't be there it will start as a clean slate just tap on set up as new iphone set up your Apple ID if you don't have it already as it's mandatory you can see your iPhone is all black with no contacts no media nothing let's fill it up a bit go to iPhone settings scroll down to contacts here tap on add accounts add your Gmail or Google Account it will take your contacts calendar and mail settings along with it once synced you will be able to see all the contacts on your iPhone I know you want to thank me right wait a while there's a lot more work to do for transferring data I will recommend using share it app install it on both the devices you can find links to download the app on iPhone and Android in the description below now open the app on Android tap on send and then select the files you want to send tap on send again simultaneously hit receive on iPhone once the iPhone starts showing in apps read are you just have to select it and the files will start transferring in a breeze similarly you can select music files or any other data for that matter and transfer it with ease the music however won't be available in your music app for that you will have to make an extra effort the ultimate solution is to do that via PC through iTunes I know it doesn't sound fancy but that's how it is on iphone so these were the two methods you could use to transfer data from Android to iPhone you can go with either of them I personally like the manual approach because the first time I used move to our us app it did not work too well for me but that's more of a personal opinion so that was it guys congrats on setting up your new iPhone and with all that happiness to hit that like button also subscribe to our channel for more such cool tech videos and I'll see you in the next one it's

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  2. RushingRager

    That is not how you do it. You have to download an app on your android device called move to iOS and then when you first got your iPhone there will be a time in the introduction where it says move normally move from iOS and move from android and you want to press move from android and then go on the app on the android device called move to iOS and then do what it tells you (btw yes you have to press the move from android thing on the iOS). Then once it’s found the iOS device you need to press what you want to move from android to iOS like purchases or contacts or texts or apps stuff like that.

    Leave a like on this comment if it helped, sorry if it didn’t help bc for me it worked. 👍🏻

  3. happiana 313

    guys i want to download a game but it costs money and my brother has it on his acc but he has an android and i have an iphone7 idk how to change my acc to his please help me asap😥

  4. Amina King Brown

    Well, this is backwards.
    I think you did the wrong way bud, Its okay I get nervous sometime and mess up big time. try again.

  5. Muaaz Sheikh

    My Android oneplus5t is not connecting with my iphone x through MOVE TO IOS APP, now wht to do?
    I am competing all the steps, evn i enter the exact code, what to do now?

  6. Asyraf World

    hi Beebom, i wanna ask you… i want to backup my whatsapp from samsung galaxy note5 to iphone 8 plus, but my samsung lcd screen has been damage and i did not backup it first so what i need to do in this situation? i really need your help,, i have a lot of important chat from my samsung before

  7. Evan Playz

    This is how I did it.
    1. Go to the Google Drive app on the phone
    2. click on the menu button on the top left corner
    3. click settings
    4. click backup
    5. choose if you want to back up photos contacts and your calendar to google
    6.make sure you plug in your phone and connect it to the internet

  8. Lohi Ruth Omo-Ezomo

    I have two android phones, already moved data in one to my new iPhone but I also need to move data from the second android to the iPhone, please I need advise on this. Thanks a lot.

  9. Ashish kumar Verma

    you so intelligent
    i am proud on you !
    mein bohut video s dekhiya per tu jo mein nu explain kita meri sari tention hi katam ho gyi !
    love u a tehnu truck bharr ke ..
    love ❤ from GURDASPUR 🇮🇳

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