How to move multiple apps on the iPhone Xs Max

How to move multiple apps on the iPhone Xs Max

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Well, I stand corrected. In my last video, I stated that you could only move one app at a time on the iPhone Xs Max or really any iPhone for that matter. It turns out I was wrong.

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To move multiple apps at the same time on an iPhone, all you have to do is:
1. Long press an app until all the apps start wiggling.
2. Release the app and long press again.
3. While still holding down, start moving the application anywhere on the screen.
4. While still holding down the app with one finger, use another finger to tap more applications. All of the apps will stack on top of each other as you tap them.
5. Move the group of apps anywhere you’d like, then let go.

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what's up guys Eric here from deco sewed TV and I stand corrected in the last video I posted I talked about why I switched from the iPhone tennis max back to the galaxy note 9 and one of those reasons was that it was very difficult to move apps around on the home screens on an iPhone and that's because I thought you could only move one application at a time and to test that I tried a bunch of different things things that I thought seemed kind of intuitive ways to grab multiple applications I tried tapping a bunch of extra applications and then long pressing one of them and dragging and that didn't work I tried grabbing with multiple fingers and that didn't work either I even tried long pressing and then tapping or tapping and dragging and that didn't work either well there were a couple people who commented on my last video and I kind of explained how to do it and there was one step that I missed instead of just long pressing and then tapping other applications you have to first long press and then start moving that application now once you're moving that application you can then tap other applications and those will all kind of file in behind it and then you can now drag this entire group of applications to another page and drop them wherever you'd like them so that's obviously much faster to move them that way then one at a time which is the way that I thought you had to move applications on an iPhone now does this want to make me switch back to the iPhone 10 s-max no there's still a bunch of other things on the note 9 that you can't do on the iPhone Tennis Max and if you want to see what those things are you can check out the other video but I wanted to make this video to let you guys know that one I was wrong and I'm kind of owning up to that but number two there's a lot of people who don't know that you can move multiple applications at a time I talked to a bunch of iPhone users and they didn't know they had no idea that you can move more than one application at time and they told me that the only way to do it is to just move one then the other than the other so drop a line down the comments below let me know if you knew about this especially if you're an iPhone user if you're an iPhone user and you knew about this let me know if you're not phone user didn't know about this definitely let me know in the comments below because I have a feeling there's a lot of iPhone users who have no idea that they can move more than one application at a time as always don't forget to like that if you liked it sure loved it and subscribe to see my upcoming Galaxy S 10 coverage and while you're at it smack that notification bow so you can be the first to know when a new video drops that's if this tech is owed god bless guys and I'll catch in the next one

22 Replies to “How to move multiple apps on the iPhone Xs Max”

  1. Ivan Williams

    Did not know this. And, to add, just last week I moved around 8 apps. I was not impressed with MY process of moving said icons. So, thanks for the video.

  2. TheGodFather 256

    That’s a new one for me, Thanks. I don’t get the reasons why useful features like this are hidden. Counter intuitive

  3. Lauren Nanton

    Thank you. I tried those options you tried as well. Glad you did this video. (The option is NOT intuitive, @Apple.)

  4. Melvin McClain

    You should not do comparison videos unless you know the abilities of both products! I suggest you spend some time on how the apps you most frequently use on the Galaxy vs the the same app on IOS. It is worth it! By the way the display on the Galaxy is so much better and I don’t think you mentioned that.

  5. Luke Helton

    I knew about this but they don’t do a great job advertising it. Regardless, I hardly ever need to move my apps around so it’s not a big deal for me.

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