How to prepare for TANCET exam? - Study TIPS - A to Z of TANCET Preparation

How to prepare for TANCET exam? – Study TIPS – A to Z of TANCET Preparation

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EC Abeyaantrix is a channel mainly made for ECE aspirants who are preparing for technical competitive exams like GATE, NET/SET, UPSC IES/ESE, Railways, TANCET, ISRO, BARC, DRDO, TNEB, BSNL, ONGC etc., This is a great platform for students who couldn’t afford time & money to go to a coaching institute. I provide technical lectures for free according to GATE syllabus. The lecture includes theory classes, assignments, previous year technical question papers & mock tests. Kindly make this opportunity to crack technical competitive exams at the earliest.

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22 Replies to “How to prepare for TANCET exam? – Study TIPS – A to Z of TANCET Preparation”

  1. jeya lakshmi

    Mam for ece part -3 Ku first preference entha subject Ku kudukanum bcoz 19 subjects iruku .i have 2yrs gap mam.I have no idea how to start my preparation. Pls guide me.

  2. jagadesh jack

    1. Which cricketer had scored highest individual score in first-class cricket? 
    A. Don Bradman
    B. Brian Lara
    C. Lane Hutton
    D. Gary Sobers
    Ans. B
    2. Which cricketer had scored highest individual score in ODI cricket? 
    A. Virender Sehwag
    B. Chris Gayle
    C. Martin Guptill
    D. Rohit Sharma
    Ans. D
    3. Which cricketer had scored most centuries in first-class cricket? 
    A. Lane Hutton
    B. Wally Hammond
    C. Jack Hobbs
    D. Sachin Tendulkar
    Ans. C
    4. Which cricketer had scored fastest century in ODI cricket?
    A. Vivian Richards
    B. Corey Anderson
    C. Shahid Afridi
    D. AB de Villiers
    Ans. D
    5. Which cricketer has taken most catches in ODI cricket?
    A. Ricky Ponting
    B. Mahela Jayawardene
    C. Jacques Kallis
    D. Mark Waugh
    Ans. B
    6. Which cricketer had scored highest individual score in Test cricket? 
    A. Sanath Jayasuriya
    B. Matthew Hayden
    C. Brian Lara
    D. Sachin Tendulkar
    Ans. C
    7. Which cricketer had scored fastest century in Test cricket?
    A. Vivian Richards
    B. Brendon McCullum
    C. Misbah-ul-Haq
    D. Adam Gilchrist
    Ans. B
    8. Which cricketer had scored most runs in a Test match? 
    A. Graham Gooch
    B. Sunil Gavaskar
    C. Don Bradman
    D. Brian Lara
    Ans. A
    9. Which cricketer had scored most runs in a Test series?
    A. Sunil Gavaskar
    B. Don Bradman
    C. Kumar Sangakkara
    D. Hanif Mohammad
    Ans. B
    10. Which cricketer had scored most test runs in a calendar year?
    A. V. V. S. Laxman
    B. Mohamed Yusuf
    C. Rahul Dravid
    D. Steve Waugh
    Ans. B
    1. Which player had taken first hat-trick in the history of Test cricket?
    A. Fred Spofforth (Australia)
    B. George Lehmann (England)
    C. Johnny Briggs (England)
    D. Jack Hearne (England)
    Ans. A
    2. First Englishman who had taken hat-trick wicket in Test cricket?
    A. Johnny Briggs
    B. George Lehmann
    C. Jack Hearne
    D. Billy Bates
    Ans. D
    3. First cricketer who had taken two hat-trick wickets in Test cricket?
    A. Jimmy Matthews (Australia)
    B. Hugh Trumble (Australia)
    C. Wasim Akram (Pakistan)
    D. Stuart Broad (Eng)
    Ans. B
    4. First cricketer who had taken hat-trick wickets in both innings of Test match?
    A. Jimmy Matthews (Australia)
    B. Maurice Allom (England)
    C. Hugh Trumble (Australia)
    D. Wasim Akram (Pakistan)
    Ans. A
    5. First player cricketer who had taken hat-trick wicket by combining both innings of Test match?
    A. Merv Hughes (Australia)
    B. Jermaine Lawson (Windies)
    C. Courtney Walsh (Windies)
    D. Peter Siddle (Australia)
    Ans. C
    6. Cricketer who had taken hat-trick wickets in their first three balls in a Test match?
    A. Matthew Hoggard (England)
    B. Rangana Herath (Sri Lanka)
    C. Irfan Pathan (India)
    D. Nuwan Zoysa (Sri Lanka)
    Ans. D
    7. Cricketer who had taken hat-trick wickets in the first over of a Test match?
    A. Alok Kapali (Bangladesh)
    B. James Franklin (New Zealand)
    C. Wasim Akram (Pakistan)
    D. Irfan Pathan (India)
    Ans. D
    8. First Indian cricketer who had taken hat-trick wicket in Test cricket?
    A. Irfan Pathan
    B. Harbhajan Singh
    C. Kapil Dev
    D. Anil Kumble
    Ans. B
    9. Cricketers who had taken hat-trick wickets in their first Test match?
    A. Fred Spofforth (Australia) and Billy Bates (England)
    B. Hugh Trumble (Australia) and Lance Gibbs (Windies)
    C. Damien Fleming (Australia), Courtney Walsh (Windies) and Shane Warne (Australia)
    D. Maurice Allom (England), Peter Patherick (New Zealand) and Damien Fleming (Australia)
    Ans. D
    10. Cricketers who had taken hat-trick wickets in their final Test match?
    A. Alok Kapali (Bangladesh) and Lance Gibbs (Windies)
    B. Glenn McGrath (Australia) and Wasim Akram (Pakistan)
    C. Darren Gough (England) and Dominic Cork (England)
    D. Hugh Trumble (Australia) and Geoff Griffin (South Africa)
    Ans. D

  3. jagadesh jack

    Hi Sis,
    Today questions in rrb

    If diagonal is 7.5 and the shorter side is 4.5 of a rectangle then area of the rectanganlge Gall stored in Gall bladder
    Special Summer olympics
    President after Dr. Rajendra prasad
    If A,B&C do a piece of work in 18 15 10 days .find the ration of Work done by them in a day
    If food for 200 solider is for 30 days. If 50 solider left than food for no of days increase
    Que. From sitting arrangement
    Eastern most state of india
    Pink city of India
    When acids reacted with carbonates than they release
    UNESCO to list out Heritages
    Formula of Chloroform
    Summer Olympics date one question Fed cup relates to
    2 to 3 question in trigonometry Commonwealth games started in the year
    Do or Die related to which movement
    Humidity :hygrometer ::barometer 😕 First common wealth game?
    Which organisation gave names to scientific instruments
    INS Vikramadhiyan is a.marine b.fighter jet c.tank d.carriar A,B,C respectively do the job 10,15,18 what are their efficiency in ratio. Kerala:mogini attam :: ?:sattriya attam. Commen wealth games start at what year
    Find co prime number in the given option 4 option where given
    If the cost price of 25 items is equal to the selling price of 20 items. Calculate loss or gain percentage?
    In Concave lens when parallel line of light to the axis diverges at what point
    When acid reacts with metal carbonate… Which will be produce
    Proteins contains in…which part in body
    Calulate SI for Rs:4500 for 4 years 6 months at rate of 4.5%per annim..
    Power SI uni
    Barometer used for
    Arthemetic mean is 7 and the gm is also given fund the 2 numbers
    Which is used in calculating global warming process
    CH3CH2CH3 what propane butane methane etc
    Si unit of weight
    One question for trophy and sports
    When we applied force on a hammer… Then what the force acts on a nail to fix on the wall.?
    If a man travels half distance by a bus.. And fifth sixths by a van…. And 5 km by auto… Calculate the total distance he traveled?
    Bandodkar gold trophy assosiatef with
    10,18,36,54 are what in periodic table
    Who inaugurated defence security system in Bangladesh assam border
    : If 20% of a=b,the 20% of b for a is what?
    When a substance changes litmus from red to blue… Then mythle orange turns to what?
    Fed cup related to which sports
    Sin 780 Cos 480+Cos 60Sin 120=?
    √225/√289 +√16/√144 =
    Today asking questions
    1. Which is called as pink city of India?
    2. Which is not a physical reaction?
    3. Which is gives the Color for plant?
    4. Syllogism – 2 questions
    5. Odd one out – 2 questions
    6. Directions – 2 questions
    7. Which gives the name as characterized of elements and atomic number
    The product of metal oxide with acid?
    The chemical form of chlorophyll?
    20% of a = what % of b (I don't know exactly sir)
    [Formula for Propene
    [Gall bladder produce which juice?
    Which color reflects the high wave length?
    Velocity of light?
    Dear sir,
    One of the questions asked for me today(RRB JE – 24.05.19(Shift 1 ))
    What is the answer? Sir.

    Mass number – Atomic number = ?
    d)both electron and proton
    Who is the president after Rajendra Prasad?
    Easter most state of India?
    Tuberculosis affects which organ?
    Expansion of IUPAC?
    Velocity of light in vacuum?
    Elements with zero valency?
    Global warming is caused by which gas?
    1)Acid changes methyl orange to which colour?
    They won't directly asked it as acid. Chemical which changes blue litmus to red.
    2) I think I got one question in periodic table about noble gases and it isn't directly asked. Based on valence electron.i don't remember
    3) Counting rectangles
    4) Date of special Olympics
    5) Do or die associated with which movement
    6) Analogy: barometer-pressure
    7) Company, school, health, culture . Identify the relation-which will be in diagram
    If you studied current affairs, easily answerable.
    3-4 questions in number series. 2-easy
    2-3 from age
    Which state is @ North East of India
    When Ray passed parallel to principal axis through concave LENS ,refracted Ray pass through?
    Juice stored in gall bladder
    Green colour of leaves due to
    State emergency article
    Lanthanide and actinide are ….elemenot
    24.05.19 first shift
    1. Which gas is measured for global warming potential?
    2. SI unit of power?
    3. Periodic table which commission?
    4. 8,18,36,54 elements are also called as?
    5. Langerhans are which human organ?
    6. Pink city of India
    7. First Olympic

  4. jagadesh jack

    Sis August la tnpsc engineering service exam vruthu Sis. General studys( polity, history, economics,geography) ku எந்த guide follow pnlm. Konjm syllabus cover pnra mari idea சொல்லுங்க. Plz

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