How To Properly Cook an iPhone 6S in Hot Metal

How To Properly Cook an iPhone 6S in Hot Metal

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I pour some hot bismuth metal on a fully working iPhone 6S. πŸ™‚




what is up guys tech Rex here so I got another gold six as fully working of course and not to worry there's not a single scratch on this device as well I want to tell you guys what we're gonna be doing in this video we're going to be melting some bismuth so if you guys are not familiar this is something that melts down very quickly it solidifies very quickly it's very heavy I actually have five pounds of it and that's how much we're going to be melting down once I melted down I'm going to insert the phone in this container pour the bismuth on top and as soon as it hardens I'm going to be able to see if this phone survives or not so not only that but maybe we're going to get some nice little crystals as well so I just want to show you guys that's what we're going to do let's hop into this and do it okay guys so I've melted the bismuth let's go ahead and do this I'm putting the iPhone inside the container and I'm going to make sure and just try and get that pure liquid because that's all we want to get the pure bismuth and that looks incredible Wow so now guys look at all those colors already occurring we're gonna have to wait about five to 10 minutes until it fully cools down and hardens but that's not going to happen because look at the screen it's coming out of the phone that is incredible there's some light I see a little bit of light underneath that front display just popped out and it's inflating it's going up I feel like something may happen smoke crazy smoke uh guys I'm gonna have to take a little break Oh No oh man I got tickets for final results finally cooled down guys what a amazing sight to see I want to show you guys how this phone is just sticking out from the top and check out the back first of all Wow insane looks great on the back but the front let's see if we can peel this off whoa that didn't work too well but Wow and there is the beautiful battery one of the cool things about bismuth is it really easily just peels off and I want to show you guys as I'm taking out that back just with a simple knife and unfilled right there 6s and you can take it out very easily and not even a lot of damage from that backside of the phone but it's going to be interesting what happens is we keep progressing and peeling is this metal you can see there's there's more and now the hardest part will be to actually try and get that phone out of this outside layer and that wraps it up guys so finally the results I managed to clean some of that bismuth out of the phone but most of it is still stuck to the sides to the front and thank you guys for watching as always stay tuned for more videos and peace out

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  1. connor rigley

    Lol I’m tryna save for a 6s but the 10smax is outπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚βœŒοΈβœŒοΈπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

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