How to Reformat NetApp HDD to 512B Sector Size - 552

How to Reformat NetApp HDD to 512B Sector Size – 552

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Major storage vendors like NetApp, EMC, or even HPE Format there There Drives in a spicial matter on there High End SANs. non standard sector size of 520bit or 528bit. And my RAID controllers refused to initialized drive other than the normal 512bit. We fix that!

This 10 years old, Lenovo/IBM System x3650 M1 is still Awesome!

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hi and welcome to my Playhouse and today I want to show you something awesome at least I want to stop by something awesome and that's right behind me over here I have this good old trusty the noble x36 50 model one running and it's connected to the top of these boxes up here with this 24 600 gigabyte Drive and if we go over here we can actually see that but that service equals Drive because on the back of this server the Renewable x36 liquid it actually has an external task force which not many vendors have but the older server actually has it anything all the models that they have so right now I have it also reconnected to fourteen point four terabytes of six hundred gigabytes fast drives really powerful right and I am going to delete all of these because they are well they are configured for the for turn it up stand here and I want to make them so that a regular server can use them so we're going to jump the first disk and we can i connect keyboard and mouse because that is hopefully not okay the mounting people were okay it was just in that view I were not able to move it down because the only one that was really active was the top one and the top one is it 300 gigabyte hard drive that is in the server itself and one of the bays but all these drives and our Nitta drives and there are six hundred gigabytes the the problem is that they're red and it will press one it will play and then it will tell me that the rate adapter has to take this um drive that are currently not supported the unsupported drive will not be available for any operations of this create array initialization or safe array and that Mallis tells me that I am NOT able to do anything with these drives not even there is also a Disk Utility out there it would have been awesome if that Disk Utility would be able to do something with these five to wait a little bit takes a while and those things right see there is all the drives the three hundred gigabyte drive it up here and there is these drawers but they don't really have any numbers here if we do something it just tells us that this is not a supported run good finds you up yeah the top one we can crash if we would want it to do that but these other drives we can touch them that's because which drives has been formatted in a specific way for the Minetta and it's something about that a normal Drive the sector size of the format is 512 bytes and these native tribes has been formatted for 520 fights instead which means that they are not compatible with the rate control so course you go and you search up the internet to find the solution for that and the solution is to go in and and run a Linux distribution or send away 6 point something and there is a couple of commands in there my big issue is that I'm not sure that these drives are going to show up if the rate controller will forward these drives to the operating system when there are in an unsupported mode what I'm willing to give that a try so I went ahead and I downloaded a bootable USB live CD and put it on this USB and I'm going to test it if that will be and hopefully I'll be able to see the drive if i if I'm able to see the price I will be able to reformat them as 512 bytes per sector 8 the USB stick is working so far at the exactly booting the rather old x36 50 more than one it only has USB one force so it takes quite a bit for the server to beat but well I will get there eventually so not being any kind of a ninja on this kind of stuff I have my little micro computer here where I've cheated and I found an article on how to do this and I'm going to try and see if I can make this work so I think the first thing we have to do is download some kind of a package command should be okay and we have some problems here we've got one wrong we'll probably have the wrong key bubble here okay I think that's it we'll see what happens nothing maybe it's doing something in the background we would know maybe I don't need the first one that one you have any did something oh I need to become root to do this apparently I have to type that in again oh this is not my strong side okay we have that again and probably that bracket or what you call that means that I needed to be root and as you just have known that it not yeah probably need to put in a network connection not probably okay now with the network connected let's try that again artist male okay it's doing something loading walking fastest mirror request packet security to link up there it is something and with all that package the maybe yeah still doing stuff ha as if I don't two minutes a total download it is okay probably why does it ask me in I have no reason not to think that this is okay updated something and now in fact you were where we were so I need to take my manual over here so we did that part now we need to do this is Tiana scoffs can I see what that does okay type that in at the bottom here and it sees all the drives awesome so maybe this will work but would be cool and that's also what it says here that part here now you should format okay so I'll just read ahead and it seems that I have to run the format command on each of the 24 Drive each of them is kind of in its own little folder if HP 1650 importing llama 27 and let's see the top one what would that be it's got the DVD drive there is the flash drive and then st2 seems to be the first in a nap so hd2 would be the first right and I have to format and it stops at st 27 that IRA I'm sure maybe it jumps somewhere let's do that there is nothing to lose all the game we're going to type in what the very nice manual miracles and try that out I'll do that I give up I had to install the Danish keyboard this is set up to English and on a Danish keyboard and it's very hard to find anything at all so we'll add that and we go back if only and hope that works if did not help you have to exit the canto and go in there again in a text document in which so probably if I go in there again it will want to save it I don't know and to need to find something for the master nothing okay this is how I think it looks on there on this one the line is right here Oh Matt sighs twice I have no idea let's try to what happens will be formatted in 10 second and will be destroyed okay so it's currently working formatting has started or if you can see it right clinking you have all the drive where I would get that it would be this one but I'm not sure the top 24 drives are the six hundred gigabytes the bottom 24 drives are the three terabyte and the teacher by zero okay so in the meanwhile it had completely so I guess I'll just do the next one and the next one and the next one three and it does say here that the block size is right now 522 and it did also say that the we all want I'll do this 24 times and be right back or it might seem hold it okay 24 format later found out that the SD 26 is the live CD which it was not able to format and number 27 was the enclosure itself which it did not for mine either so now I'm going to try and reboot the server and without the cinder OS I have a really speak here that is killing medicine OS live CD is in the meanwhile while our formatting I just tweeted about this so if you haven't joined me over at Twitter I think that would be an awesome idea for you to do right now while we are moving this server so how do that server has shut it down but I think we should just have a little look at the cables back here this is the ex 3650 model one it comes with a built-in rate controller on the system board this very controller has been expanded with a test controller with a battery but the server all the models comes with a external SATA connector right there which is really awesome you plug in one of these connectors kind of a short one goes in there pops out again and that goes down into the storage unit it goes into this connector right there but the cable is different in the other end this is the cable that went into the server or the block that went into the server but at the storage and it's another connector like this one so you need one of these cable and I just did a kind of very Amazon search and this cable is about 4045 so lower for one of those but when you do that you can actually connect one storage unit to the next storage unit each of these are double like this looks like to be two storage units but it's actually just one storage unit and you can connect them or in series so I have the storage unit beneath you and I can plug that up into the top one put it in there so they are kind of in serial so the connector goes from the server into the first storage unit and then I connect the first storage unit with the second storage unit these storage units are for redundant so they have two controllers in each of the storage units I have unlocked the second controller in each of them it's just hanging there for not have the airflow go that way around right now I'm just playing with this one so I'm not going to plug in this cable for the other one yet this table for the other one is special in the way that it has to work these long connectors and this is an Q SFP connector and it's a 40 gigabit base something very nice short cables here and we're going to see if that works on the way but first I want the server to actually be able to manage the drive so we're not going to mess with that yet so what I'm going to turn it on again and see if it can use the drive now doing the boot of this server it comes up here and says that you have to press ctrl-a for the IBM server raid configuration utility and I just did that and when you do that it says down here that the IBM server rate configuration utility will be invoked after initialization and right now it's holding the control of kernel with this mini drive tends to take a while or in a little bit it will pop up and tell me that it has found something I did also hop back in with the first drive here so that it will find something and it just came up here and some of the stuff that we are looking for so a lot of stuff here and it's complaining that it's missing whatever it had before and we want to try is that some of the drivers not responding that doesn't sound to you the interesting to see what it comes up with okay it does not come up the first time so I have I shut everything down the server and the disk array and turn it on again and this time it looks more promising so let's see if we see anything really configuration in its last drive it does not see the array around that's unfortunate so there is nothing here honor under initializing drive but at this time something if I go out here and into Disk Utility it makes errors so let's go through all these arrests they have won the American Idol 2015 on the first page 15 13 18 19 20 to 150 entry hmm I might have mechanic here on the first page I'm actually now able to format the drive so I think we'll try that except that it will be formatted and I will lose everything I'm fine with that and yes sure that will probably take forever and ever so and we'll be back when forever and there it is over okay some to three hours later it actually formatted complete so let's form a lot of skip the show up here we'll know ride it after rescanning dry I actually found that it does show up in here now so now I'll should be able to select it right over here and do something with it two or three hours I didn't timely but times 24 drives actually there is only 23 left now but whoo this is gonna take forever I can do something with oh yes initializing to drive one of one interest littering and it's now available and something I can select or I'll try and do the next one see if we can make an array out of two of them okay it has concluded the low level format of the second drive and it's now it's flag outside I timed at this time and it takes just under two hours so let's turn into that escape and risk and drives okay two controls and we have another one so I will try at these two sir it's initializing one of two to their worlds hi and eight and away we will consider two disks and we will just in the mirror all Colleen earth nor also so inventive one let's see if it will and it's already we now have to Rea have the disk that was already in there that is physical in the server and I have my first mirror which is a red one which is in the server awesome so with a twenty two drives to go and it's taking two hours to low level format and quick calculations that this will take another forty four hours to complete and I'm probably not able to do this in my sleep and I might not catch it every time it's just completed so I think we'll end the video here and instead of me naming this video and all server with 62 and a half terabytes of storage well we'll give it another title because this is taking way too long to complete in one video that's kind of how you can take these made-up discs and make them into something that you can actually use in your system if you ever get some discs like that that just doesn't show up it might be because there are like petition differently for the Lyne up they will format it with 525 per sector and for a regular x86 system and they need to be formatted with 512 bytes per sector so well I did get this up and running so so the next fourteen point four terabytes of storage that is in those 24 600 gigabytes test drives really about 15,000 rpm Drive well it will be ready in a couple of things thank you very much for watching my videos please subscribe to my channel so that you can see me again and have a really nice day bye bye

26 Replies to “How to Reformat NetApp HDD to 512B Sector Size – 552”

  1. jeffparr123

    Many thanks for this vid. it saved 5 of 30 drives, from the recycle bin. I suspected something like this as they all passed the SeaTool's Full scann but could not be brought online under windows. Saved me o lot of time "Googling"

  2. No_Name

    Tried doing this with 2 of my new drives in 520 Block size, but the RAID card handles the drives so only the RAID card comes back.

  3. Angelos Pitsos

    Hi there! it's been a few months I am following you and watching your videos. It happened to purchase 8 Hitachi SAS 15k 600GB drives with a NETAPP firmware. I want to use them on DELL PowerEdge R310 servers. It also happened to find the same article and then I found this video. I managed to format the drives, but I would like actually to flash the drives with a most common (Hitachi) firmware or even better with the DELL's firmware. Did you had to flash/change the firmware on your drives or you left them as they were? Do you know how could I change the firmware? I do have the firmware I want to load. I downloaded that from DELL's support site. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance for your time.

  4. Alan Tang

    I am not familer on linux, may I know how can I create such USB to boot a centOS? I have download CentOS but seems it was a installation ISO.

  5. Wahab ahmed -Learn and Fun

    Dear Bro, I need ur help after viewing your video i have few questions please answer
    I have made one bootable cd of Cento7 and installed it on DELL R610 with my two other working hard drives. Also installed sg3 utils now when i am connecting netapp hdds with them they are showing Block status on Bio's but when i am using CENTOS7 and trying to access them on sg3-util through scan command i am not able to find them there can you please confirm what is the reason, and solution with in these servers or if i need to change server to use that command please confirm which server i need to get so that i can view these hdds on sg3 utils??? your prompt response will be highly appreciated thanks
    email : [email protected]

  6. Kevin Clingerman

    Just found a great deal on some 2TB HDDs that had this problem. I picked up 6 of them for $10 each. I remembered this video on how to fix this and I'm so happy to finally have some real storage! Thanks a ton Morten, you're the best 🙂

  7. Atoms Budget Reviews

    Gettings from Canada Morten! I am looking at getting a netapp ds4243 like yours, what is the proper controller and cable for a 24 drive unit? I will be running it on UnRaid. Thanks!

  8. Eli Ben-Shoshan

    Out of curiosity, do non-Netapp drives work in the DS4243? I am thinking about doing the same thing but I don't want to purchase a bunch of NetApp disks if I don't need to.

  9. Wahab Ahmed

    Dear Can you help me on NETAPP hard drives i want to discuss with you if you can kindly send me your AIM,SKYPE OR Email address so that i can discuss with you in detail. my email is [email protected], skype: wd.corporation, aim:wahabahmedsheikh

  10. Terrance Sullivan

    You, Sir are awesome! I purchased 20 Seagate ST9600205SS drives off of Ebay to use in my VMWare builds using Dell R610 R710 servers but found out too late they weren't compatible because of 520 block size. Using a non-RAID Dell controller and your technique I was able to reformat them to a 512 block size. Brilliant!

  11. Andrew Lane

    The CentOS install and the formatting of the drives makes me so happy as its just like me when using linux 🙂

  12. 101rockfreak

    To all those saying format in Linux, I'm pretty sure that the RAID Controller has to perform the formatting, otherwise it still won't recognize the disks. You could just have software RAID, but that defeats the purpose of the RAID Controller on this server.

    My big thought though is why? NetApp 99.99% of the time will handle the storage needs properly, and will almost always do a better job in balancing the load across all drives than the server's RAID because that's what NetApp does, and only does. Unless this is to save some power, which I get, or just to prove it can be done, which is actually really cool.

  13. mllarson

    I'm curious if Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN) ran on all of the disks with a one-pass zeroing could have sped this up a bit?

  14. Carsten Hansen

    Happy to see you using Linux and even more happy that FilipeS told you how to format all disks in one go. You need to make an extra video, so your 27.000 viewers are not wasting the same amount of time 🙂

  15. Joe MacPherson

    i've done a multi format using the M1 raid controller and just let it sit
    hit format on the first drive then start the second drive format and so on… the first drive will for some reason be the last to finish but they can all be done at the same time. same things goes with the secure erase (keep in mind like i told you before it took 72 hours to secure erase 4x2tb drives) so i wont be doing the secure erase anytime soon on the 3650 M1.

  16. Tim Lipinski

    Can your RAID Controller handle a disk larger than 2 TB ? How large of a disk can the RAID Controller handle ? Do you have enough compute power to set up a "Watson" ? Or store more data than Linus ? Thank you for the video ! tjl P.S. What would you have your "Watson " do ?

  17. Stefan Holmes

    You don't need to read all the text from the screen. We can all read and so you can just give a brief explanation.

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