How to Repair a Downspout properly, To get properly flowing Gutters!

How to Repair a Downspout properly, To get properly flowing Gutters!

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Do you have a downspout that has come attached from the gutter or has completely falling to the ground. Then watch this video on how to reattach the downspout the way a professional gutter installer would. This video will also give you a detailed list of the material you will need.

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Gutter Cleaning Exact List:
*Trash Bags Heavy Duty
*ladder stabilizer for safety
*5 Gallon Bucket for debris
*Hook for ladder clips to bucket
*Extension Pole
*Echo Blower
*Bungee Cords for Ladder
*16’ Extension Ladder
*Pole Scraper
*Recommended Gloves
*Recommended Latex Gloves

Complete Shopping Shopping List:)
DIY’er’s(Do It Yourself) Recommended gutter guard type and accessories.
*Buy NOW: A-M Aluminum Gutter Guard 5″
*BUY NOW: Shur Flo X Leaf Guard Gutter Protector
*Recommended Brackets
*Gutter Seal for leaking seams
*ladder stabilizer for safety
*5 Gallon Bucket for debris
*Hook for ladder clips to bucket
*Ladder can be picked up at your local hardware store:)
*Gutter Installation tool set
*Inside miter, gutter corner
*Outside Miter, Gutter Corner
*End Caps, Right and Left
*Outlets 2 3/4

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How to Repair a Downspout properly thanks for joining us for another
episode in this episode we're going to show you how to repair a downspout as
your downspout falling down is it loose you want to repair it right maybe you've
done some repairs to it just keeps coming undone now I'm gonna give you a
quick illustration here's the downspout the customer called downspout it falling
down completely caught up to the job we can see laying across them on so
basically the things you're going to need to make a repair to the downspout
go over that with it first you're getting yourself a good
ladder you know you'll need the ladder depending on the height of the actual
downspout some of them are lower higher this one will need a little bit of a
bigger ladder and just like in the past videos we recommend the corner buddy
that corner buddy up there and reason why we recommend not especially bounce
bounces perhaps on the corner of the house now this is where the corner buddy
comes into play it's able to go in the corner perfect for an installation of a
downspout and it keeps us safe so yeah we got our feet locked into the ground
that's going to be another important factor
make sure the ladders lock being dug in the ground with the stabilizer up there
so we have the dance pad here and what we're going to need is a couple straps
these are straps here they come in two different sizes you can either get a two
by three or a three by four downspout strap so it's two different size hands
down for two by three and three by four now this is a two by three dams now with
the downspout strap I recommend a 20 by 4 downspout whether you're doing a two
by three downspout or three by four days ago still back the end the two by three
got a three by four downspout I recommend it to use that calling either
downspout that you're going to install whether you're stolen two by three or a
three by four a little bit of a tongue twister 2 by 3 or a 3 by 4 you're going
to use a three by four downspout strap on either downspout that you're going to
install or repair so you're going to need to strap and then what else you're
going to need depending on the surface that you're going into now it looks like
the front of this is brick if I was to go into the brick I would need certain tools I would need is I would
need this anchor here that would go into the masonry and I'm going to need this
quarter-inch masonary bit so I drill this in I drill a hole into my downspout
strap right there in the center drill through the strap drill into the wall
and then I drop this anchor in through the hole into the wall and just bang it
in spreads out puts that strap up against the wall tight it never come
down but in this case I don't need the anchor because the strap is actually
installed on the side of the house right here so you have wood siding over here
on the side so I won't need that what I will need is an inch and a half screw
let me get that right here I want to need this inch and a half
screw and it's a stainless steel you're going to want to use stainless steel not
galvanized little rusty out on you so this is a stainless steel screw you're
going to use with your your downspout strap and let me just kind of illustrate
and show you you'll need to drill back you got a quarter inch drill bit you're
going to attach with this quarter inch hex head screw on the top screw head if
you come over to here and just screw gun and that's it you'll dip that right in
there that's one of the straps so we'll put one down here and we're going to put
one up there now that's screwing into solid wood so it's not going to come
down the same thing with that buzz is right
in nice and tight course a nice wrap up here now I need to place solid wood
you're having good solid weight there you didn't have any issues with the wood
you can always use that that anchor beta can be used in masonry it can also be
used in services that really aren't too strong so but what is usually your best
bet even get a nice strong boy but screwing to that's what you're going to
want to do now here's your downspout I'm gonna pop this up real quick you can see
how this goes into the underground pipe so we're gonna swing you see to this
pipe here that's basically it here now the
downspouts up there and I'm going to zip it into place you're going to need a
quarter inch zip screw with your quarter inch bit and same with the other screw
stainless steel you don't want that screw to rust out put a stain on your
downspout from and then the screw could eventually just pop off stainless steel
it's not going to go nowhere and see this is why I like the three by four
straps because on these two by three it wraps completely around the downspout
makes a nice tight strap they're self okay I'm screw guns dead that's on there
Tyson Tyson I'll go to the top just like any other one same thing
quarter inch hex-head screw stainless steel make a strap nice and tight straight as
possible zip that in there so that is he put it
away solid and then what we'll do is we'll
extend this ladder out and they put one more screw up at the top of that
downspout where it meets the outlet so that's basically that's basically how to
repair your downspout if you're experiencing any of these problems not
sure what the del shooter server an email services everything gutter comm if
you're looking to get a new downspout check out our other how-to videos we
have a how to install a new dance pad on there you can also check that one out so
until next time thanks for joining us you

12 Replies to “How to Repair a Downspout properly, To get properly flowing Gutters!”

  1. Steve Kopcial

    I was just made aware on the down spout if you look on the backside where the seams come together ice will separate the seam causing leaking,ice causes this separation, any repair for this would vinyl down spouts work for this as there are no seams .

  2. bruzote

    Setting my ladder's feet into the ground results in my ladder losing stability. Setting into the soft dirt does not "lock" mine into the ground, rather the ladder is able to continually push further down on one side or the other depending on how my weight shifts. My stabilizer helps tremendously to prevent a complete fall, but I won't put full faith into the stabilizer to prevent a fall because it is not designed for that nor is the roof or gutter it may pull on. So, I deploy the wider pads. In order to level the ladder, I use slate stones sitting around or paver stones as needed. A professional kit would be nice, but I have not spend the money on that because of difficulty using one alone as well as cost.

  3. Roger Smith

    I've never bought a strap my whole career. I take an inch and a half cut off the downspout and make my bracket with it cutting the seam out and keeping the downspout face itself clean and perfect side and screw the hanger to the spout on the sides. Crossing over the spout with a strap looks like shit.

  4. NMranchhand

    Very good. Nice tool belt. Thanks for all the good tips. Now I'll just get on down to the hardware store and ask them what size strap I need for 2×3 downspout and I'll be all set.

  5. Ali Rafatjah

    I really like how well prepared you are with your tool belt and all. I'm a property manager and a maintenance guy and I have that same mindset as well – but my wife doesn't! lol

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