How To: Ribbon color coding for fills on mass grading jobs

How To: Ribbon color coding for fills on mass grading jobs

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This is a very useful way to help with fill placement on large jobs. I don’t get into a lot of in depth detail, but it should help with the idea behind it.

going on everybody guarding and getting our fill placed on the pipe yard job I've got my steaks laid out and what we're doing right now is I believe what I was told we got 1% of fall from the middle of the pad going this way and I believe 1% going the other way so we'll have a high point but this is a 20-acre job and I believe our halfway point to the edge of the pad is 350 feet so 1% 350 feet it's only one foot of drop per hundred feet so got the laser dialed in for our 1% and I went around laid in a paste off a couple of grids and dialed in my grade my blue ribbon as you can see here these ribbons are for my group for my scrapers my blue ribbon is great and my white ribbon is 1 foot above grade and then the pink ribbon of course is just saying hey I'm here don't run me over and mice paper hands all been educated on our color coding so they will come in and lay in the field accordingly letting his tracks doing good not really flying in here and bombing it so that's good and hopefully my blade shows up here and I can kind of start balancing smoothing some of this stuff up and crowding some dirt up towards these steaks nothing too crazy we also went into detail a little bit more on some of the other color codes for the ribbons and it all varies for from state to state for those of us in the US but uh how I was taught up for color coding is of course blue is grade what is one foot above grade red is two foot above grade and there's other color codes too but they said that kind of varies from area to area stand to state wherever wherever y'all live if y'all use this system anyway this is the ain't got a laser and you're able to at least get some kind of control on your job not wiping out mistake that's good I don't like it with my scraper hands wipeout mistakes I don't like having to go and do stuff twice got the cut going on over there I've got a really good push cat hand so that's good to have he's able to manage the cut and keep those machines moving I've got the six over there as the rip cat Nate rips when he has any kind of downtime so far going good it's got a getting laid

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  1. big04cummins

    Good video Albert.  The company I worked for in Phoenix used a ribbon system similar to this blue = 0/grade white= 1ft red= 2ft yellow= 4ft and white+red=3ft white+yellow= 5ft and so on.  If you had a fill of more than the height of the lath they would tie a blue+any color or colors and that would give you the distance of fill from the blue ribbon to grade. We always tried to get the red ribbon on the lath because a moldboard on a grader is close to 2 ft tall so you could still match the top of the moldboard with the red ribbon if the blue one got covered with dirt.  Building housing developments we would often have two sets of ribbons on the same lath so you tied the knot on the side that the grade was for so if there was a 6in difference in grade between two pads you would tie the lower one with the knot on the side with the lower pad and the higher one with the knot on the side with the higher pad.  It was a really nice system to have as an operator you always knew where grade was at although we had to have four grade checkers to keep up with 4 657's and 2 140's. 

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