How to use the RC-3 Loop Station (For Beginners)

How to use the RC-3 Loop Station (For Beginners)

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Quick Tutorial on how to use the Boss RC-3 Loop Station. This is just for you to learn how to record loops since there is really no manual out there to explain it. Send me an email if you have any questions.

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  1. shespinoyy_0328

    THANK YOU THANK YOU.. so I just bought one coz I felt like a guitar and singing is too plain for me now so I wanted to challenge myself with this..AND it will be great help for my harmonies ❤️❤️

  2. Steve Stockmal

    You could also record WITH drums, for a solid tempo, and then just turn down the rhythm volume (if you don’t want to hear it). : )

  3. Dan Pascal

    Hey there! I have the same RC-3 Loop station. I’m having had time to record cuz it’s does not let me do two or more bars. It’s doing only one bar recording and it’s start playing what I recorded on its own without me pressing the paddle. Can you help me on that , maybe I’m missing the setting or some?🤦‍♂️

  4. Joe Horizon

    Thanks for showing WHAT to do rather than 15 minutes of why you might want to. Very helpful to just get straight into it.

  5. Mark C

    …finally an informative tutorial that's helpful …..including someone that knows how to speak English …..thx much for posting ….cheers "

  6. 潘卓Pan_Cho

    This would fairly well confuse anyone that had never used one of these before for a few reasons, but mainly because the red record light is completely blocked from view.

  7. Raven

    Can I save the loop while it’s sill being played
    And.. can I switch to other phrase just after saving before clicking stop?
    Thank you

  8. Emmanuel Dubois

    Thank you so much for this intro. Timing and sync are critical. Can you clarify if the Boss RC-3 allows for an initial phrasing longer than a 4-beat measure? And if so, how do I set the length of my initial loop phrase? Thanks!

  9. Dak TirQue

    Do I have to keep a battery in it to save the loops? I use the Boss power switch with no batteries in any pedals. Should I keep a battery in the looper to save things?

  10. ken wolf

    there is a munual but small text everything helps ..clear concise no stupid rocking tack in the background many thanx

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