How to Wholesale Houses - Former PC Repair Tech Makes Over $85k in 3 months!

How to Wholesale Houses – Former PC Repair Tech Makes Over $85k in 3 months!

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Now THIS is how to Wholesale houses! Can you imagine making $77,000 on ONE DEAL? What would it feel like if you had a $77k deal in YOUR pipeline?

It’s not possible you say? Think again!

Vitaliy is another student who joined our program just a few months ago and has been CRUSHING it!!

Just a year ago, former PC Repair Tech, Vitaliy Kovalenko, didn’t know a thing about Wholesaling Real Estate!

After getting tired of trading dollars for hours and making someone else rich (not to mention the inconsistent income as a Computer Repair tech), he got curious about making money with Real Estate and started looking into different methods.

Like most everyone else, he ran to Google and immediately became interested in learning more about Wholesaling houses.

It didn’t take Vitaliy long to realize Wholesaling was a potential GOLDMINE!

The bottom line is this: Our systems work!

If you are ready to start Wholesaling and want us to PERSONALLY help you explode YOUR Wholesaling business, click the link below to book a call with our team ASAP!

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hey Tom how's it go man Vitaly I just wanted to make a quick video just a quick shout out to you thank you for you know the opportunity to work with you guys as far as accountability support you know just the simplicity that you guys set up in the program that we can follow you know and it's you know it really helps get all those little speed bumps out of the way you know and that's definitely helped as far as the accountability you know we join with partners like Theo Davis you know he's a good accountability partner we could talk once a week you know and I couldn't have met him through you know it wasn't through the program but just wanted to let you know here's a deal that I actually closed on myself I was going to wholesale it and then I was like man it's too good to pass up and I actually closed on it was seller financing and then sold it actually like less than two months later after just cleaning it up and doing a little bit of work to it so here's the closing statement right here i canna get into screen it says right here 79 after about 4,500 bucks I think I put into it pretty much 75 thousand bucks right there profit and on top of that we had to she had to pay me out outside of closing a little bit so actually a little bit more than 75 but hey I'm happy I'm happy it was a good deal it was a good deal i actually had a one more which one is this here's a stud it's not a check but it's this you know the stuff that they gave you from the check about forty nine hundred dollar wholesale fee and this one was back in September got another one right here for 4,700 and this one closed a week before that big check close so I'm excited I'm ready to get this new year started I'm ready to get some phone calls going with the group you know maybe we can learn a few more things about how to expand as far as and I know you've done the you've done video calls before about it but now that I'm actually you know at least closed on this I'm trying to you know up it a little bit so anyway i'll talk with you soon thanks bye-bye

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