HP Memory upgrade to 16GB SOLVED - life hacks

HP Memory upgrade to 16GB SOLVED – life hacks

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It is a known problem that HP Probook laptops are difficult to get the memory extended. In this video you will find out how to upgrade your Probook to 16gb ram memory and still get performance. Learn how to increase RAM memory to 16GB and still get the best performance.

Hello guys, in this video i will show you how to extend your memory to 16gb and still get a functional with good performance laptop. This is a normal booting with 8gb ram and you can see how fast is. (i am using a ssd but you probably figured out that). Now i am adding one more 8gb RAM memory, getting 16gb in total. Turning on the laptop with 16gb ram installed. and getting the surprise… …and waiting… and waiting…waiting… as you can see, no hdd activity at all… freeze logo, nothing happens…so shut down. we will remove one of the memories installed, we will keep only 8gb and start the laptop normally for doing a little trick…(as you can see, it starts in seconds now) Here is the trick: in msconfig, boot, advanced options -> we will set a maximum memory allowed to 8192mb (8gb), saving and shut down.(sorry for that screen with the graphic card) we will insert again the second 8gb ram memory and we will start the laptop. it starts normally, because only 8gb ram are readable now after we set that previously. we will acces again msconfig-boot-advanced options-and we will set the maximum memory to 16gb. everything must be saved and a reboot it's required. that's it. you now have 16gb memory installed and functional and no more operations are required. you can see that it shows all the memory, after the reboot which was just fine. Thank you!

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  1. Da

    I have the 430 G3 model with 4 gb ram.Tried to add 4gb extra ram but it doesn't work(saw more complains about the same thing) Stay away from laptop HP Probook 430 G3 model guys !

  2. Kryptonite_smassao

    I have installed 16GB 1600Mhz RAM in HP 4340s and it works flawlessly. You need to update the BIOS first, and reduce the "page-file" size if it becomes slow after upgrade.

  3. Viktor Gorbenko

    Спасибо, дорогой товарищ! Помогло. Предыдущий ноутбук у меня работал на 16Гб ОЗУ. Появился этот HP Probook и я радостный переставил все 16Гб на новый ноутбук. Но оказалось, что возникли проблемы. Почитав официальные заявления я уже хотел потратить больше 100$ на покупку памяти, которая совместима с HP 4740s. И при этом я ещё не был уверен, действительно ли подойдёт, или же это просто маркетинговый ход продавцов такой. И плюс время ожидания, потому что у меня в городе такой памяти нет, и надо было бы ждать долго, пока почтой придёт всё. Но твоё решение реально спасло! Как раз это сообщение пишу с этого ноута с 16Гб ОЗУ.

  4. ILLYA N

    On my Probook 4740s it worked with 16 GB. but was loading about 5 mins and was very slow then, win 7 were showing all 16 GB. After the trick it got back to normal fast speed, an windows shows 15 GB. Works great, but WTF is going on with Windows? This is definitely a Microsoft software problem and not hardware. And thanks for the trick Bro! Otherwise I had to live with 8 gb…

  5. Yasser Hazzaa

    when i want to install new window it stop also so i remove the ram and install windows then back it again ! are there are any solution for this !

  6. M. Sadman sakib

    Hi, I wanted to upgrade to 16gb in my Hp probook 4540s. As it seems, it is possible. However, can you give a quick update whether it created any problems later on?

  7. LongKick64

    Thanks for the guide.😉 Worked!👍 But now I can't reinstall Windows if the laptop has 16 GB of RAM. The only way to reinstall Windows, it remove one bar of RAM from the laptop and after installation, return it in the laptop. You don't know how to get around this limitation?

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