HP Pavilion All-In-One Desktop Hard Drive Replacement

HP Pavilion All-In-One Desktop Hard Drive Replacement

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Hp Pavilion 23 – b010 all in one hard drive replacement

This tear down was a little different then the others I saw online. You do NOT need to remove the angle arm.

Here are the tools I used for the project

Screwdrivers I used –
Prying tools –
Suggested Hard Drive Replacement –
USB hard drive adapter for data transfer –

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hey guys I'm taking apart this Pavilion 23 – B 0 1 0 it's different than any of the videos that I saw on YouTube the main difference was that I saw that there was a screw here in the middle next to the pivot bracket I guess it still had two screws or one screw in each corner but it also had one down on the lower bracket and I thought this had to come off because when I would unscrew the screw here on the corner so this one right here it would start to pull away a little bit it wouldn't let the screw come out of the socket this screw came out but this screw wouldn't and so I thought okay I gotta take the mounting bracket off but in fact you don't you just need to be super careful when you're prying use like a nylon pry tool and I use these ones I'll link to a set of them Amazon in the description down below but basically I just ran it along because it had a little bit of a gap and I would pop it up to the side I did that on both sides of this computer and then it allows it to just pop right off so since there's nothing else on youtube I thought I would put that video together real quick again this is for an HP Pavilion 23 all-in-one if you have additional questions though leave them in the comments down below don't forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel for more one last thing since the main reason most people will take this computer apart is to replace the hard drive so now that we've got the backplate off you just unscrew this screw it doesn't come out it's just got this spring here to be spring-loaded but it'll just pop up and then you just slide the drive using either this thing when pulling it that way or just literally pulling the hard drive so that it will disconnect from the SATA connections so those are screwed down so then you just undo this screw and then pop it over the additional questions so again don't forget to leave them in the comments down below and don't forget to like this video and subscribe to our Channel

8 Replies to “HP Pavilion All-In-One Desktop Hard Drive Replacement”

  1. prismstudios001

    I have one of these Pavillion 23 dektops, it has a DEAD Hard Drive. The link to the suggested replacement is worth a thumbs up on it`s own, THANKS! One question, Can I assume running the recovery drive I made when I got the computer(first thing I do for all of my computers)will restore it to the "Out of the box" OS (Windows 8.1)? My files are on an external HD, so easy to replace, but just curious about how to go about the recovery install. It`s on a USB thumb drive.

  2. Jagdish babu

    my hp 23-q141in all one pc, i am get 3 long beeps & 4 short beeps repeat five times. also blink power light after that pc will start.
    pls guide me

  3. Salvador M I

    The video it's cool. I need to buy the fan (739393-001) but can't find where to… any ideas? Thanks in advance. Thumbs up fella!

  4. yuri sal

    does this hard drive come with instalation cds? or it automatically is going to work after replacement of the harddrive?

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