Hunt Showdown - Ultimate Beginners Guide

Hunt Showdown – Ultimate Beginners Guide

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Hey guys, today I have the ultimate starting guide for getting into this really fun but also challenging Battle Royale shooter.

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hey guys level-cap here today I have a getting started guide for hunt showdown I've been having a lot of fun with this game lately and there's a surprising amount of depth and atmosphere to the game that I wasn't expecting at the start there's quite a few growing pains that you're gonna go through once you get into the game and I think this video can help alleviate many of them let's start off with the basics the controls are a little bit weird first of all left-click instead of just being shoot is actually melee so if you have a weapon out you will melee with that weapon holding left-click will actually charge your melee strike male aim for the head of a zombie or an enemy player will do increased damage the same applies to firearms and many of the weapons in the game will one-shot headshot your enemy so it makes sense to aim for the head or wait till your target stops moving to take that perfect headshot now to fire your weapon you have to first right-click which will give you a crosshair and then left-click this is sort of a semi accurate hipfire style way of shooting if you want extreme accuracy for long-range shooting you have to right-click and then hold shift on PC and that will give you the ability to aim down sights when matchmaking you can either join with a friend a random player or you can solo queue if you solo queue however you will be going up against other teams of two hopefully they'll add solo matchmaking at some point but for the time being especially if you're just starting out you are at a pretty big disadvantage if you're playing by yourself there's no total player counter in the game like other battle royale so it helps to keep track of how many players you've killed or how many dead players you've seen around the map that might give you a better idea of how many people are left in the game since there's only 10 total including yourself now sounds and audio cues are important in any first-person shooter but probably more so in hunt showdown than any game I've ever played audio cues will be your number one tool for locating enemy players whether you want to engage them or run away from them you're gonna need to keep your ears perked now in game comms can actually be heard by everyone so if your teammate can hear you using the in-game sound system anybody within proximity of you can also hear that be aware I've actually located a few enemy players because I've heard them talking to each other oddly enough using the chat system also can be seen by enemy players so just be aware that any sort of in-game communication is proximity based and can be heard by all other enemies and if you're getting serious about the game you may want to consider using something like teamspeak or discord now as for other audio cues the things you want to listen out for are obviously enemy weapon fire this can be heard from pretty much across the map and so it can be an easy way to locate enemies or at least tell you what direction they're in this sounds in this game are incredible so it can really give you a good idea of like how far away they are 400 meters 100 meters are they right next to you there's also a lot of little environmental triggers there's tons of them actually so for example flocks of crows are all over the map if you get too close to them they'll fly away making a loud sound and can be seen at a distance so enemy players will be able to tell where you are also there are dying horses scattered around the map and they will start neighing once you get close to them making a loud sound that other enemies can hear dogs and chickens as well will start barking or clucking and basically give away your position in addition to that there's also things like broken glass and hanging chains walking over broken glass will make a loud sound and walking through chains will also make a loud sound but if you crouch walk you will reduce the sound of broken glass or make no sound when going past chains opening doors can also give away your position if you're trying to silently infiltrate a building if you crouch while opening a door it'll reduce that sound let's talk a little bit about your weapons and gear first of all to get weapons in gear you need to recruit a hunter and these hunters all have different weapons different gear look for one that is going to be most beneficial to your play style hunters can also come with traits that give them in-game perks one of the best ones at the start is quartermaster as it allows you to carry two primary weapons instead of one primary and a sidearm this will allow you to carry a double-barrel shotgun and long rifle for hitting targets at range this gives you a pretty well-rounded character although generally a little bit more expensive there's three different tiers of hunters as well you can only unlock tier one hunters until you hit rank 33 then you can unlock tier two hunters and tier 1 hunters and when you hit rank 66 you'll be able to unlock tier 3 hunters the higher tier hunters cost a little bit more money but they also come with higher level weapons and better traits most tier 1 hunters will come with the wind field lever action rifle this is a good rifle it's accurate at range it can one-shot headshot a lot hunter so keep that in mind use it as a marksman rifle but it's got a fast enough rate of fire to be effective in close quarters when needed the problem is that shotguns are so incredibly good in close quarters that if you go up against somebody with a shotgun and you've got this one you better hope you hit a headshot once you also get a little bit more experienced at this game out would also recommend picking up a cheap melee weapon like a knife or a duster this will allow you to switch to something to take down zombies a bit quicker than bashing them with your rifle and this way you can move through the map stealthily and a bit faster than you could before there's also some higher level melee weapons like the sabre that do a huge amount of damage and conserve your stamina really well but that's something that you'll unlock it bloodline rank 50 so don't worry about that now you can certainly get by just fine with knives and other things there's also a suppressed revolver in the game which is a great tool for taking out enemy zombies and other monsters without making a huge amount of sound taking out monsters in the game rewards you with a lot of experience so if you can do it silently and quickly it's a good way to sort of rank up your character alright let's talk about health bars different types of damage and healing as far as I know Tier one hunters start off with 100 health this can be broken up into two different health bars or it can be broken up into three different health bars depending on which hunter you recruit if your Hunter survives a match and you get some decent experience points you can rank up your hunter and put a lot of those XP points into increasing your overall health pool so you can upgrade your hunter to have a hundred and fifty health total now there's benefits to having small health bars and large health bars and you can actually choose when you upgrade if you want to upgrade with a healthbar or to small health bars if you take a small amount of damage that doesn't deplete one of your health bars that health bar will recharge in a short period of time if you take fire damage that health bar will recharge in a longer period of time however if you take enough damage so that your health bar gets completely depleted it will not recharge on its own in addition to that if you take fire damage and that fire damage depletes a health bar that health bar is gone permanently from that hunter there's no way you can gain that health back other than finishing the round surviving and buying another health bar with your experience gained a health bar that is depleted but you can heal back up is indicated by a black bar on the user interface but if it's been destroyed it's indicated by a clear bar on the interface so just keep that in mind now when you go down in the game but you're playing with a teammate so they have the potential of reviving you and they do so successfully you will be revived but with one less health bar permanently now if you're incapacitated or damaged with fire enough to the point where you only have one health bar remaining and you are knocked out or incapacitated even if you have a teammate your Hunter is dead permanently so keep that in mind and it may be worthwhile to just try and extract once you're down to one single remaining health bar if you don't want to lose that hunter so in that sense you could argue that it makes more sense to have a bunch of small health bars rather than lesser large health bars as you will have more chances of being downed and still being able to revive however the small health bars have a much higher chance of being completely depleted when taking damage and then you'll be forced to use more medical supplies to fully heal up your health bar so there's pros and cons to either approach but at the moment I'm thinking if you're playing in duo's and you're getting a bit more serious it might just make more sense to go with more smaller health bars and just eat the cost of more medical supplies if I'm being honest though at the very start of the game you may not want to invest too much in medical supplies because chances are you're gonna get ganked by a bunch of players and you'll just lose him anyway so get used to the game before you start spending too much money on your load outs now when it comes to using the environment for your advantage this is a pretty darn cool game aside from having incredibly thick and dense foliage that you can hide in camp and shoot from behind Cree's there's also a lot of cool little triggers that you can use to your advantage in combat explosive barrels the big red ones explode a lot bigger than you think even though the explosion graphic isn't huge it will down people from way far away so keep that in mind in a firefight if you see somebody standing near one go for that it might kill them a lot faster kerosene lamps are all over the world some of them you can pick up and throw at monsters which will actually kill a lot of bigger monsters pretty easily without having to take a shot and make a lot of sound some kerosene lamps don't move but they can be turned on or off if a kerosene lamp is turned on and you shoot it it will explode in flame this can be a fun way to take out enemies that are chasing you including other players some doors in the environment will actually have a plank of wood near them that you can use to barricade the door if you want to get through a barricaded door you can use weapons but if you find a big sledge hammer lying around you can pick that up and also use that to bash through a barricade now there's several different types of enemies in this world that you need to be worried about the most basic are grunts these are zombies now the basic zombie is not particularly fast and it doesn't do a huge amount of damage and you can usually kill them with melee weapons pretty easily then there's zombies that also carry cleavers which will cause you to bleed and lose life until you bandage yourself and then there's also a zombies that carry torches and they will cause you to catch on fire when they hit you successfully you need to worry about these zombies a bit more as they will cause way more damage over time if you do catch on fire you can either put it out by patting yourself down or jumping in some nearby water the next enemies are hellhounds and these are basically just demon dogs they generally move in packs they're much more alert able than other monsters out there and you can't really melee them I mean you can but it's harder because of their pack nature so a lot of the time you're gonna have to shoot them shotguns will scare them away but you got to watch out for these guys as even if you do kill them you'll often alert your enemies of your presence then there's hives or as I like to call them bee ladies and if you a grow these bee ladies tons of wasps and insects and weird bugs will fly towards you poison you and cause a huge amount of damage to kill hive ladies you can sneak up on them and melee them or you can just shoot them the head with any rifle they'll go down to one headshot or a couple of body shots then there's armored enemies and as the name suggests they have a lot of hit points they're fast as well once they get close to you it can be very hard to outrun them shotguns are decent for dealing with these guys as they'll knock them down with the force of the blast giving you some time to sort of escape and get further away from them I recommend avoiding these guys if you're worried that there's any hunters nearby or using a kerosene lamp to burn them down yeah if you don't have a shotgun you can also shoot them in the legs to slow them down then there's the giant meatheads which have their own little entourage of slug leeches that follow them around these guys are bad news they have a huge amount of health you want to pretty much avoid them at all costs unless you're just in the mood for killing something that's gonna eat up all your ammo or take like 4 or 5 kerosene lamps to take down now when playing with duo's there's a few interesting tactics that come into play some of these tactics are born out of the fact that there's no time limit in hunt showdown at least not currently so if your partner goes down in duo's but they are in a revival state you have the option of reviving them immediately or if it's a little too hot and the enemy players are camping their body or waiting for you to go out for the revive just wait or maybe retreat hide somewhere if they're not going after your teammates body by trying to ignite it with a kerosene lamp or a Molotov cocktail which will kill them permanently then you have all the time in the world and I've seen multiple duo's partners do this where one player will be more aggressive and if he goes down then the other player will just back off for a while and wait to come back in to revive the body personally I'm not a huge fan of the tactic and I do wish that there was actually a time limit for revives but since it's in the game now you can certainly take advantage of it alright let's talk about the actual objective play and the endgame when you first get into a match and you hold a this will activate your dark vision and it'll show you little blue areas around the map that indicate a clue going up to a clue and collecting it will reduce the size of your map in which the enemy boss can be located collecting all three clues will show you exactly where the enemy boss is you get a lot of money and experience for collecting clues in general so it's pretty much necessary to do this order to progress in the game once you've located the enemy bus you kind of have to make a decision of are you gonna try and fight the boss so you're gonna try and fight other players who have located the boss so you can a camp them are you gonna camp the extraction points there's a lot of different approaches you can take to this if you go and fight the boss you get a lot of experience just for discovering the bosses lair you get a lot of experience for killing the boss and then once the boss is dead you can then banish their body once you start a banishment ritual it shows every player on the map where this banishment ritual is taking place and they can come and try and hunt you down furthermore once the ritual is complete the boss will drop two bounties one for you and one for your partner if your partner dies the second bounty can actually be picked up by another player or the bounties can actually just be picked up by other players in general so if you're killed while the ritual is taking place too bad somebody else gets the bounties that you worked for once you pick up the bounty your objective is now to try and make it to an extraction point without getting killed by other players or enemies if you make it you get a lot of cash and experience the catch though is that once you're holding a bounty basically anyone can activate dark vision and it will show them a lightning storm over your head so it makes it very easy for them to track you down killing a boss and extracting the bounty is one of the hardest things you can do in this game when you're killing the boss you'll usually be making so much sound from the gunfire that other players will be able to not only locate you but sneak up on you during the firefight this can be really bad and I've died many times mid boss fights so sometimes if you're playing duo's it might make more sense to have one player on Lookout while the other player is fighting the boss even if you do successfully kill the boss and try and escape with your bounty often players will camp the extraction points closest to the boss fight so it can make a lot of sense to try and go for the longer range extraction points then again you're always going to be spotted by that lightning storm over your head so if a smart player positions themselves right they're usually going to be able to engage you before you make it out of the map so it's a very difficult situation to be in and you and your partner have to be on your toes all right let's talk about how you gain experience and money these two things are important to progressing your character so buying better equipment for your character with the money or the bounty as it is referred to often in the game all the monsters in the world will give you experience for killing them so it does make sense to farm monsters if you think you're safe grunts we'll give you ten experience these are the basic zombies and if you go all the way up to meatheads which are the hardest monsters to kill those will give you a hundred experience and then of course the boss is worth 250 experience killing enemy players gives you a hundred and fifty experience now if you die in around and you're not able to extract all the experience you gained that game you'll still get it but it will be cut in half so keep that in mind if you're having an excellent round but you're down to one bar health of things aren't looking so great it might be better just to extract rather than risking losing all that experience or a huge chunk of it now playing the objective gives you both experience in cash when you find a clue each one of those clues is worth a hundred experience and twenty five US dollars then discovering the monster layer gives you 200 experience and $25 killing the boss as I said before our wars you 250 experience but also fifty dollars and then finally extracting the monsters bounty gives you 200 experience and a hundred and fifty dollars so basically PTF owing not only gives you a lot of extra experience but also a huge amount of cash so that you can buy upgraded weapons or upgraded hunters and try and be more effective the next time around anyway that covers a lot of the basics of how this game works I hope it alleviates some of the growing pains and processes of learning the game world and figuring out strategies to help you win and gain money and XP as always guys thanks for watching and I'll see you next time this is level-cap signing off

35 Replies to “Hunt Showdown – Ultimate Beginners Guide”

  1. Michael DeMaio

    Probably one of the most Frustrating games ever created. If you find all the clues and don't DIE while trying to find them all, then beat the monster and NOT die, then banish it and wait to try not to DIE while people snipe you from a window and steal your bounty that you did all the work for. If you manage to NOT die when banishing the monster….try to NOT die while running to the extraction point. Hard game but fun when you don't DIE!

  2. DubiousDevil

    "Audio is more important in this game than any other game"

    Never played Arma huh? Or the audio masterpiece that is Escape From Tarkov? I recommend em.

  3. ZVF-Teddy

    The Way you aim and shoot depends on your settings in the option menu.
    On Hunter you got the strange first right click than shift for your iron sights.
    With the gunslinger option you got a regular fps control setting.

  4. Cal Bronson

    u can melee dogs if you have a knife and are super aggressive. as long as you time it right you wont get hit. Dont wait for them to jump at you, catch them before they lunge.

  5. Ziinx

    This game is much more like EFT than PUBG or Fortnite. There should be a name for this type of game genre where player are thrown in to a map with an objective and then get out via extraction.

  6. tat 2334

    15:00 then is there a bots mode or something? my first game i found and killed the boss banished then extracted without even seeing another player? i thought it seemed to easy and i was right

  7. Sincere_420

    So I really wanted to like this game, was more stoked when it was PvE only (not everything needs to be Fortnite 2.0 devs) I played this game for 2 (entire trial) hours the other day, 5-6 matches. I was never grouped with another person always solo, constantly hunted by 2 level 50+ each match that 1 shot me in every gunfight, never got a chance to learn the game (no tutorial), bandaging is clunky as fuck, found a spider took it to half life then got 1 shot with no chance to counter. the whole thing just felt clunky. ugh the aiming cursor in menus was the worst. I quickly uninstalled. I am not a bad gamer at all but this just didn't work for me for some reason.

  8. Fabiot

    A tip for new players : don't use your guns to kill bosses , use lanterns for the spider and the assassin and axes or hammers you can find in the world to kill the butcher . It is way faster , more effective and more silent . This way other players can't predict your position as easily and you'll have way more time to kill the boss without the risk of other players sneaking up or pushing you .

  9. HexTech

    Updated video on this game please!!! and this time PLEASE do your homework! this video wasn't even relevant or correct when it came out. please play 100-200 hours then make a full review. and maybe, just maybe you'll have some minor knowledge on this game and how its played. I really like your stuff man, i think you're great but this game deserves so much more and i feel like you're doing it a disservice when you talk about it when you have no clue yourself what you're talking about. "I think I'm going to go try league of legends, or Dota, or CS GO for the first time ever and after an hour of playing go make a beginners guide / review" this game takes hours and hours to learn. 2,000 hours in and I'm still improving. this game is so much more than just aim. It's head games with your enemy's, it's deep map knowledge and like all game that take time to learn you can't simply jump in and play. this is not CoD, this is not Fortnite, this is not Battlefield, and this is defiantly NOT A BATTLE ROYAL ! ! Please give this game it's well deserved shot in the spot light. 1.0 is coming so soon, Crytek need people like you with an influence playing to get this off the ground.

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