i bought nba 2k19 on pc and i immediately regret it...

i bought nba 2k19 on pc and i immediately regret it…

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Don’t make the same mistake I did… never buy NBA 2K19 on PC. It will be one of the worst decision you’ll ever make.

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was good yo check it out man backgrounds looking a little different so I divided half my setup in this room the other half in the other room it's a little bit more versatile I'm trying to switch things up it's been the same background for too long but hold on look at the screen yep uh you might be wondering agent why's the park empty is because we're playing on PC man and I'm starting to believe that nobody has ever bought this game before on PC the game exists they just really don't care about the PC port and so it never really makes sense to purchase it unless of course you're youtuber and you want to investigate so I made a 7-foot pure stretch for cuz I'm all about the cheese right I'm trying to zig zag like this I'm trying to day I'm trying to bop bop-bop-bop and then in someone's eye ladies and gentlemen I don't need no badges to do it alright so these are the last reported sales for the PC version of any NBA 2k this NBA 2k 17 check it out right ps4 sold 3.5 1 million copies even the ps3 sold 340 thousand copies the PC sold 30,000 copies ladies and gentlemen you cannot make this stuff up if you want to check MB a 2k 18s PC sales it's n a imagine is selling so little that it doesn't even ever make a chart it doesn't even it doesn't even count as a number but you know what you never want to judge a book by his cover you never know man this PC port might might really surprise me let me try and make some friends though real quick hold on listen I know it's not every day that I don't have a youtube logo on my head but I know one of these guys gonna respond to me hold on yo yo James can you hear me James James if you hear me I want to hear whoa whoa can I get something from you only on PC can a mature one just hop in the lobby that's the 85 overall clearly bought his way to being 85 overall and then just invite a pro one and they'll accept it only on PC are you guys interested in a fact that no one's gonna care about but it's kind of interesting I let's go yo when you use the right stick to scroll it Scrolls way faster on PC and it does not console and there you go man that's the fact that you're never gonna want to remember but I'm glad you know you know now I'm glad that you know that you know hey be optimistic oh it's highly and see for sure okay good good offense interesting did you okay okay we're playing some high-latency I like it not what you got for delis yo they're doing the cheese okay I'm so proud of the PC community right now I was expecting to come across a Nintendo switch S players oh five seconds get the rebound you act player you're literally like four inches taller than him I'm not enjoying my time so far man I prefer if we were leading the game against these garbage as players switch on the screen there we go he knows how to switch give me that rebound rebound a positioning baby kick it to my teammate he's gonna kick him okay a post quorum post going I see he's a post four pass it back buddy never mind my guy take care of business down low you can't shoot me tease oh that's good yo he's a decent ass player so I don't know if you guys know this but they made a change previously the only time 24 would go on a clock after a foul was if you were in the backcourt playing threes or if it was a shooting foul you're already going up for a shot now anytime you foul it goes to 24 which i think is a pretty good nerve good try bud good try James what the ball goes down low passes back to his stretch big wide open for the shot you know he has all 14 points right now I cannot make this stuff up all 16 points he has all 16 of them they're doubling me I literally haven't scored a bucket leave me alone man guard the guy who has all 20 points from ICU download James at the ball in the low post oh he wants me to finish the game green up this agent would talk about this not know regulars checks for imagine getting gas about to open open 3 agent imagine that imagine imagine me in that bad bro that's crazy they don't have game chat on PC yeah that's crazy shaking my head man hey Sonny – James bro James's cool oh my gosh I'm Jay big shout-out to James man watch me hit that okay maybe not I know bad you got should do your shit James drop step you don't want that oh that's a sharpshooter okay I will playing some trihard listen up man let's get it SSH are you got it James eat who my guy eat food you know that lag is some serious ladies and gentlemen it's not gonna stop me though nothing can stop me hey deej is momentum Gible up PC why oh that's crazy hold up you got the post scoring badge do your work James do your work James do you thing the lag is something serious right now do you guys see it is running on like 15 frames per second oh my god wow this is 2018 what an optimized product oh he's trying to switch just playing man I believe in you bro listen we're not gonna lose – no try hard man this is his try harness no no no no no no wait what the fuck yo literally you have a mini-me on you you better eat food James you better eat food JP not celebrate on this game oh my god yo there's stripping me every two seconds man I got him I got to listen you don't want to play creator shot creator oh no James James did you leave the park I think he just left he laughed yo gods you lost my friend James left oh he just left me to do his little spin so you can have free booze oh that's tough hey come back Hey okay listen mate you back out really need to talk to y'all nowhere man this feels so unnatural playing on PC the controller I know he said it feels responsive nothing about this feels responsive and I have a very expensive computer it's not even like my computer's bad and none of all of this feels horrible just poorly optimized sluggishness yeah game crashing coming out of the wheel spin that's fantastic man I'm glad this port of the game is optimized low law yeah I need some advice dude okay what do you need then I'm trying to make a new friend here and I think I think he really likes me dude but I want to make sure you know he's a pretty good player and it would be nice to have someone to play with on the PC what do i what do I even say where do I go okay so first things first if you want to make friends you have to compliment them okay don't be too creepy just be like hey man you look like a big player I want to play Peter Peter you didn't graduate high school all right Davis keep talking 70 I want to play with you and then say what's gonna bite boom okay I'm gonna try this I'm gonna tell them like it I'm gonna give him a compliment you're a pretty good post scorer dude all right let's go when I tell you there is nobody in ante up not a goddamn soul ladies and gentlemen this is groundbreaking material yeah I will keep it a buckler everybody and it feels real refreshing to not have a whole squadron infant and infantry a whole army of folks following you everywhere you go your every step if you've got hide an ally and they will find you and they will come to you and they will crowd you for no reason it feels really good to not have to deal with that yeah you should go on trivia and just see how many people write Peter was talking I don't really want to hear from him let's get it man it's between my last game is it low-latency well just can start buttons not working so I can't find out good try bud if that hits literally oh my god get a rebound good defense buddy hey put that clip on your YouTube channel man okay Kobe got the ball shoots the shot breaks a wide-open shot even though he had me I want to talk to my teammates and I want to talk to the other team why would you purchase this game for faux fur you can buy it on ps4 for this same price call me with the ball it's lagging severely because the server's on PC suck he drives right doesn't find anything back to X X I BM j ai ai X X back to Kobe back to X X III BM he misses the shot he shot that I cannot stand people on this platform yo Kobe he shot that too what is wrong with people man get the jump away you dumbass teammate oh you if I shot a horrible shot why is he so why would he sit there I what am I playing right now what am i playing what is this game this is he's so bad he's so I'm opening the corner there's so horrible oh my god I Kobe don't mess it up open bad he left a wide open player pick up ball on the fast break you bimbo he's gonna hit that pass the ball here pass it here I'm gonna I'm just control you I'm gonna try this what you do when I have the ball right you just bring your guy yep idiot please hit that please oh my god oh my god they're all poking me open shots move before I good good shot look he's just bringing his man to me his man defended me I was open for a shot and his man defended me imagine not helping at all on the screen like the logic these guys have on PC does not exist what's this channel name Kobe games well let's let's pay a visit to his channel remind him out asius you got Kobe Games I got to leave a comment under his shit real quick hold on Kobe my guy your 2k skills are being non-existent you garbage bitch 2k skills suck balls they're actually ass I hope nobody motivates him to keep playing because we don't even hear more of him on Planet little you zero IQ doesn't hit open plate you don't even need me to explain it I give up PC is ass this shit lags uncontrollably it's not even lag I just call it like it's frame drops it drops to like 15 10 frames per second for a minute at a time for no reason on top of that this stage is dead nobody plays it the part for the most part is pretty dead to me man to play a base is non-existent there's no game or voice chat did they even try with the port why would you purchase this game on PC I'm just trying to figure it out it's trash get the ps4 Xbox just don't bite it off those are the rules in trash as garbage ask I literally I've never played with a player that bad all of su k-19 even with all the randoms that play what on ps4 just garbage pierre-pierre guard

34 Replies to “i bought nba 2k19 on pc and i immediately regret it…”

  1. Badu Badu

    u can cheat with cheat engine LMAO 2k TRASH ON THE PC 2k20 need the be voice chat and cheat protection for the pc FUCK ALL THE PC CHEATERS 10/9 park using cheat …….

  2. Darius Ruffin

    i bet you cant even run the game at 60 fps lower your game settings but im talking to a console so this is japenese
    edit not being toxic maybe its not feeling responsive your moniter or your using a controller

  3. Dude387

    anyone else notice the dude in yellow was cheating, shot creator with the 3 point symbol,and look at how fast he is moving

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