I Wish My PC Had These MacBook Pro Features!

I Wish My PC Had These MacBook Pro Features!

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MacBook Pro 15 has been an interesting experience. I’ve discovered a bunch of cool features that I wish Windows 10 had! Watch for the full review.

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34 Replies to “I Wish My PC Had These MacBook Pro Features!”

  1. Rory White

    I have a Mac Mini as my personal computer (for development as well) and my wife has the windows laptop and this video pains me that there isn't another video with the pains of macOS that windows does effortlessly. macOS irritates me but I just have to suck it up because of xCode.

  2. Cedric Villani

    Intego?? Since 1997 protecting macs from viruses?? Haha, your a dumb person, I don’t know what else to say.

  3. waquzy

    I have both, a MacBook Pro (2017)and a windows laptop(HP). The most damn annoying thing about the HP laptop is the fact that I can't just shut down my laptop, instead I get the annoying – "update and shut down" option, WHY? I do not want to update and shut down, I simply want to shut it the fuck down and NOT UPDATE, cos I don't have time. Fucking stupid windows!!!!

  4. Director Cyclone

    This made me change my mind about switching to pc. LOL. I still love my Mid 2015 mcb and I edit 4k video using premiere. My next system will be an iMac.

  5. Tahir Hakeem

    I've been a long time PC user and recently started using Macs. Dude, the fucking trackpad on a MacBook is amazing!!! That's probably my number 1 item, the trackpad and how you can switch between apps. Fuckin brilliant!

  6. Vladimir Prodanovic

    Matthey can you help in decision; Razer Blade Stealth 2019 or Huawei Matebook Pro 2018… price i have neck to neck (blade about 100 euros more expensive).

  7. McMexicans

    Non-Mac computers have the ability to send/receive files via Bluetooth (if they have Bluetooth-supporting hardware), which is a decent stand-in for AirDrop

  8. Max Hartung

    If you do a Hackintosh, you will get the same performance benefits and no performance reduction after unplugging from the wall. It's not the hardware optimized, it's the whole OS just a little bit better when it comes to manage resources

  9. Shiv kap

    Thanks for making this video Mathew. I'm going to buy a MacBook Pro 13 for video editing and the battery tip was hella useful

  10. rogerm1111

    If you have the needed codecs installed, e.g. by installing the free K-Lite Codec Pack, you should get previews for all video files. You can switch power modes when a laptop is unplugged, to make it run just as fast as when it is plugged in.

    One huge benefit that Windows has over macOS, is that old hardware is supported much longer. On of my laptops running the latest build of Windows 10 is 13 years old and it runs quite fast on it. In contrast, macOS Mojave and upcoming Catalina, only run on Macs release in 2012 and later, which is ridiculous. My main laptop is from 2011, runs the latest build of Windows 10 and is really fast.

  11. John Williamson III

    I’ll say this: I like what you get for the price on the PC side, but I love how my MacBook Pro communicates with my other Apple products.

  12. Everest

    MacBook vs windows good advocacy for each side.
    Phones industry not so much. Fruit Company just comes and ripps you off because of the gross people controlling everything far more since Jobs died.

  13. D RD

    Another feature I think you forgot, is color management. MacOS does a better job of consistent color management between OS and Applications. In windows you often get drastic color shifts when you launch a color-managed app like Lightroom/Photoshop and say, the Windows image viewer. Would you agree?

  14. Clive Green

    I am based in China. Over here you can buy pre-configured hackintosh dual-boot systems online which offer great value. With a high-performance NVME SSD installed, the boot up times are really fast, so switching back and forth between your MacOS and Windows systems is a breeze. As I understand things, you will need to install a MacOS compatible wifi / bluetooth card, and the appropriate kext files. Otherwise, the Airplay and Handoff features won’t work. While these don’t matter to me personally, they are killer features for many people.

    Overall, it has been a tremendous win; I get to use my favorite OS, but still retain the use of Windows and Ubuntu at true native performance. And all at a MUCH more affordable price than would ever be possible buying Apple hardware. To be honest, I would still go for Apple laptops, as I feel the build quality of the MacBook Pro line is especially good (even acknowledging their recent keyboard woes.) But for a home desktop system, Hackintosh dual or triple boot systems are definitely worth checking out.

  15. Vin S

    Are you serious that these aren't features on Windows?? Holy shit, so glad I switched to Linux (which has all of these except Sidecar) years ago, Windows is so painfully outdated.

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