IBM PS2 PC (1988)  Repair and Restoration, Part 1

IBM PS2 PC (1988) Repair and Restoration, Part 1

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I recently discovered a long negleted IBM PS2 and managed to convince the owners to relinquish it’s ownership to me :o) Here are my adventures so far :o)

oh yes this site what a site this is something about ever thinking right this is one of the computers I've been after for a long time and first of all I must apologize for my voice I need to have a third infection which is affecting it I'm making me sound sensual but anyway I am putting all that aside in order to drink you this this is an IBM personal system to model 50 from 1987 which if it works will make it my oldest system on top of the Year personal system two is sitting in IBM for eight six nine five and a quarter inch floppy drugs these I'm not too common and if I want to put this up on a Facebook group oh yeah nobody's seen one before and its massive but that is going to go over here thank you because that will be subjective zone video no yeah yeah excuse the voice it also came with us Microsoft Mouse serial mouse doesn't have its button and couldn't find that anywhere but hopefully it still works no serial port on the back she's what these early systems take there are 87 as you see straightaway there was a problem thought of it is incredibly filthy now the story behind this as I found this in an abandoned projection room apparently of the nose that can remember this was used up until about 1992 but in 87 eighty-eight used up until about 1993 and then abandoned just left in the corner where it's been sitting ever since does the main box and a lovely original clicky keyboard so obviously this has not been switched on for twenty years which is an awful long time by any standards for electronic equipment so normally if is young what am I just attempted to plug it in get going not with something that's aged in this condition it is cleanable full your Stovall this is immaculate underneath this is just surface crud so what we need to do is we'll put it up first thing we'll do open it up yeah at least what I do with any old system this way so why did the Nimbus over there but I'm still have money since a few years when you're doing the system this old you can't just go and unplug it and it's just bad idea because it might explode I'm something bubbly wrong inside due to years of sitting around and all do it so first of all I'm going to do it some look around the case for signs of things like water egress you get animals living outside for small little insects make webs and all sorts of stuff there's no sign of anything like that here that's all in relatively good shape just incredibly dirty now I've already removed back screws because I couldn't resist it I've already taken a peek inside so all I need to do is just hold on with two screws here at the back and all I'm going to do a slide the case forward yeah well the devil system to which probably 5150 family was more advanced than prison systems is it's got what's called four tooless design what this means is you do not need tools in theory to take it apart although you do actually most of it is just clips just pull these clips up and these slide out I am NOT going to pull out in the moment okay before we've had any further examination board I have time which is quite interesting this thing I thought about when I got it is it's gonna have a battery although it is the battery now on the Nimbus which is a similar age couple years younger the battery yes there was nothing left on it it was corroded badly but they in the wisdom might live down here stored it away from the motherboard but this one isn't perfect shape there is nothing wrong with that whatsoever externally there's something exploded inside oh it's not escaped so doctors in perfect condition I'm not expecting to get a reading here but what I need to do just out of curiosity yep switch it on I just take advantage reading from us that there's nothing there but you know whatever you just never know dear so it's always how many great shot at it okay put this on twenty volts there's – I guess you're not cheating there's – there's the bus recognize happen probably not but you are kidding 1.9 rounded up one point nine volts coming out of a battery abandoned 20 years ago that's quite incredible it hasn't leaked in very credible now I imagine that's original I have taking on good word that this has not been used in 20 years in fact the monitor sits on top of it has the original screen boom the old database I'm not sharing the monitor in here if you want to look at the monitor it's an old digital one so it's not being kept perhaps I don't know that's in the facebook where pictures are it in there right on this video comes up it'll be there further down but I'll try and bring them up in the group soon quick access okay mommy let's crack on so tallest design and for anything those loads hidden there but for anything that's obviously wrong this system was drop restored that's a clip that came off aerial it's actually a work outside goes back on put back on later I don't think it's broken no it's just missile it's just not oh well just have a look around checking out any capacitors we can see you can see the socket eat chips are filthy for whole thing is filthy if this works it is going to get a hell of a cleanup it's even got you know ceramic chips down there expensive option especially in these days from the date of these hey they just pull out this whole thing just slides up the hard drive slides up but in general but from the dirt there's no obvious damage or anything now what I'd like to do systems this vintage let's get out the power supply and check its bolts Jesus tossed up separately so if it's over vaulting it's not going to kill the system yeah it did look this officially starts off this thinking in the bath it's going a thorough clean we got a date gate code there we go v 88 so 1988 that was checked 20 ardent over the specs on this beauty 20 megabyte hard drive not sure what the memory is on it but it's a 286 and it is a microchannel architecture that's a whole story about IBM trying to take back the market which they were losing by this time so they came up with a new buzz architecture called micro channel but due to different reasons it failed in the marketplace and IBM never really recovered so this is the only two eight-six model they created with the micro channel architecture I was going with camellia if you're interested it is quite interesting now so we need to us power supply out it is one of the only parts of the unit that is bolted in for obvious reasons I suppose and we're gonna work out how it comes out don't one of these ever before so this could be interesting alright I'm gonna play I'll get back to you I shall see you in a mill okay love it later I've tried to remove the PSU but not happening okay nothing so you got to tear down the whole lot of it to get that and I do not know how to do this properly a moment so I need to learn to slow down so I mean like do you need to do exactly what I told you not to do a because I want to see whether it works and then if it doesn't want to stripped it up know I've done some damage like and look into how that damage may have occurred and be I'm a bloody big kid I'm too impatient to wait so it's plugged in it's powered hopefully there's any one thing to do not do things to do keep clear and press that button quite scary in this point because we do not know how it's going to react okay Laval jar of us burn up check in the floppy check in the floppy again beep – beeps – beeps what's that mean do not know probably no keyboard actually so it appears to run okay you don't have to do it well do first of all though I'll leave it running for a couple of minutes like that just to make sure that no capacitors are going to pop or anything but it all seems good yeah I think stuck at no keyboard first sounds of it boy smell dirt Oh stinks not a smoke just of dirt yes that's a lot dirt are we getting warm now well a stinky so I'll leave it running for a couple minutes I'm gonna pull the whole thing together put it in TV but we're still run it with it's case off just in case any magic smoke it's decides to appear and we'll be right back oh Christ okay we are back hand it around for quite a few minutes no issues battery port no I'm also blood to port here's the monitor that we saved flickering badly there might be just with not being used in a long time but it's lucky I've saved it because the pins on the back there's a typewriter and he got certain pins so you can't plug a normal VGA in because there's no holes for the unused pins determined she's not nice huh sorry taken control strange stuff students silence okay there we have our monitor and right keyboard a festive never mess in here we'll get a slaughter one day to make this look better it's all cleaned up properly and suppose there's only one thing left to do isn't excellent memory check starting like like like like just trying to be I'm just getting this on my monitor for you better see it's not too bad two beeps ever 162 whatever that was did you go past that don't be too go past that okay yeah sir what's gonna a mega memory error one six – I have no idea what I don't want six to it I mean I have to go and find out mmm okie dokie yeah I'll be right back okay there we go doesn't my mother don't find out what those okay my vs. get much worse but after a bit of research on the internet and help from several people including Lucas yeah a film that this machine is in need literally drops of a new one of them because it's lost basically it's lost its BIOS settings and to get it back to us machine you've got to create a floppy disk with them on and the program to initiate so basically God does find out to all the adductor details Tallis program and it will put it all back hopefully uh it means you own them and perhaps a new one he's done us clock one six four four not this might be don't want it takes my life Chapman this one's got the voltage so in the meantime while I ordered those parts just that's fluffy who also has this same issue as me now you can hear that shut it before me Bain I'm so glad I say that monitors looking quite well uh anyway one go and in the meantime long waiting to get those parts delivered is oh I'm gonna strip it uh clean it get this opportunity to clean the bugger up well it's not working but as you see there we go 162 so yes and these are just do both on the same time yep what's then bits I mean I wonder and I'll get the dullest clock dude say I'll be right back in a few days Hobie and hopefully this will be looking yeah Bennett and I'm still gonna teach it this one which is a rarity quick question does it power run let's find out answers a my bums I give all the answer to your question I don't have any IBM five and a quarter inch discs are stuck a dead BBC micro warning just to test it sitting on its own they're just powered and didn't do anything but don't expect it to because I don't be just working on crumbs of the computer but if I plug it into computer never trying to read it so that aspect appears to be working so I'm gonna get the battery the clock tower down clean it up out I'll do some videos where I'm turning down so you see that and we'll see if we get this so that was your result I'd be like whenever it's still the same day my voice still short I was going to do this some other time because my voice but without a computer sending a beer just doing my head in so I'm going to strip it and you know washed and started drying off so it's ready in a few days or to be put back together so now lead is switched off sir hey Kiki you like to see me strip house kosher Hey okay yeah well you couldn't have done power to something I could I without dude know in all the peanuts was it doable but yes difficult I'm just insane I know when it was built week number eight or a date so infinite eight like II know they might power button which I do now New Japan because it's been pushed back or something broken there which is what cracked open and have a clean around the stable oh yeah how do you see a thing honest that's what's supposed to look like another Wow sorry go clean it yeah let's do that right okay I know welcome back and I have a little surprise for you because it's not days later this is months later yes just after filming that videos you're probably shared in the last segment my voice was going badly and I need with no voice for about two weeks literally luckily acted soap what videos out to my channel cuz I had excuse me I had a backlog of videos that I can still put out but yes let's just have no voice for two weeks and then of the things gotten away so this project got sidelined for a bit and you'll see why now we didn't fire this up in thievius videos remember not sure actually anyway Lavar there is a major issue as you'll notice there's something missing but let me show you what's happened her foot been cleaned it's all spotlessly really now you know like new successor power switch riches sort of shot back in itself but I've got the screwdrivers on the way to enable me to open this and deal with that hopefully yeah right well see ya know soft floppy drive is missing and what I need to do is fire it up and show you the results so yes sir let me check and then it claims okay I was 601 162 and 163 now these are all related to this battery which is therefore fold basically it's got no power left yeah which means that this has lost its configuration settings so I can't remember what it is or how to read its hard drive which means all you can do is press f1 a few times and eventually drag him yeah it shut up now so it should in the moment do its magic no just their boots in to basic and this keyboard slowly the basic is based on I'm wrong so it's a ROM chip internal excuse me now to get this system back to remembering what it is you need to use something called a configuration floppy not a huge deal you can get them off the internet and get the baby running medium problem is when we put it in the floppy drive doesn't appear to be noticing it eventually we worked out the floppy drive just pooped and oh I'm sorry I'm just trying to find it over here and look at the Papa jackpot to try and find what what the error was it was fixable and in doing so he's being a prat accidently snapped these ribbon cables oh yes he launched normal floppy drives please our priority technology with this interface on the back yeah so we've been looking unsuccessfully for a replacement for it well these things are an enhanced eise it appears cuz nobody seems to have one so this is my bang if anybody's got one least I can beg borrow steal by or whatever please let me know because I'd love to get this machine going this is stopping me in the meantime there is a gentleman who's sending me some blank discs and the idea is we get some sorry we get to the configuration program off the internet we put it onto the Nimbus there the Nimbus using three Knopf inch discs so any water that will then be any tough on a five and a half but she's sending it to me I can then use the five no off hopefully boot off this now they do state that you can't boot from one of these but if you switch that on by itself it doesn't do much if you switch that on then switch that on it actually does test it seems to test it and before it refers to the system now I'm not convinced they can boot off up because it actually it needs configuration details but there's a slim chance so we're gonna try it anyway so he's gonna be sending me them hopefully we can try it that way but in the meantime if anybody has one of these drives that's an IBM ps/2 drive not they are not a traditional floppy drive please let me know and we can try and get this baby together my intention is to get the floppy drive and then once that's done that's configured we can see whether this hard drive is working it just smooth making no nasty noises or anything what we're doing whether it's working fully then if I is working we'd spend the money get a new battery and the world will be a good place I'm Saunders copper ages just come on thanks tradition because the first half of the video I'll bad voice and it wants me to finish that way so it's give me this cough today so that's it that's the project update nice and clean and works to degree but yes it is looking to run you on this keyboard which hasn't been restored works wonderfully as well so happy about that been using on these systems so that's it you up to date I mean if anybody has one of those drugs please let me know and in the meantime when the discs arrive for that I shall post them on looks like do a video and show you results whether it's positive or negative whatever so thank you all very much dirty you're dirty boy

26 Replies to “IBM PS2 PC (1988) Repair and Restoration, Part 1”

  1. parsec studios

    I'm curious what you replaced the CMOS battery with. I acquired a model 70 with a dead CMOS battery and no config.

  2. VideoTape

    I clicked the video as soon as I saw the thumbnail. Dat monitor!

    Where did you get that Olivetti monitor? It is a MDU 1231/HA01 correct? How big is the screen?

  3. Arman Kordi

    sorry pal you might as well sell the PS/2 as if.
    floppy drives are 50+ on ebay and people like me bought non working or as-is while they were cheap.

  4. Steve Bez

    You mention Facebook many times perhaps as battery power this IBM is the millionaire that has base run that sight all that while as nothing else doing ,nice database ready…

  5. Aleksandr Baishev

    HI, what type of expansion slots does it have, it looks like PCI, but doesn't sound right for 1988 machine, is it IBM proprietary?

  6. B.R. Mathews

    Just think of the possibilities if you can get that system up and running! You could store hundreds of thousands of recipes on 5 1/4" floppies in a space no bigger than a shoe box – and then retrieve them with only a little more effort than it would take if they were printed on recipe cards and stored in a shoe box! Imagine the limitless scope of tasks you could perform had you a dot matrix printer connected to the parallel port. With a software package like Deluxe Print, you could print-out birthday cards of your own design, or even eight-foot long banners in stunning 24 dpi resolution!  

  7. griftereck

    I got a IBM PS2 from the dump, ages ago.  I loaded the cardboard box onto my bike, tried to push it up a steep snow covered hill to my house. dropped it twice.  I got home and plugged it all together.   Some cool sparks come out the top of the monitor.  I left it for 2 weeks or so.  Worked ok then

  8. 2wayfreq

    Nice find! The white lever tool inside the case is to pry up the locking posts without causing damage to them. Many times, the lever is missing from the it's good that it was intact.
       Once you obtain the floppy unit and good battery, it should be a simple process of creating the Reference Disk image. Then, boot from the floppy and follow the setup process. It will set the drive and other system parameters and write it to hard disk. It should boot DOS after that.
     I have a Model 30 that needs a new DS-1287 Dallas Battery Clock. I have 2 DS-12887 (Newer Revision) Clock batteries en route from China. One for the Model 30, one for my Tandy 2500XL 286.

  9. RetroGamerVX

    Oooh, may have to take up your offer Rob if I get no more luck. Will need to replace the battery frist or else it's a pointless exercise lol

  10. RetroGamerVX

    Oooh, may have to take up your offer Rob if I get no more luck. Will need to replace the battery frist or else it's a pointless exercise lol

  11. cr1901

    That is correct, except that the floppy power is routed through the ribbon cable- I'm not sure whether the pin reserved for the power line on PS/2 floppies is disconnected on a standard floppy drive, or if it is rarely used, and I don't remember how to make the adapter :/.

  12. Rob Hewitt

    My model 30's ISA but I think the floppy would be compatible with the model 50. i'm only 30 miles or so from Durham and happy to help.

  13. electricadventures

    Good old IBM hardware, very reliable. You probably should not have taken the battery out, as it had charge so it probably still had it's CMOS settings. Early BIOS days, so it would have been easier to save it and then replace the battery.
    But it is an IBM & they literally keep everything available for download, so hopefully you can get a CMOS disk image made to fix it up.
    Ah but just reached the bit about the floppy drive, damn, hope you get another one or get the 5 1/2 to do the trick.

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