I'm learning coding | Day 0, Part 1 - Where to start?

I'm learning coding | Day 0, Part 1 – Where to start?

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I’m learning coding | Day 0, Part 1 – Where to start?
In this episode, I’m talking about where to start and what (programming language) to study to become a pro developer.
My website: www.imlearningcoding.com

what's up world welcome to the brand new channel under encoding my name is AZ and I'm learn coding my goal is pretty simple to become a professional and then get a job as one as fast as possible through this channel now i'll be sharing my journey in a video series so let's get started I learned a lot from one source and that is professionals I have a friend who's a professional explainer I would ask a lot of questions and always say for example opinion and why do I shout out to my friend almost Thank You Man for help I really appreciate also I learn from the best professionals of the world and I did it at four are calm procom is a website a platform where you can go ask the question and professionals answer them when you start you don't really know much and you do the help you do want to get your help from professionals to speed up your loan process on the other hand you have a lot of questions having answered your questions you may end up getting confused that's exactly what happened to me and I lost a year of my life that way if I were to go back and start again I would do two simple things 1i will find professionals around me among my friends who can help me and I would find them also on Korra I will definitely make use of Korra calm it's a must and number two I will ask one simple question where to start I would get answered my question and then decide what to study and then start what I actually did was I had a lot of questions I thought should i start in order should I build solar company should I become a part and / or back and / or full stack over or should I go applications for smartphones should I keep making websites using WordPress I kept asking these questions and I did this and that that's how I was a year of my life which is not a good thing to do and I feel kinda save it for dessert so definitely I will start as fast as possible so the question is where to start where to start basically means what to study and i would ask myself two simple questions one what while i clean number two what do I want to do in the picture so what I like doing what I like is design startups the business and building products the products means for me now it means cutting souls let's take startups setups means okay I could be moving websites i can do building applications so i have i have to choose one of these so I want to go with websites websites need a designer the frontal developer and back and / or a full stack developer so I have to choose one of these for now design pass coding means park and over and now it's easy for me to choose one which is a front-end often that's how I started and I got my Kush network want to study to study apart and all the next question is where to study and i'll be talking about that in my next video thank you for joining me see you bye have a good day then

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