iMac 5K Retina: Do You Need It?

iMac 5K Retina: Do You Need It?

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So. Many. Pixels. iMac 5K review coming soon!

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The new iMac with Retina 5K display features an impressive 5120 x 2880 resolution which is a massive 14.7 million pixels but do you need that high of a resolution?



hey guys johnathan here with TLD hope you guys are doing well now I do have a retina 5k iMac on the way but before I get my hands on it unbox it test and bench market I wanted to talk about why you would possibly want a screen resolution of this density the good the bad and overall why I'm excited for it so for starters 5k means it has a fifty one twenty by twenty eight eighty resolution so that is two times a resolution vertically and two times resolution horizontally of a non retina 27-inch iMac and that results in four times the total pixels was a total amount of fourteen point seven million pixels now the word I want you to focus on right now is perspective just recently Dell announced its own 27-inch 5k monitor with a price tag of twenty five hundred dollars the retina 5k iMac is also twenty five hundred dollars but it has an entire computer inside that'll get you an Intel Core i5 3.5 gigahertz quad-core CPU eight gigs of ram a one terabyte fusion drive and an AMD r9 290x GPU with two gigs of VRAM you can bump that up to a core i7 4 gigahertz CPU which is really going to scream for single threaded applications the RAM however unlike most Apple products these days is user upgradeable up to 32 gigabytes so if you're interested in doing it yourself and saving a little bit of cash I'll post a link to some kits down below now the stock one terabyte fusion drive can be bumped up to three terabytes or if you're all about that speed you can configure it with up to one terabyte of pure flash storage lastly the GPU can be bumped up to an AMD r9 M 295 X with 4 gigs of VRAM now one of the questions that I've seen asked over and over again is what is the big deal with this display why not go for a cheaper 4k option Samsung and a soos both have 4k displays that are under $700 but the reason it's so much cheaper is those use TN panels as opposed to the IPS panel in this iMac now IPS displays generally have a much better viewing angle and color accuracy and this is important if you're going to use this for any video or photo work now if you stepped up to the ac30 1.5 inch 4k display that features an eye zgo panel which is beautiful that alone is currently around $2,000 and that's with a price drop so one of the other questions that I see all the time is why do you need that man pixel's I am perfectly fine with my 720p content or 1080p but you got to think about it if you're doing photo or video just a simple 12 megapixel photo has a resolution of four thousand by three thousand UHD video on the other hand has a resolution of 3840 by 2160 so with a 5k display you could see the entire viewer 100% and still have screen real estate left over so for me working with 4k video that is a big deal lastly one of the questions and comments that I see all the time is why would you want a screen resolution that high isn't text going to look super tiny and pretty much unreadable well without scaling yes but with scaling it's a beautiful thing and scaling is one of the main reasons why the new iMac is 5k as opposed to 4k the non retina 27-inch iMac again has a resolution of 2560 by 1440 5120 by 2880 is exactly double that both ways so the screen real estate visually it looks the same but here's how it works for text UI elements menus and so forth for every one pixel of screen real estate there are four pixels crammed into there which results in a super crisp super vibrant image conversely it recognizes where a photo or video window might be so instead of a four to one pixel ratio it is now one to one and that's what allows you to view that entire 4k video window but still have text and menu scale properly and not be the size of ants now as exciting as all that is I can definitely be critical of Apple because there was some disappointment for me one being they completely ignored the Thunderbolt Display I would have loved to have a standalone version of this to go alongside by Mac Pro but it looks like once again Apple kind of put the professionals or the professional market on the back burner again and I think they were worried that maybe that would cannibalize some of the iMac sales so for now that is the only option we get the other disappointment was the fact that this cannot be used as an external display now we talked about some of the prices so really the thought of using this as a monitor and having a computer on the side as a bonus really isn't that crazy of a thought but as of now it is not supported and if you were looking to use this with your Mac Pro you are out of luck at the end of the day though there's a lot of good that is coming out of this retina 5k iMac and I am super excited to check it out there's just a lot of really cool technology that is happening right now one of those things that stood out to me was the fact that Apple said they design their own I'm in controller or t-con so they're driving all these pixels off a single controller whereas some 4k displays are actually using two just to power those pixels so some pretty impressive technology going on and speaking of technology I want to give a huge thank you to little bits for supporting the channel and help making this video possible little bits is the easiest and most extensive way to learn and prototype with electronics by using magnetic modules that require no wiring soldering or coding modules range from the very simple power sensors and LEDs so you could do something basic like enhance an arts and crafts project all the way to the very complex something like wireless modules where you could do something crazier like a cloud-based real-time weather dashboard in a matter of minutes I was able to whip up this little rotating stand for my Android guy which could be a pretty cool little video back piece if you want to have some fun like this or just learn a little more about electronics and prototyping little bits is offering TLD fans 20 bucks off your first kit all you got to do is go to little bits comm and into the promo code today when you place your order and you'll receive 20 bucks off your first kit plus free shipping in the US once again the offer code is today and this is a cool way to not only support the channel but also getting to learn and appreciate technology just a little bit more aside from that thank you guys very much for watching hopefully you enjoyed it hopefully you have a better idea of what the retina 5k iMac is all about if you found it helpful or educational definitely feel free to hit that like button it is much appreciated and of course in return you get a virtual high five Acho face now as usual if you guys have any questions definitely drop a line down below I do try my best to reply to as many as I can it does get a little bit messy so the absolute best way to get a hold of me is on twitter at TLD today again if you guys missed anything it'll be recapped down in the description along with the gear that I used to make these videos this is Jonathan with TLD and I will see you guys later

50 Replies to “iMac 5K Retina: Do You Need It?”

  1. dave jacobsen

    Problem with computer attached to this display is lack of company support and the iOS throttle problems. If you cannot get into guts of computer with major surgery and losing hardware company support.

  2. Jon Siddall

    Seriously looking at buying one for my company, we do alot of equine photography with print and buy on the day, it would be cool to show the customers a 42MP image on a 5K screen

  3. drubber77

    When i view the preferences on my imac 27" 2015….the best display option only shows as 1800 x 3200….why doesnt it give me 5000 pixel option?

  4. Roshan Chaminda

    Hi dear friend you’re doing your video so useful. And my question is I have iMac 21.5” 2.5k one but I’m confused because of if I want upgrade to 27” 5k so which one is the good for video editing plz give me comment

  5. Casper S�

    Need is a strong word. Do I "need" my 5k? Nope. Do I love it, and use all its power regularly, as well as its resolution? Absolutely. In fact, sometimes, I could use my pixels… That sounds ludicrous I know, but if I want pixel-by-pixel correspondence between my preview in FCP X and the actual video, when editing high resolution projects (3-4k), there's basically no real space left for the inspector, browser and timeline. A second 4k monitor would fix that, but I don't have the GPU power for that many pixels in this iMac. The R9 M295X does well, but…. 23MP is a lot (4k + 5k = 23MP)

  6. Chad Kirton

    I tried to connect my Apple 30 inch Cinema Display to my new 27 inch 5k retina iMac. But the resolution of my Cinema Display is horrible. Why is that?? I can't even change the display options when I tried to adjust the resolution for the Cinema Display. Why is that???

  7. Justin Loving

    Does the LG Ultrafine 5K have the same intelligence with scaling? WIll the mac know when to scale everything but images or video? In my testing so far (which is limited) the scaling is just changing the resolution of the monitor.

  8. You Dumb Ass People Stop Talking To Me

    wow you're attractive…what kind of witch craft is this…

    & i just spend $3400 on one last night. excited

  9. Collin

    The fear of switching from PC to MAC , the fear of not being able to learn how to use an apple computer stops me from buying this.

  10. funkmasterjee

    Do I need it ??

    Who cares? ….I don't NEED a tub of B&J peanut butter cup ice cream….but I want one

    People don't NEED Bentleys or Lamborghinis …but they still buy them.

  11. Bulan Iskandar

    Hello I'm a MacBook Air user and planning to upgrade as I'm going to start to study digital design in university. I'm not sure which one I should buy, the iMac 5k or the MacBook Pro 15" Retina.

    I'll use it for all the digital design work as graphic, video, 3d animations, web design, photoshop, indesign, illustrator and whatnot. I also will use it for music producing/recording. I really need an answer right now please a little advice will help me. Thanks in advance.

    Don't mind my errors in English. I'm Indonesian.

  12. ryan hearne

    i already have an imac 27in and i was looking to get the 5k but use my current imac next to it as an extended screen? would that work. or look nasty.

  13. adam H

    I'm a photographer and this tool is incredible for photographers. I recommend getting a lot of RAM in yours. I went with 32gb.

  14. Jota Mudo P

    man if you job is connected to photos and you want a really good monitor buy a oled 4k TV man, you'll have a really better image and a huge display too

  15. DodgeViperAS

    I thought you can plug a thunderbolt in from a MBPr and press 'cmd+2' and then it's an external display…. or is that only for the non retina ones?

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