IMS455- Support Service And Maintenance For Information System

IMS455- Support Service And Maintenance For Information System

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we are student UiTM Segamat
Faculty of Information Management (Record Management)
Group JIM246 3B
Subject IMS455- Support Service And Maintenance For Information System

salamualikum' we are a student from UiTM cigar my faculty information management group say I am 2 4 6 3 B today we are going to present about the organization that we chose which is Java type anuraga in Touhou so I'm the first presented my name is Rohan even tomorrow as ha I'm the second present Phil my name is Murugan for Hannibal Gennaro my ID I'm that's a presenter my name is Mike man I came by Mohammed I'm the footage enter my name is mama is there anybody now I will tell the background of this organization the history of the establishment of Department of Information began from date of the establishment of the Department of DCP and printing in September 1945 this department was placed under the Ministry of Information was in 1961 and this department has mobile units and fellowship efficiently direct a date me 20 1946 the roles is to provide accurate information and proper advice to the public to submit reports on the relation between the units and the people to obtain feedback from the people for submission to the government the Department of Information Center who establishment in the major town since 1945 night this press communication is the important element since 1945 this responsible for carrying our news coverage and issuing especially officially events related to the government administration until 1947 has file section press realist essential news session newspaper cutting library production for publication in forage magazine especially in England for the purpose of making Malaya no translation session DiPalma is publication this department has various materials such as pasta and pamphlet deaf publish pamper especially on hygiene and cleanliness poster feature as a channel for the dissemination division of Shabbat and pennilyn enjoy what is beauty like nectar so I'm going to explain and suggest about the computer specification PC case type of PC case that we choose is Dell XPS 893 zero desktop PC there are many slot for the placing various component in this case in this PC compatible for the staff as they need a case that has the many slot for to avoid to avoid overheat the need of the input is mouse scanning and keyboard for the output is monitor and printer we suggest this company to use DMS because of the documentation system BMS is a system used to track manage and store equipment and reduce people most are capable of keeping written records of the various version created and modified by different users history trading in the case of management of digital documents such a system are based on computer programs the term has some overlap with the concept of quantum management system this is often view as a component of enterprise content management easy system related related to digital asset management document imaging workflow system a record management system first point is metadata metadata is typical store for each document metadata for example include the date of equipment will be stored and identifier of the user story the DMS maestra metadata from the document automatically from from of the user to add the metadata summit some system may also the optical character recognition on the scan of image or perform text extraction on the electronic document the resulting a straight that can be used to be SS user in the locating document of identification proc about you keywords are providing a full text search capability or can be used on the extension on the electronic document the resulting system can be used to the SS user in locating document by identifying profitable keyword and providing for full text search capability or can be used on their own Astra it can be also stopped in company of metadata store with the document separately from the document all sources from searching document collections for second point is captured captured primary involves accepting and processing image of paper document from scanners or multifunction printers optical character recognition OCR software is often used very integrated into the highway or as stand-alone software in order to convert digital image into machine readable text of the current map recognition OMR sofa is something used to extract valleys of checkboxes or bubbles capture may also involve accepting the training document and other computer base files next validation that a validation rules can check for the human failures missing sign HS misspelled names and other issue recommending real-time correction options before importing data into the DMS additional processing in the form of harmonization and data format change may also be applied as far as data validation next indexing indexing tracks electronic of humans indexing may be as simple and stupid track of uniquely human identifiers but often we takes a more complex form providing classification through the documents metadata or even through words indexes extracted from the documents content indexing this mainly to support information Curie in one area of critical importance for rapid retrieval is the creation of an index topology our scheme okay for the next element is storage storage electronic documents storage of the document often includes management of the same document where they are stored for how long migration of the document from one storage media to another became an eventually document destruction Kadena's element is security when you see the dam as the human security is vital in many document management applications compliance requirement for certain documents can be quite complex depending on the type of document for instance in the United States standards such as iso9001 in ISO 13485 as well as US Food and Drug Administration regulation dictate how the document control process should be addressed document management systems may have a right management module that allows an administrator to give access to determine based on type to only certain people of groups of okay document marking at the time of installation of this affair for example is caiman there might be a Phoenician error or maybe people will be James conclusion however and so frame must be depended on both of you to measure the operating of the system ran smoothly

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