Indian Scammer vs Russian hacker

Indian Scammer vs Russian hacker

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This video is just a prank call to a tech support scammer, not a hack video. a russian hacker has hacked my computer according to the indian scammer… he used all the lies including cmd, runbox and all of that, this video is a hilarious prank.

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We dial all kinds of scammers LIVE non stop 24/7 to raise awareness and to waste their time so they get to scam less people. The more we dial them, the less chance they get to scam someone.

These people make alot of victims and are mostly based in India, and not much is done by the authorities…. we try to make a difference! Please subscribe & share this stream to spread the word!

Every time their phones ring they will wonder if it will be a victim or one of us !
We bait, we troll, we prank, anything to prevent innocent people from being robbed!
Tech support scammers, IRS calls, fake cruise scammers, if they scam trough phone we dial them!

Scammer: Hello this is technical support how may I Help You? Hacker: Hey, hello I got a problem with my computer, can you maybe help me with it? Scammer: So what's the problem you are getting sir? Hacker: Well my computer is really slow, and I can't play Pac-man anymore, and what's it called, Rayman. Hacker: I downloaded something. [Inaudible] Well, I had some suspicious warnings, yes. Scammer: What is the windows warnings you're getting sir? Hacker: Well, I clicked it away but I certainly had some of those. Hacker: Yes, it told me I had like a virus or something? Scammer: Um hum.. All right, and what you were doing on your computer, sir when you got this windows alert message? Hacker: I was trying to install a new game. I downloaded it. Legal, legal for free. Alright. Scammer: And so the computer which you are using is windows 7 windows 8 or windows 8 windows 10 computer? Hacker: Uh.. It's a windows 10 (New code name for windows XP XD). Scammer: Alright, In order to assist you I will need to connect to your computer with our secure server so that I can help you out ok? Hacker: All right. Sounds good. Scammer: Now have a look on your computer keyboard on the left side bottom corner on the keyboard, do you see there is a control key, CTRL Key? Hacker: Uhh ya I do. Scammer: Next, right to the control key which key do you see there? Hacker: Uh, I see four boxes. Scammer: Do you see is a windows key, like a four flag key? Hacker: Oh, it's a flag yeah yeah, that's what I mean. Yes. Scammer: Right. Press that flag key and hold it down and then press letter R, R as in Romeo at the same time. Hacker: Uhh.. I did that. Scammer: What it says now? Hacker: Well my computer is dutch, so it says Run D box and I can uhh.. put down .. umm Hacker: I can write something in there, and, cancel and browse. Scammer: Right right, now right now type there I as in Indiana. Hacker: I as in Indiana. Scammer: E as an echo. Hacker: (repeats) E as in echo. Scammer: X as in x-Ray. Hacker: Okay, got it Scammer: P as in Peter. L as in Linda. Hacker: Yes. O as in Oscar. Got it. R as in Romeo. Yes E as in echo. Now, give a space. Ok, I did that. Now www. (mumbles) www dot.. Yes? F as in Foxtrot foxtrot. (repeats) F as in foxtrot. A as in alpha. Okay. S as in Sam. Yes. T as in technology. Yes. S as in Sam again. Got it. U as in uniform uniform. Okay. P as in Peter. Got it. P as in Peter again. Yes. O as in Oscar. Yes. R, as in Romeo. Yes. T as in Technology. Got it. Dot-Com Yes, now click on ok hit okay. Uuuh, I need to give a name and like a key right Right you need to put your name there in and I'll give you the support key, sir. Shall I give you the key now. Oh, yes. It is 6-0-5 six zero five 4-1-1. Four one one… 2-5-3. Two five three, okay. Now hit on continue, click continue. Launch right when you hit on continue on the bottom [of] the page diseases Do you want to run save or cancel [I] got like a lounge application? Yes, they don't launch application okay, okay? It's loading [it's] a bit slow like I said yeah Boy, we're on your [eye] to join the session yes. It's me right now it yes. My name is also Roy Alright, so thank you for [confirming] Wonderful third year computer is connected with our secure server Well if the amount of work on a computer, so now please show me that what kind of message [you] were getting through Okay, hang on Look, what was it mean? Yeah? It's not working you see that so likely a chaser ever Caught not [oh], it's gone That's what keep happening you see. I can't play the game anymore, and we had an error or something like that Mir L-let me get don't worry my web browser Says it's not [driving] anymore to go to the web or something like that [whoo] all right so don't worry leave it on video as this okay the conan compete. Oh, how will this computer issue? Mmm. It's quite all [I'm] not sure maybe seven years All right, and how many people use this computer? So only me it's my own all right, and How many people use this computer just e right? [oh]? Yes, yes Next we're sort of working on this computer likely to play games Facebook [YouTube] checking image online shopping banking Yeah, I'm a tool gamer you. See I play a lot of video games You you [call] [cheerless] on Microscope, right? Right so right. This [is] you are getting the whole exact message. Yeah, I had this as well by the way this this also. Yes [alright] sister. Do you have any idea about this? Window select that why you are getting this window select [Magenta] complete oh Well, I think I installed something bad, right Let me [diagnostic] [on] [beer]. Oh, okay Naughty she ate these errors Yeah, oh, yes? So do you have any idea [about] these errors and warnings what you are getting in your computer these are other windows alert? Maybe it's [record] video guys This is from the video guys that they ignore on them Now so that is not [the] that is not from the video games. Oh, but also address level check ok let me check And so do you have any kind of network security [installed] on this computer? [yeah], I do, but I [don't] like it. It doesn't seem to help at all. It's called PC purifier Mm-Hmm [it] [is] [startling] All right Iii wanted to get a better one, but I'm not sure which one is a like the best bar you see All right, so let me check Ok you'll show me when to do the online shopping online banking, or do you pay this on your computer? Yeah? Well, I use bitcoin sometimes to buy some drugs you see on the Dark web [Murano] [alright], [alright], and so when did you check [your] emails last time on this computer I? Don't do it on this computer Now right then how many devices you are using at your place like iphone iPad Kindle another computer or laptop? I got four desktops running Mm-Hmm one is server The other has four internet mostly this is my game computer, and I have one that is not plugged in at all Right all right [I] gotta show so along [with] all the devices how many devices you have at your place? to be 11 I prayed [alright] [alright] So you have 11 devices at your place right? [they] all are connected to the same network that that's correct. Yes all right, so I'm going to check the network status of the computer so that we can find out the status of your machine okay? [oh], yes, okay? Now you can see here active internet connections Yeah, you see active connections Yes, I do local addresses these all are the local IP addresses of your machine. Which are registered on your name on your Address by the State government to all of your devices whatever you are using a charter in your mind right, but this change is right sir but the strange is here that there are foreign addresses which have been established with your network and these are the foreign addresses and These are the hackers who are trying to steal your information? They are getting all your identities and informations like your email addresses passwords Facebook account it is a confidential financial Informations your social security number all your informations are at risk. That sounds bad I? Don't know is that connected So how do we find out [and] then why the heck is you know how can we find that out? Alright, so let me show [you] let [me] check it out. Let me grab a piece of paper hang on okay? All right, I need to Hang on to one six one one five Two mmM one eight that's IP address, right? Right right, okay? I'm writing it down okay. I'm going to [check] [that] who is trying to steal your information today? Yeah, go to IP calm. I think that's how you can tell Leave it at the time. I'm going to check that with the hacker who is trying to steal your identities from your network? Let me check Could they be version Let me cancel Interpol now you can see this careful interpol database this oh it was nichols. I didn't I know him I know him That's nicola him yes right right definitely That bastard so how do you know hinter? Well, that's a long story. Do you know George? Mm-Hmm. He was one [of] your customers and Some Hacker interrupted, and it was Nikolai All right, so these are [seen] hackers. Who are trying to steal your informations on your computer? Well, that's why I got [the] IP address on paper. I will call my Christian friend who can hack him I? Know where she's not ready all right So are you with the interpol? Yes, sir. So in this case to remove all these hackers You need to get the network security to remove all these hackers to block all these hackers from your entire network and they would be You need to get the network security from the Microsoft, okay? Yeah, I understand that Should I call FBI now? I'll let you know sir. So we do have two type of net of securities available here hang on [I] [lost] level security here's wanted criminal, right? And we got this IP address Right right, we should call the cops right [now] immediately Mm-Hmm, right Right right you need to get the net of security sir because you cops they are not the technical technical fairy they cannot get into your network without the Technical knowledge, but hang on can I do a real quick then I will pay you hang on. Yes, okay? [let's] find out. [oh] hang on hang on. Yeah. It's like whoo. Yes Yeah, yeah, yeah this we will find out right now. When nikolai's [based] We're gonna find him okay? Okay that bastard belongs in Jail What is this storefront [okay]? Okay? These are french is different. Yes this guy? Okay, yes He is located in the united [states] in Goleta this case. Yes. Mm-hmm What why is his net name she picks online? Just like your program. Why is that? which Huh? according [to] my information [you] are the hacker totally Well smart guy, I'm hack myself and this this is fake This is this is actually I Can actually call for real like this did you know that I? Can do this for real I? Don't have to do like I can do it. So yeah This [is] also fake proverb very fake and Yeah, I got your appearance how What is my IP address? this But you're using a portion editors. You're using a boss. My penis. I know that you're in India

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  1. im not a hater i just want fun

    dude scammer is sooooooooo dumb connecting to a wifi or something
    the hacker can see what are you doing

  2. Ryan Hamilton

    Never mess with a Russian hacker, especial Russian's themselves for nearly half the population at there are hardcore people who don't take s*** with anyone or to be mess with.

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