Intel NUC 8 (Bean Canyon) Tiny PC Review

Intel NUC 8 (Bean Canyon) Tiny PC Review

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Lisa Gade reviews the Intel NUC8i7BEH mini PC that fits in the palm of one hand. This is the NUC 8 Bean Canyon model with 28 watt quad core Intel CPUs (Core i3, i5 and i7 available) and Intel Iris Pro 655 graphics. This tiny PC can be VESA mounted to the back of a monitor or TV, or placed on a desk. It has 2 DDR4 RAM slots, an M.2 SSD slot and a 2.5” drive bay. It’s sold both as a barebones kit (you supply the RAM, drive and OS) and as a turnkey PC with RAM, SSD and Windows 10. The NUC has Thunderbolt 3, HDMI, 4 USB-A ports, Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth and 3.5mm audio.
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this is Lisa from mobile tech review and oh my god isn't it cute this is the Intel nook stands for next unit of computing for those you're wondering what it means there's a teeny tiny mini PC so this is the Nook aim which means Intel eighth generation inside but not just any eighth generation this is the bean Canyon iteration so it's a 28 watt CPU and so between Ultrabook 15 watt and the 45 watt CPU that you would see in mobile workstations and gaming desktops pretty much only the 13-inch MacBook Pro uses that in between one we have Intel iris Pro 655 graphics and it's insanely small this is pretty much one of the smallest ones on the market we're gonna look at it now so what do you say when a desktop PC is so small that is fairly compact charger is this big next to it yes so though this might have the brains of a laptop on steroids it's still something that does need to be plugged into an AC outlet so this is for those of you who don't have a whole lot of room wherever you're putting the small apartment whatever it is or conference rooms you want to do presentations you don't have room for a big desktop PC this is pretty neat it comes with a VESA mount actually so you can attach this to the back of a monitor or a TV you get the idea are you leave it freestanding on the table hiding it anywhere unlike some previous generation Intel knucks this one is actually quieter this is in part because we're up to the Intel eight generation coffee-like and it's more power efficient and better cooling design as well has an 80 millimeter fan inside which is your average desktop PC size cooling fan so that's pretty adequate it's very easy to get inside you just unscrew the four feet there and clad and rubber at the bottom and then you can lift the lid off and inside you have two RAM slots for maximum 32 gigs of DDR 4 RAM and as your typical laptop som 1.2 volt and you have an m2 SSD slots compatible at SATA 3 and nvme SSDs we tested it with an nvme SSD to check out the speeds is the Samsung Evo 960 it did well and there's even a two and a half inch drive base so you can either use a two and a half inch solid-state drive or a spinning hard drive whenever you want now if you want again to the CPU into the fan that takes more work because that's on the flip side of the motherboard the beside that you can't see when you open it up to access the RAM and the SSDs and all that sort of thing I'm probably and you're unless something went wrong with it down the road though you're not going to be needing to do that and I assume you're kinda on the geeky side if you're buying one of these because this is salty bare-bones the version that we have which means you put in your own RAM and your own SSDs now if you look on Amazon there are also kits that include RAM and SSDs you go bare-bones is about 550 dollars for this and if you go with the kits at about $200 morning it's a takings around a 256 gig nvme SSD so not too bad a deal it's not like it's cheap Cheetos despite the fact that it is really small it doesn't mean it's cheap speaking of that fan again now because this is a really teeny-tiny case if you're the person that says oh wow until iris pro 6:55 graphics which is almost as good as an nvidia MX 150 graphics something like that if you're gonna play Fortnight all the time if you're gonna do really demanding things with this you might want a nook with a bigger case like the chewy one that we reviewed a while ago and you can see the footprint of it it's more like the size of a Mac Mini so beyond that for everyday normal productivity is streaming video all that sort of thing temperatures are fine in terms of the core temperatures a little hotter than you would find on an ultrabook mind you but still in the safe zone we saw the course typically typically in the 50s and the 60s centigrade when doing moderate work with it and it'll go up into the 90s when you're doing benchmarks when it comes to the noise they really do have it under control some of the older generation of Knox can get downright loud this one no it allowed us it gets is about like a 14 inch laptop would get with commensurate load so pushing it hard you're gonna hear it more not doing anything you won't hear at all that sort of thing so it certainly isn't annoying and it's not gonna interrupt your presentation by huffing and chuffing or anything like that right so this are better than the average ultrabook these days because those have gotten so slim in life there's just no room for ports we have four USB ports and they're 10 gigabit per second so that's Gen 2 USB 3.1 gen2 we have a Thunderball 3 ports flash also USB C and I use that actually to hook up our 4k LG monitor for testing and it does DisplayPort 1.2 out via the USB C port you also have an HDMI 2.0 a port you've got a headphone jack on here you have a micro SD card slots UHS type 1 and it has rj45 Ethernet plus Wi-Fi and the C until 95 60 AC Wi-Fi card and you've got bluetooth 5 – so in terms of points you're doing pretty well here and it is a marvel honestly for something this small to have that many if you're wondering about that yellow port in the front that one does charging so if it's turned off you can use it to charge your smartphone or whatever note that there are two Heights available with this kit there's the low height and there is the taller model and I would recommend the taller model more room for cooling always a good thing and it's available with Intel Core i3 i5 and i7 processors the the prices that I quoted to you were for the i7 version of this honestly couldn't go with an i5 7 yourself about a hundred and maybe even 150 dollars I still have a good amount of processing power as you might guess if you go with the bare-bones kit which doesn't even have an SSD or a hard drive then there is no operating system so it's compatible with Linux in its compatible windows now there are some builds out there that you can buy that come with an SSD and the Windows 10 license you're gonna need a Windows 10 license if that's your flavor as to whether you can hack and touch it I don't know but I think I'm going to try so that's the Intel nook 8 or 8th generation and if you have a need for an incredibly small PC obviously tied to an electric outlet oh well but something that you could actually decent mounts in the back of your monitor which is kind of insane as long as your cooling requirements aren't super high you don't intend to be trying to play Fortnight on this thing all the time for example it does the job and in an incredibly compact way and they search for mobile tag review sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more cool tech videos and thumbs up if you like this vid

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  1. a

    So it's small but under spec, stupidly expensive, and if you want more power get the larger case? πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ Soooo it's small and that's it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Carvin0

    These NUCs and similar products all seem great until you consider the darn power brick. I wish Intel et al would put serious engineering into power supplies, make them smaller and more efficient and integrate them into the chassis, even if it makes the box a bit bigger. Instead Intel et al take the easy way and buy generic ones from China.


    Can this nuc be solely powered via thunderbolt (ie. connected to a thunderbolt 3 monitor which obviously is has a power unit attached separately)?.

  4. Alexander Assuras

    These are actually great for homelab use. Great way to have an ESXi/vCenter cluster without having lots of big loud servers everywhere.

  5. dwill123

    Looks nice but at $600+ when all is said and done, no thanks. I'll look at an AsRock A300 paired with a AMD 2400g and be happy enough.

  6. 1Jean K.

    Hey! We use the same Mouse ! Go Lefies! lol . It would be nice if you review mice for lefties. Or just something like a light guide instead of an in-depth review.

  7. apmmasterpc99 apmmasterpc99

    This has thunderbolt 3 to connect to rtx 2080ti to increase its gaming performance by at least 30 times ? OK it has wow this nuc gonna be a monster now

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