Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics NAV (March 2017)

Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics NAV (March 2017)

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Introductory demonstration of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Includes a solution overview and discussion of licensing and pricing options.

afternoon everybody and welcome to our Dynamics NAV weapon for March 16th 2017 before we get started I want to make sure that there's no problems with audio or videos so if you can't see my screen please respond via the chat or the or you can post a question in our wait just a second for that and I'm not seeing any messages so I'm going to assume that we're good to go so our time today will just some brief introductions of your pre centers and then we'll talk about Microsoft Dynamics NAV I'll give you a little bit of the background and talk about it we're all capabilities and we'll spend most of the time today doing a live demonstration of various parts of NAB after that we'll save some time for a Q&A session my name is Jorge Delft I'm the sales manager here at Inter dying artists prior experience with the big four accounting and I've been selling and implementing mid-market ERP software for the last 15 years joining me this afternoon is one of our implementation consultants Sean tour word he has 16 plus years as a Microsoft Dynamics user he's very active in the Microsoft Dynamics user group community so much so that they named him a Microsoft Dynamics all-star Dynamics NAV so to start off I want to position NAB in the Microsoft Dynamics family it's a it's a little complicated these days especially if you go to the Microsoft website you might not understand exactly what is what but at the low end you have Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition that's for entry-level companies probably 10 million unless they have a cloud-based accounting system called financials it's like 40 bucks a user per month it's it's definitely economical from that standpoint they will be releasing some CRM functionality with that solution later this year on the other end of the spectrum you have Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition which is based on the old ax or exacta so that is four that's four enterprise level implement organizations and implementations there they generally start at 500,000 and up so where we're at today we're in the small and medium business category and there are three products Dynamics GP nav and that sell even though it says nav twice that first matches the GP and today we're going to look at nap we do webinars for the other products so you can check those find those on our website there's also a lot of complementary products that work with all of these office 365 which is surely a little bit today as well as power bi the Azure hosting service power reps and flow are also we're checking out the back to Dynamics NAV by small medium businesses we mean companies usually in that 10 to 20 million range all the way up to you know 500 million to even a billion in revenues so you know medium gets perfect big so Microsoft Dynamics NAV was released originally in Denmark in 1987 it was acquired by Microsoft in 2002 and it's been part of the Microsoft family ever since and there's 120 thousand users worldwide so out of GP nav and SL nav has by far the largest customer base there's a long term development plan and a robust partner channel by partner channel I mean companies like ours the companies that help people evaluate and implement Microsoft Dynamics solutions as you can see Navis a phenomenal growth rate it's almost a straight line so I would expect us to be up to 140,000 customers by the end of 2017 and it just keeps on going it doesn't see any any don't see is stopping anytime soon now has a broad range of functionality financial management is your accounting your payable G receivables your fixed assets things like that custody and that actually has customer relationship management built in so a lot of you may or may not be familiar with Microsoft CRM as a standalone product which is now part of a sales Enterprise Edition solution but it does have built in you can track activity leads quotes things like that so it has a sales type CRM goes right into the solution at no extra charge project management we mean jobs so that's where you're accumulating cost on a job you know time expenses invoicing those jobs supply chain management is very robust that's your Sales inventory purchasing that it also has quite capable manufacturing solution you know manufacturing requirements planning or manufacturing resource planning capacity requirements planning things like that and then there's a human resource management module it doesn't have payrolls so there is an add-on though from a company called Cerreta that if you did want a payroll module built into your nav one of the things I really like about Matt it is it is a true multi-platform solution you can run it on your desktop with a thick client that's the traditional way but there's also a full-featured browser client that will run on pretty much any browser out there they also have tablet and phone clients now these aren't just accessing the web client through your tablet or phone these are purpose-built apps that replicate the desktop experience quite well they're also quite snappy so it's not like you're having to load and refresh read pages they work really well and available for all platforms too and then last but not least there's a SharePoint client so if you want to surface nav information in SharePoint you can do that pretty easily as I mentioned there's a lot of development that goes into Napster nab 2017 was recently released and some of the neat things that they added there they really did a lot of updates and showed a lot of love to the mobile clients including you know touch gestures and things like that they they updated the nav engine quite a bit and that allowed for some new features like pictures in line with the forms as well as performance upgrades another huge thing we're going to show you this today is the in office 365 experience so you can see going back they continually add significant new capabilities which each new NAB release so we don't know the next name for the next map version yet you know if I was a betting man I might say I have 2018 but we'll see what they do one other thing I want to point out before we get into the actual demonstration is your NAB does a lot you saw that slide it has a broad range of functionality but no software solution is going to do everything and that has a very rich into Bennett software vendor community but these are these companies that make add-ons for NAB and they complement and extend the out of box functionality these modules most of the time you can't even tell they're an add-on module they're built in the NAP toolkit they're accessed within that from the same man menu and it opens up a screen just like any other nav screen so they're really seamless and easy to use but they cover everything extended no bar code or double um sophisticated WMS functionalities nap has decent WMS functionality out of the box or e-commerce sites they'll be integrated straight to your inventory as well as sales orders feeding straight in credit card processing that's become quite a specialty these days with all the PCI compliance issues EDI services shipping modules that integrate with shipping carriers time clocks and there's a whole lot more depending on your needs as part of our job is to help you identify the right add-ons to make a complete solution so with that I'm going to turn it over to Sean first we're going to pause and see if there's any questions and then we'll turn it over to Sean and we're going to take a look at some of the basic financials a little bit on the sales cycle a purchasing cycle and then Jett reports which is we do financial and other you can also do subsidiary ledger recording there first with the questions so how much does nav cost that's a great question and I promise I'll answer that I have some slides that I'm going to show you as soon as Sean gets done with his part here's another one does it work on Android tablets and phones yes it does you get support for Apple the Google ecosystem as well as Microsoft tablets and phones too and then let's see is this year of included original structure yeah that the crm is included there's no extra costs for that and I think that's it for right now so I'm going to go ahead and turn it over to Sean and we are going to take a look at live nav one thank you George good afternoon everyone thank you for joining us today as we give a nice introduction to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and if you're seeing my screen George I'll get going I have my roll center clients up looks good let's see we have the president partners that are ready to go perfect thank you for that so I'm just a brief introduction here to what happens after a user would log into Dynamics NAV I the system operates using what they call a roll center and the roll center is closely related to responsibilities throughout an organization so here I have a president roll center with some different action items in my ribbon across the top so I can quickly get to some reports I have some nice kpi's here that I'll talk about a little bit more and also some lists nav functions almost across the board using data lists which is quite nice so notice here I just want to point this out George if I could this is the president role and this is the purchasing agent role see how different that is so for folks who are into the actual business process here from the purchasing perspective a lot of that relevant tasks and information is surfaced right onto our Royal Center home screen for us so right from logging in I can quickly see I have 14 upcoming orders that I have to take care of I have one Pio that has not been invoiced and just that a quick click I can be taken right to that actual list and see this is my one document that was not invoiced so that's pretty cool I'm going to go back to my president role and show you a little bit about these KPIs now each role Center is personalizable customizable to the individual users experience so if I didn't maybe want to see this cash flow forecast I could minimize that I could also remove it from here completely if I'd like but what's great about these is the way you can interact with the system so just a quick highlight over here I can see the actual values a nice double click will take me into the transaction that made up that value same is true over here for my cash flow all these color these visual cues I can double-click and take me right to those individual transactions so just a little bit there about the rural center additionally we have a list here for my customers so in the center of my screen here my customers these are customers that I maybe have a lot of attention to maybe they're my big customers maybe customers who are new so here I have one progressive Home Furnishings with full integration office 365 it's just a click of the button on the phone phone number I could be taken to my Skype for business and make that phone call saving me a lot of time and energy so also here have my report inbox and I'll show you about scheduled reports rather than actually going out into the system and finding the data you need you can schedule them to be delivered right to your old Center and also notifications so what we're going to do first as we introduced you to to nav and its functionality is I'm going to go into my inventory area and then select my list of inventory items so this is a different type of list screen here's my inventory items all of my inventory here as you can see and also on the right hand side are fact boxes these boxes show relevant information about the highlighted inventory item now this is the same layout you'll see when you're looking at things like vendors or for customers so on for this particular item I can see I have you know my standard cost lead time for shipping how many open orders I have if I wanted to go ahead and look at this that maybe particular let's see maybe a particular set of numbers I can filter this out so if I just do everything that starts with 1 my list will get let me do two that was pre easy or contains the two now my list is changed I can save this list so that I can access it right from my role center as well remove that filter and come back to my bicycle and a quick double-click on my bicycle notice how that window opened open full screen because I asked it's open fullscreen I put it back to a regular state here what's great about NAB another great thing about nav is that it remembers my preference so if I set my window to this side and close and come back into an inventory item it remembered that for me so I'm going to put it back to maximize because that's how I prefer to look at my screen but that's a nicety for sure and that's not a user by user basis the same is true for things like you know these other Saks boxes here and these individual fast tabs are called fast tab grouping fields on the inventory item card so here we've got the item number the description that's all held under item we've got some inventory information pricing and posting so if I didn't necessarily use any of this maybe it wasn't part of my responsibility I can get rid of those save myself some real estate and the next time I come in you guess that it's going to remember that and make sure that I'm able to see what I need to see let me go ahead and create a new inventory item and I'm going to make this a retail item and I'm going to set up an inventory item called couch and we're going to use couch throughout this little demonstration let me get a little and I'm going to go and just into my pricing and put my price maybe it's 99.99999 let's see and I'm going to give it a standard cost of 6 mm mmm so now I have my cost and my price for my inventory item I can also add attributes this is it this is a real win for Dynamics NAV attributes are things that allow us to give additional information about this object so in this couch maybe I want to identify the color and the depth the height grab that from my list and I'm just going to pick from my predefined drop-down here green maybe the depth is I don't know 28 inches on how big a couch is George 32 inches and maybe let's give it a width so that we know this is going to fit in our living room right so there we've got some attributes about this item that we can tell the customer when they're on the phone with us when they're asking those questions so throughout Dynamics NAV anytime there's activity on a master record in this case an inventory item or creation of a new week instead of something called workflow and that workflow allows for for an approval process so in this case I'm going to go ahead and submit this to approval for approval so that my manager can make sure that I set up this pricing correctly that's going to work its way through the system I'm going to come back and go into the workflow area using this quick search so notice as I type into the search it's looking throughout the system and finding me areas that match my search criteria I'm going to click on workflow templates workflow templates are like wizards in the system if you've ever used Excel wizards it's kind of the same thing these are all of the out-of-the-box workflows templates that are available you can certainly create your own but we have right here an item approval workflow so I have this set up to email actually except to email myself and it's set to email and then let's see if I have my email over here not yet just takes a second also in addition to the workflow templates here I can activate those workflows from other areas in the system as well so if I went to vendors right from within the vendor window just like I did in the inventory there's an action here for me to create my workflow right there all right so let's see if my email has been received and it has here it is so no smoke and mirrors there that's 2:19 today I got my email indicating that this has been set up and I can approve this right from within my email so imagine this being on your phone you click the link going to take you log into Dynamics NAV for the web client now this is the web client experience you can see it's very similar to what we were looking at or I could actually back into the sick client and approve it I'm going to prove this right from here and now that item is ready for me to be for me to use so let's go ahead and pull up our couch using our quick search here and I can look at my work flow audit trail so I can see that this has been approved now I can go ahead and place a purchase order for this so that's our next step we've created the item and I'm going to go ahead and purchase this item I'm going to go into purchase orders there we go and I'm going to create a new purchase order for that couch I'm going to buy this from my favorite company Shawn's cool company and I'm going to give it a number here and then just pick that inventory item show you how easy this is I don't know the item number but if I just start typing the name it's going to recognize that I just want one for right now and that price if I remember 6 9999 so now I have a purchase order that I'm ready to to send off to that vendor I can I'm going to release it but first I'm going to send this right from within Dynamics NAV going to create an email put some information in the body of the email for us right here allow me to change the recipients and some information if I wanted to but I'm good with the default we'll send that and I'm going to release this in the system go back to my email here there's my purchase order that I received but I just sent notice I have some of the information in the body but I can also double click and see that nice purchase order that my vendor is going to receive letting them know that they can go ahead and ship that cow me so next in that process is just that we're going to receive this couch at our warehouse so this order has been released and now I'm ready to post this now go ahead and post my receipt and my invoice what this is going to do now is update my own hand quantity for my inventory item and make it available to sell so if I find my couch you see that I have when we come in here quantity a hand sorry was right there quantity on hand 1 and right from within here if I wanted to see if I want to adjust that inventory count and say we did a stock status I could certainly do that but now I want to have that for sale maybe I sent out some marketing material and my my new favorite vendor our my new favorite customer is going to email me and and asking you to order this this is pretty cool stuff so this is right within outlook and I'm going to say hey can you quote me for that green couch right so we'll send this off and this is going to arrive at my company and my my sales office providing I've used the right email address I think I did there we go so there so I get this email from my business partner and they're wanting to know if I can send them a quote I'm in Outlook right now Microsoft Outlook I'm not in that but if I go in up here to new and choose sales quote what this is going to do is reach out to my nav and Azure and present me with the ability to create a new contact in this case it's just a little confused because I am the sender in the recipient of the email so let me get my grabbed my customer sorry about that hit the wrong button so let me grab my customer there we go there for some reason the text is not showing up there there's my customer and we want to create a sales quote for this customer I'm gonna move this over look at how dynamic that is right within outlook I can see I've got a couple things I've sent them the let's see I'm going to create a new quote sorry about that so I'm going to come in here choose new sales quote and now I have the ability to create my quote so I'm going to say okay this quote is for pickup only and I'm going to give them a quote for that inventory item and give them taury item my couch and they want one in this case it's saying my customer has an overdue balance I'm not sure why because Shawn cool company's good customer of ours and right from within here I'm going to go ahead and choose send by email so they've asked me for a quote I'm sending that to them via email and this quote now is available in nav just as soon as I created it in Outlook for someone else to use so I don't even need to be in the nav to handle customer requests so they send some information there's my copy of the sales quote and off that go so I'll send that so that customer now is going to receive the quote there's a quote and they're going to say sounds great on my way so they're going to now we're going to let the system know that we want to turn that quote into an order right from within outlook so I'm just going to go ahead right within outlook and pull up the customer again pull up that customer again where I can see the open order or excuse me the open quote for this customer so here I say I've got two quotes here's the one we just did one zero zero seven I'll pull that quote up right within outlook and I'm going to go ahead and turn that into an in fun to an order I'm going to make an order out of that and yes I want to create that in the system so now I can as you can imagine I can send that by email that now they have the order and the inventory quantity is on hold great so now they've gone ahead they've gone over to the warehouse they've picked it up and we want to invoice them so I'm going to go ahead into sales order and I'm going to turn this order into an invoice let me open this order up and there we go so now that this is going to be emailed off to the customer as well so we do not have to manually mail that invoice off to the customer pretty cool stuff so with that I showed you new inventory items how to procure and and how to sell something so now I want to show you a little bit about financial reporting and I'm going to go back to my president home screen here and show you you know we have our KPIs here but I'm going to pull up something called account schedules and account schedules are in the product quick and easy financial tools so I'm going to open up my income statement this is my setup so you can see I've got all my accounts listed in there and I'm going to go ahead and run my income state so right that easy there's my income statement and I can move this to excel if I wanted to but also what I could do is consist just has a net change I want to show you how easy it is to go and modify this so here's my net change row I'm going to add another row and we'll call that will call it budget and we're going to grab a budget my budget data here instead of entries and then I'm going to add another column for variance and I'm going to make this a formula and I'm just going to say very simply row 20 minus row 10 and now so when I run my report I should get three columns and then those three I want to pick my budget that I want to hear for my but my budget year that I want to use and now I have net change budget and variance and it is literally that easy to make changes to an income statement get the data that you like that you need last thing I want to show you is jet Express and these are Excel reports that look live at your data and present useful financial statements dashboards kpi's you name it and every one of these I'm showing you our out-of-the-box not customized at all so using the power of Excel we're looking live at our data we get a data set here this particular one is for sales and profit like country I can use slicers the change which countries selected here will go to USA quickly easily remove that this is all in one file just want to show you these George because they are pretty powerful pretty impressive and let me come over here – here's a trial balance versus prior year and again if I wanted to just see my income statement accounts I could toggle that if I want to see just my balance sheet accounts you could do so let me look at another one here that I have here we're looking at budget information here's a different way of looking at your income statement this is a month by month income statement for the year here's one of my favorites this is an income statement again month by month with some visual indicators here the show it's real easy easily without having to dissect the actual numbers where we have some some change another tab showing the same information for budget and then lastly a variance report with another type of indicator here showing us trends which is pretty awesome as well so with that I hope that with an interesting and fun introduction to Dynamics NAV and Jorge I will turn it back to you and see if we have any questions all right Thank You Sean and just one question someone asked how does the security work and I'll drink elgyn well if you can customize the roles letters great question security works on a user basis and there's all sorts of of predefined security roles so basically we create a new user assign them to a security set and a role center the rural centers most definitely are customizable as well so here are the different permission sets that are available out on the box but certainly these are customizable as well just like the role centers so yes definitely okay well thank you Sean and I promised me we talked about pricing after the last time oh so that's what's up next so let's talk about pricing and how to buy so there's different ways that you can purchase now the first we'll talk about is beyond premise pricing and there's a starter pack and an extended pack you get quite a bit with the starter pack you get your basic although you get basic you get all the financials and supply chain capabilities the extended pack adds additional functionality on top of that it extends like bird supply chain it'll add some warehouse management features or manufacturing we have a 40 page document that outlines exactly what's included with each so if you really are interested give us a call and we can go through that with you but the starter pack starts off at $5,000 and that includes the first three users if you need the extended pack functionality add 10,000 on top of that and then for every user above the first three it's another three thousand dollars now these are one-time fees you do pay sixteen percent annual maintenance which gets you access to the Microsoft web site called custom resource there's online training self support all kind of great all kind of great benefits there and looking I didn't mention there's also a limited user primarily a read-only user that you can select a few tables to give it right access so a lot of systems just have read-only or full users these limited users are a little bit unique so if you need one person that just does one task and you don't want to show up at three thousand for the full user a limited user might might might be the trick right there or do the trick for you now implementation services that's additional you know good rule of thumb is a one to one ratio with what you're paying for the software licenses for the implementation services with nap sometimes it's one-to-one sometimes it's to divide it all depends on you know the number of users and the complexity everything you want to set up so subscription is fast pricing now you see two columns here subscription pricing is just the price for the software you would have to have your own hardware to run that on maybe you already have an azure environment and you want to have nav on that a the subscription pricing could be a nice way to go there and the fast pricing that's turnkey turnkey cloud option you don't have to worry about anything except having a connection to the internet in a computer of course but with this full-blown set you get your backups server maintenance upgrades everything it's included in that price now one thing I forgot to mention here on this prior slide is the configuration and development tools so there are matters very customizable we can get into that too much today just for like a time but you can create your own form screens add fields depending on what you want to do there's various licenses that you need to purchase for that they start it I mean they start pretty low like if you see that some fields or forms you know it's another hundred dollars or so so now how to buy now it is sold exclusively through Microsoft partners such as and it is our job to help you understand to understand your capabilities match up the solution identify any add-ons you might need do demos provide implementation services like training data conversion things like that so we're here to help we also on our website WWE skal we can sign up for a free 30-day trial if you want to check it out for yourself so I mentioned our website just now you can also email us at info at enter dine artist comm or you can go ahead and give us a call at seven zero four eight four six six seven five zero so before we wrap things up I'm going to see if there are any more questions and I do have one more so how long does it take to implement math it's a great question in mostly histories it depends so a basic job just you know three divide users financials we could probably get that done within a month you know one to two months tops just to a supply chain or more complex manufacturing deal you know that might be in the three or four month range and a really large complex deal you know to get all the way up to six months from start to finish so we'll wait another minute see if there's any other questions and it doesn't look like there are so I thank everybody for your time this afternoon we look forward to speaking to you soon and have a great day thanks

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    am having a problem relating to workflow. regarding sequence workflow example in sequence one we have two approvers in second sequence we have three approvers . my problem is when first approver approves the document , the status of the document does not change it remains as created instead of open. assist me please on steps to follow

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