iPhone 7 vs World's Strongest Acid - What Will Happen?

iPhone 7 vs World's Strongest Acid – What Will Happen?

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How does Fluoroantimonic Acid react to an iPhone 7? I decided to find the answer!




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what is up guys techrax here in this video I got an iPhone 7 it's the beautiful matte black finish and the video I have today for you guys is something that definitely has myself feeling a little triggered now I'm not going to actually open this up but I will briefly show you guys what I have here is the world's strongest acid it is a super acid and if I can find it in this bag that it is I will show you guys this is called floral anta monic acid it has a pH level of negative 31 and it's supposedly ten quadrillion times stronger than sulfuric acid I have a hundred grams of it and I will just gently try and pour this on an iPhone 7 and wait it out for 24 hours I'm not going to try and initially mix it with anything because there's just not enough research shown on this I haven't even seen a single YouTube video of this stuff being shown you know as an example or an experiment of some kind so that's pretty much the bottom line it's kind of a test video I'm just going to pour this stuff on the iPhone 7 we'll see what happens let's get straight into this now at first glance I'm not sure why but this looks like there's crystals everywhere inside here so it doesn't seem like it's in a pure liquid state I can see crystals everywhere I don't really even feel it moving around but let's go ahead and open it as you guys can see the way they sealed this up makes it very hard to open because there's like some sort of rubber on the tape okay guys one more time here is the iPhone 7 and I'm actually going to flip it over I've opened up the bottle and I'm going to make sure and pour it on the back first but the phone will be on so we'll see if it's still on tomorrow and finally guys let's go ahead and take this it's literally crystals what in the world with a little bit of liquid okay guys so there's still a lot more in here I think what I'm going to do is I'm just going to leave some of it on the iPhone 7 on the back of the iPhone and then close the cap and put some more in the morning so we'll see how it goes from there check this out here is the iPhone 7 just around 12 hours later this looks like it came from another planet you can see some of the crystals are still on the iPhone but I mean there's various things that's crossing my mind first of all I heard this this stuff dissolves through glass and everything um and I could see how it's dissolving but I was actually thinking it would be you know almost like instant you know I wasn't expecting it to be hot right off the bottle but you can tell right now it's definitely doing its job so now I'm going to go ahead and pour just a couple drops of hydrogen peroxide into the container just to see if anything happens still super shocked to know that nothing happened to that lithium-ion battery that's active in that iPhone 7 same beige color sulfuric acid mixed with fluoro anta monic acid now the final moment of truth guys we're going to find out if this what once was the matte black iPhone 7 can boot up if I charge it I washed it off I still don't really want to touch it I'm going to plug this in because I know the battery died that's four for a fact it's plugged in is it completely broken though and I don't see any signs of life see what holding the power button no no way no way no way I'm seeing guys I am not joking there is a battery symbol it's telling me to charge it up this is very hard to see I can barely see this myself check that out the Apple logo is shining the phone has booted up three percent to forty five pm no SIM card installed you guys can see even part of the display of the glass is was starting to get eaten away just by how it looks like I mean this is any grease this isn't grease or residue right here this is just part of the glass that started getting deteriorated so you can tell you know if this was would be submerged for maybe a week this phone would definitely die completely but I mean oh my goodness this phone is in working order from the most corrosive acid on the planet that is incredible guys and I'm loving that new spider-man design now like this thing was once black and now it's just black and white and you can't clean any more of this but it's polished it's looking beautiful the phone is working everything is perfectly fine that is so crazy look at this touch sensitivity volume rockers go up and down let's test some of the sound options sound just the C of the ringtones look at that everything works perfectly fine guys thanks for watching that is incredible I'm impressed as always stay tuned for more videos and peace out

40 Replies to “iPhone 7 vs World's Strongest Acid – What Will Happen?”

  1. 89Interceptor

    if it was fluoroantimonic acid then you would not have an iphone after 12 hours, you also wouldnt have a glass bowl, a table , or a floor after 12 hours

  2. A M

    Yea because you poured on the freeking back which is clearly made of metal or steel.If you did pour it on the glass it would be gone in probably 30 minutes or so.

  3. Charles Kogan

    I checked the cas number and I found a listing from alpha aeserthat confirmed its which is odd that they're even able to sell it.

  4. St. Moscow

    Its not real, or else the phone would just completely dissolve and disappear if that was the worlds strongest acid…

  5. xX GachaRose Xx

    This video is so fake. If that was the real acid: The phone would be totally broken, your container would’ve shattered, and the container of the acid would be gone too. Automatic Dislike

  6. Cpt.Buffed

    Everything here is wrong. This is NOT fluoroantimonic acid and apparently just hexafluoroantimonate (judging from what can be seen at 1:03).
    Fluoroantimonic acid can only be used in a hydrogen fluoride solution which is extremly toxic and reacts with glass.
    The damaged spots at 2:50 don't even correlate with the space he placed the "acid" on.
    And just everything that has been pointed out already. Not sure if the creator just blatantly lied or (rather unlikely) has literaly no idea what he is doing.

  7. Subject 049

    "I'm not gonna mix it with anything!!"
    "I'm just gonna put some drops of Hydrogen Peroxide!"
    also puts in some Sulfuric Acid

  8. Bane

    Yeah sorry but if you had floroantamonic acid your phone would be gone, the table gone your gloves gone the sink you used to wash it off in gone, your phone gone , this acid can ONLY be contained in Teflon as it will burn through steel not to mention plastic

  9. Danica Callueng

    Why you destroying iPhone, instead to destroy it. you can give it to the people who can't afford to buy that
    Your so lucky🤗

  10. Danica Callueng

    Why you destroying iPhone, instead to destroy it. you can give it to the people who can't afford to buy that
    Your so lucky🤗

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