iPHONE GAME GLITCHES (iOS Gameplay Montage)

iPHONE GAME GLITCHES (iOS Gameplay Montage)

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This is a montage of funny glitches that I’ve found in various games & apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and any other iOS devices!

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All games played in this video:

– Bike Baron »
– Eagle Simulator »
– Goat Simulator »
– Puppet Punch »
– Reckless Racing 3 »
– Skate Simu »
– Skippy Squirrel »
– Subway Surfers »
– Zombies Highway: Driver’s Ed »

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I love weird glitches and Gabe's it's so funny I got him I got no oh god it's lagging but it looks horrible from what I'm seeing oh geez oh oh that's not good Oh oh my oh my what have I done what have I done um hey dude we did mr. mr. Baron Baron of the bikes I understand you're a little busy um you know catching some Z's I respect that some degree I mean they say sleep is for the weak I say bed just for the dead and not really in a bed this isn't time for sleep therefore maybe I was just thinking you want to get up I mean I'm I'd be fine with that but I mean it's really up to you the freaking frame rate is so good it's like two frames per second what am i stare time plus two I'm just stuck on the screen now every time plus nine third time plus ten what am i tip did I break it did i hack the system what am i doing why am I getting so much air time I'll just the TV I got so much air time I'm gonna be on a TV 24/7 I don't understand but if I could land right now I would probably get the highest score just in the world and I want to be a Skippy squirrel champ it's what I live for honestly I didn't know this game existed two seconds ago but it means what I've been waiting for all my life now I know the truth now I know all I've really wanted all along Skippy squirrel Skippy Skippy the squirrel Skippy peanut butter he is nothing he's not affiliated with the peanut butter don't stop spreading that rumor also stop spreading that peanut butter all over my squirrel body it's gross what does happen Jesus is that you huh um yes I see I see epoch yes I believe it I'm getting all the achievements throat God knows what just trying to like do this mission kind of just I mean how's the ground smell it's pretty good is it good is it nice I mean good ol scent good old aroma ranking up and things header text goes here and that's nice like what the majestic eagle in its natural habitat watch as it soars into this tree logs go get'em show that tree who's boss lay an egg on him scratch bouquet yes I would love to see a replay on that please please and thank you what is he doing where's the skateboard Oh God I guess the replay did not want to play that's fine I didn't really want to see it the first time is this the point in the game this is how you win that's how you win apparently I'm getting all the achievements this is like a speedrun really when you think about it's the proper strategist like a car I got plus 500 can I land now please god I don't want to let this score go guys I don't want to let it go call me not frozen call me thawed all right bye score that fish wait was that a fish in the sky that's a fish in the sky what Dell is this vegetable oh my god come here I want to eat it at least yes I got that flying fish what I won all of the reckless Racing 3 cups 1/3 drift cups in career Jim accustomed master what did I I just refresh I close the app and I restarted it now I got all these a child Minh set hell's happening game center go home you're drunk what am i I mean now I can't drive this game center is drunk you can't drink and drive I'm gonna try to make you look as normal as possible okay I'll just what what what do you what is this how you skateboard is this how you rad moves is this the bad tricks and I learned that I know and love I really don't know I mean I mean I could just lean you over but I mean a little bit rude it won't be rude here I mean you're not gonna last very long as the baron of the bikes if you can act like this is not how progress is made your people are gonna overthrow you assuming that a baron is an elected official I don't really even freaking know it's been a minute or maybe set this X does nothing I don't want to watch the trailer why do the menus not work what the balls man I'm tapping I'm tapping so good okay I guess I have it I got it but you won't let me say that I've got it trust me man I've got it Tony Tony what you doing Tony you're not gonna get that Statue of Liberty so I need you to cut it out now Tony Mars would never lead you astray oh you led me astray into the dark of this I'm just breakdancing I'm just straight chillin Max and relaxing this is how I max and also relax I want to see what he's doing but I can't it's making me very uncomfortable oh oh oh oh my oh I see I see I can Kirk what we're gonna do whoops whoa okay all right oh yes smell the ground Julie just got friggin wake up who's got friggin wake up right now I don't understand what you're I'm nothing I tap works I'm tapping everywhere to play and it's nothing's working I think I'm playing and the menu is in the way still okay I mean could just play like this I mean it's fine it's just like a little bit off this is weird dude oh my god this is so Oh goodbye everybody goodbye everybody I'm just pedaling just putting the pedal to the metal anti-gravity style no no no go back up go back up it actually okay you can go down go back up go back up go back oh we're freakin screwed it could be the grass hi you two so this was a compilation video of all of the funniest glitches that I've experienced in my day of recording iPhone games if you like this montage there is a button down there somewhere that can help you express that like I enjoyed making it it's always funny to come across stuff like this in game so yeah I hope you guys are having a good day and I'll see you soon with more iPhone gameplay videos thanks for watching

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