iPod Classic upgrade: new battery + SD Card. 256GB 7th gen iPod Classic

iPod Classic upgrade: new battery + SD Card. 256GB 7th gen iPod Classic

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How to replace the iPod Classic’s battery, SSD/SD Card upgrade, change the Screen and headphones jack. iPod Classic parts you can find on Amazon:
– (Amazon US)
– (Amazon UK)
– (Amazon Deutschland)
– (Amazon España)
– (Amazon France)
– (Amazon Italia)

iSesamo Opening Tool:
– (Amazon US)
– (Amazon UK)
– (Amazon Deutschland)
– (Amazon España)
– (Amazon France)
– (Amazon Italia)

iPod Classic opening reference card in PDF:

Playlist of “Opening iPod Classic” tutorials:

I wanted to change my iPod’s HDD to an SSD drive – but here is the deal: the iPod Classic uses those tiny 1.8 inch disk drives connected with a very particular flat-ribbon cable called “ZIF/CE” connector, which is not that common. I could only find small capacity ZIF SSDs… come on! My iPod had 160GB, I didn’t want to settle for less! Another option is a ZIF adapter to Compact Flash. The adapters are cheap, but a 256GB Compact Flash Card not so much… Then I found the iFlash board adapters for SD Cards – made by Tarkan Akdam

Tarkan Akdam? Who is this guy?
The iFlash website is full of information – but his personal blog has very few posts, no twitter account, no photos… So I wrote him an email: are you shy? in which country do you live? how have you started making iPod adapters?
And he wrote back, saying he is not shy, just a very busy and private person. He is an electronic engineer working with audio and TV productions, product design and development – even so, he keeps making newer iFlash models. It seems incredible! Would it be true? It could be a company, you know? There was a time I imagined Peter Norton could be just an actor! Anyway, I found a lot of iFlash reviews, the adapters are real and work!

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Written, Performed and Produced by Everson Siqueira


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My iPod Classic was dead… or dying… but I couldn’t let it go! So… “How to replace the iPod Classic’s Battery?” “How to change the iPod Hard Drive?” “Can I use an SSD or SD Card as storage?”. You will see how to open an iPod Classic, how to change the battery, how to replace the hard disk with an iFlash
storage card. And, because I’ve made some mistakes, I can also show you how to replace the LCD
screen and how to replace the headphones jack too! Now I have a “brand new” 7th generation, 256 GB solid state iPod Classic! I am Everson, and this is Geek Detour! Apple stopped selling the iPod Classic in
September 2014 and it instantly became a collector’s item
on a premium price. My iPod is the very last model of the “classic”
line: the 6th generation, 2nd revision, from 2009, with 160GB on a thin enclosure. Most websites call it the “7th generation”. You can still buy one of these on eBay, on a sealed box, by around U$ 400!
[woman screaming] This iPod is very dear to me – it was a special
gift from my wife, and I used it very much during the past 6
years. But, recently, it had two problems: The battery couldn’t even let me hear a
complete album anymore and the Hard Drive was dying. Different from the iPhone and iPod touch, the iPod Classic uses a magnetic hard-disk. You can actually hear the disk spinning and
the mechanical heads moving inside! Listen! It loads a few songs in memory then it turns
the disk off, to save battery. Could you hear it? Lets skip a few songs. [disk spinning up] But my iPod’s disk struggled trying to load
the next songs and the music stopped for a while. The plan was to open it, replace the battery, remove the hard disk switching to some solid
state storage solution, close it and be happy! It shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to
do it all and get ready to fill it with songs again… Unless you buy some wrong part, or use the wrong tool or something breaks…. and apparently I got the whole bad luck package! Attention: The iPod Classic is very delicate
inside! Don’t blame me if you damage your iPod! Now we can go shopping. First: battery. You can find a lot of battery replacement
options! I bought mine on Amazon. You can find iPod batteries on iFixit too. Most batteries will come with some nylon opening
tools but don’t get excited about them, you will see why in a minute! Second: Storage. Luckily I found the “iFlash iPod Adapters”,
with many storage options: Compact Flash, mSata SSDs, SD cards and Micro
SD Cards which is perfect because large capacity SD
cards are way cheaper! You need to check if your iPod is one of the
compatible models and if there are any limitations. For example: my wife’s iPod Classic would
only recognise and use up to 128GB. For every adapter, there is a list of recommended,
tested cards. As I write this, there is a new adapter called
iFlash-QUAD, Back then, the iFlash-Dual was the best option
available, the one I bought. One week later, I received mine and, oh boy,
I got impressed: these are projected by a single guy named
Tarkan Akdam. Isn't it impressive?? At last: Opening Tools. I never opened an iPod before, so I bought
everything: nylon Pry tools, metal ones, guitar picks,
tiny screw-drivers, plastic sticks… Here on YouTube you can find a bunch of videos
with people showing “how to open iPods” using these tools… they are either suffering trying to open the
iPods, or lying about it: showing iPods that were
clearly opened before. Trust me: this is the tool for the job: the “iSesamo” flexible steel blade. It is so bad that I learned about this tool
much later, after I, well, keep watching… Once you got everything you need, you can
open the iPod! Up to the 5th generation, the front panel was made of plastic, very
easy to open. But the 6th and 7th generations are all metal they are really difficult to open! So this is me, trying to do the same things
I watched on the videos by the way, I made a playlist with the best
videos I found. They tell you to work with two nylon tools
around the iPod, doing several passes, widening the gap. BUT this is bad advice! I spent 40 minutes ‘widening’ the gap… it was already deforming the sides and the
cover didn’t get loose! I was trying everything and I ended up breaking the whole clip-strip
in one of the laterals. All wrong… Here is what you must know to open the iPod: there are 11 retaining clips. I also made a PDF you can get in the description
and print so you can know exactly where the clips are and ‘disengage’ each one of them using
the iSesamo tool. Be careful: iSesamo is not exactly ‘sharp’,
but is not dull either. The tip has a special shape; the blade gets
in really easy and then you can push it vertically to the
bottom, on every clip, disarming them. I recommend you to start unsetting the top
clip, then the two bottom ones, then the 4 clips of each side. It might be useful to have guitar picks, to
keep clips from gripping back. Knowing where the clips are and using the
right tool makes it way easier be patient and good luck! When you finally open it, be careful: there are two delicate flat-cables connecting
both parts. You ‘open the back’ sideways just enough
for you to disconnect the battery ribbon then you open the iPod like a book. There is no reason to disconnect the second
ribbon. What I did wrong: [wrong-answer buzzer] by not understanding how the clips worked,
I started forcing one of the sides, using a tool between the clip metal strip
and the back plate. I eventually broke them apart [woman screaming] what a disaster! The headphones jack is screwed in two places: one of them is in this strip that I broke. And without those clips, I would have to find a different way to keep
my iPod closed… Replacing the battery is really simple: you just need a plastic tool underneath and
force it up slowly. The battery is kept in place just with an
adhesive. Just be careful with the “hold” button
ribbon cable that also passes under the battery. What I did wrong: I was ambitious, [wrong buzzer] so I ordered a battery with greater mAh capacity, not realising it would be thicker as well. It was made for the previous, thicker, generation. I had to put away everything and wait to receive
a second battery with the proper size. Replacement batteries already come with adhesive
tape, peel it and you can glue the new battery on
the same spot. To replace the iPod Hard Drive, you need to release the ribbon from the Zif
connector. Hinge open the plastic locking bar, using
a plastic tool. Be extra careful! When the latch is opened, the ribbon cable
should be easy to slide out. Insert the SD Cards you will use on the iFlash
board. Connect the iFlash board to the Zif ribbon
cable you just released be sure it is evenly inserted all the way
in, and lock down the plastic tab. Insert the battery ribbon in place and secure
its connector. Verify the iPod is turning back on and ready
to be restored. Then you can align the back cover in position
and force it down, applying some force evenly, closing the case. You should hear the clips locking. Now you should be able to restore your iPod
Classic and fill it back with songs. But that was not my whole story 🙂 I waited a couple of weeks for the correct
battery when it finally arrived, I put all back together… and the screen simply had an ugly line across! I checked for some bad contact, in vain: the
screen was really broken. I probably twisted, forced the cover with
the display during my fight trying to open it the first
time. So I ordered a screen replacement surprisingly, it was not expensive. It came on a small box written “iPhone 4” and I initially thought it was scratched – but
it was just the protection film. To replace the screen you must disassemble
the iPod completely. The main board is fixed in place with adhesive,
you slowly separate. Remember I completely broke one of the clip
strips? To close my iPod, I decided for a rubber glue
that holds really strong and yet, it would be possible to remove it
if I ever needed to open my iPod again… …and indeed I had to. Just after a few hours listening to music,
I got this screen To make the story short: the SD Card was dead. Later I found other people that also had problems
with that particular card… I bought a new SD Card, different brand. The last problem I had was during my attempts
to fix the headphones jack, without the lateral screwing point. Maybe i bent it or whatever… but the integrated click speaker stopped sounding, and the earbud controls were not working properly
anymore. So I found a replacement set on eBay. It was a full set including the headphones
jack, the click speaker and the Hold switch, all together ending on a contact ribbon. At this point I was utterly in panic about
doing something wrong… you know? Fix it here and damage something else… getting stuck on some "Fixing iPod Groundhog
Day". But it was the last time. I could glue it back together and on the next
day it was all perfect. The whole project was not cheap mostly because I had to buy the SD Card twice… and two batteries… and a new screen… and a new headphones jack. You could argue this is NOT even my iPod anymore and you’d have a point. But I look at it and I see my wife’s engraved
message I remember the day she gave this gift to me… and I am so glad I will continue using it. 15 years ago, carrying your whole music collection, physically, in your pocket was a daring idea! Now, it is just nostalgic. Isn't it? Wow! It’s been… two years since I recorded
everything you just saw! Time flies! But my iPod Classic is still working! The battery… the SD Card, luckily, is still
ok. And I have all my music library stored inside
of this which I like really much, instead of some mysterious place in the Cloud. Is not that I don’t like streaming Is that I like to own my music Does it make any sense? Tell me in the comments if you still have
one of these or, at least, if you still store songs in
your computer. I hope you found this video… useful or at least entertaining Give the video a “thumbs up” subscribe to my channel and thank you so much for watching.

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  1. Geek Detour

    iPod Classic replacement parts:
    https://amzn.to/2Oz3V8q (Amazon US),
    https://amzn.to/2RjjkrP (Amazon UK),
    https://amzn.to/2IzLWJE (Amazon Deutschland),
    https://amzn.to/2IxlCQ9 (Amazon España),
    https://amzn.to/2DTzQwh (Amazon France) and
    https://amzn.to/2P4FFb6 (Amazon Italia)

    iSesamo Opening Tool:
    https://amzn.to/2S2CqWz (Amazon US),
    https://amzn.to/2HFe9lw (Amazon UK),
    https://amzn.to/2WirnaO (Amazon Deutschland),
    https://amzn.to/2CIThE6 (Amazon España),
    https://amzn.to/2UgKgsR (Amazon France) and
    https://amzn.to/2HwEwKb (Amazon Italia)

    iPod Classic opening reference card in PDF:

  2. D Jaquith

    I had no problem stopping buying music and going to Streaming; try TIDAL HiFi. It may have been a different story if I could have stored my analog records with their analog sound quality, but some genius thought MP3 128Kbps rate was a good idea. Even as old as I am I still can hear sonic alarms in stores.

  3. Mr 420

    I clicked the like button simply because of your skill of repairing that thing (which is ultimately awesome), and because how u show your gratitude & love toward your wife.

  4. DrunkZerg

    Жёсткий диск в маленьком карманном плеере это конечно экстравагантное решение

  5. jay22098

    i still have mine. exact same model as the one on the video. battery lasts for like 15 mins. now i just put my songs on my iphone and use that instead. much faster and stores more songs (256gb).


    I used to have that excact same one, as well as the previous generation one. Mostly used it as my "car jukebox", as I connected it with USB to my car stereo i could browse my music on the car's stereo. Sold it few years ago tho, as I dont even have a car now at the moment. Great player with lots of room for music.

  7. PoKoJoE

    I watched the video and I don't even own an iPod. Do I store music on my computer? Of course just Flac and 24 Bit Flac Files. Great video!

  8. Bảo Châu Ngọc

    Your video is certainly entertaining, and you are a very good man in appreciating the iPod as a meaningful gift. Much love from Vietnam.

  9. Nicho Santori

    But I think the important thing is how to download music to your iPod because the stream media like Spotify and Apple Music seem to ignore iPod now.

  10. Servant of Truth

    Some how you showed up in my queue and my 250G ipod classic has had a battery issue and a headphone jack problem. Thank you for this video. 🙂

  11. Filthy Dubbbz

    I'm still hunting for a classic. I prefer to own my music as well, but I still stream my favorite songs that I overplay to support my favorite musicians.

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