Is Medical Coding Academy Licensed?

Is Medical Coding Academy Licensed?

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It’s one of the many questions we regularly receive. Short answer: yes! Get the longer answer to this and other questions by watching this video.

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hi everyone jumping on here really quick to cover one of your questions is minimal coding Academy license school well as a matter of fact I'm glad you asked because the answer is yes my lovelies I've got something right here as a matter of fact let me show it to you we are licensed with the Texas Workforce Commission and we have an A+ accreditation through the Better Business Bureau which by the way leads me to the two bombs I'm about to throw it you on here there is something I wanna make crystal clear medical coding Academy in no way shape or form teaches that AAPC ahima or anyone elses curriculum the main reason we have the thousands of success stories on social media is because we wrote our own curriculum I'm talking thousands of reviews right now are approving our curriculum as stellar look I'm making everyone aware of this because lately a ton of people have been expressing a significant amount of concern I mean just a ton of concern that they're gonna sign up with our course and then end up watching some online AAPC course curriculum videos but I can assure you all that will not be the case when sign up for medical coding Academy again the reason we can take a person with no prior knowledge through a three day course see them pass their exam on the first try and enter the industry in record time it's because we wrote a very unique straight to-the-point curriculum that simplifies the really tough material to such a degree that we leave no one behind again when you register for our courses please rest assured that we are not going to be stuck with a APC videos or anyone elses videos for that matter okay so for now for the second bomb please never assume that just because you find an educational facility or even an instructors name on the AAPC website that they have been proven a trustworthy educational source credentials are very different from carrying a license a very long time ago when I was just starting out I used to carry a license with the AAPC but let me tell you something I will never forget how uneasy I was with how little it took for me to get licensed with them I thought they were going to need to investigate my syllabus and really review my curriculum forward and back and observe me actually teaching before I could get approved for an actual license with them but to my biggest surprise all they ever required of me was to sit for like another credential exam and pay them a couple of thousand dollars a year but as long as I was steady writing them checks my name always got to be on their website and I thought my goodness what if I was a really bad teacher and people paid me all this money and got a really bad experience and a bad result and never could pass the test fast forward many years later today I prefer to carry a license by the Texas Workforce Commission this is an organization that reviewed every inch of our syllabus every last detail of our course catalogs they even mandated us to find actual industry professionals to vouch for our curriculums vouch for us I mean it was a really lengthy and grueling process it was rough but you know we are better for it and and because now man Hakone Academy actually answers to an organization that that truly holds us accountable with our policies our outcomes our performance furthermore these days we seek our accreditation through the Better Business Bureau the most trustworthy nonprofit organization that was started over a hundred years ago we respond to these people to the organization who actually verify all of our advertising and verify our reviews this is an organization who clearly looks out for the customers and so I guess we are accredited by the organization that actually monitors our day-to-day operations so that's who medical coding Academy that's how I should say medical coding Academy measures up speaking of reviews please read ours and read the ones from everyone else compare our reviews with the other educational providers in the industry we want you to feel really confident when you choose us and know that you made the right move and you'll find that out as soon as you register for our courses once again thank you all so much for your time are really wanting to clear that up for everybody and let us know if you have further questions either by email or or by telephone okay and that is medical coding Academy John org thanks everybody have a blessed day you

12 Replies to “Is Medical Coding Academy Licensed?”

  1. Cindy Villa

    The best thing you said on here was that we didn't have to worry about getting your course and end up with the aapc videos. I did the aapc online course last year and it was so confusing and a total nightmare. I'd never felt so robbed and cheated out of my money. I read their reviews a little too late but thank you for clarifying for everyone else!

  2. Timothy Davis

    My wife and I recently took the MCA, CPC 3 day course in Dallas. We traveled all the way from Atlanta to attend this phenomenal event. When I tell you that this was one of the best investments of our money and time, I am not exaggerating!! Mrs. Ortega and her wonderful team of Belen, Angelica, Ladonna and Susan were beyond great. Words cannot express the feeling we have for them. I will not lie, the 3 days are challenging but so worth it! I am more than confident that my wife and I are overly prepared to take the CPC that we are scheduled for this upcoming Saturday, and we will pass it the first time!!! The energy of the class and the staff is so loving and helpful and inspiring. It’s like the family you didn’t know you had. If you are new in the industry or struggling to pass your CPC certification, YOU NEED TO BE HERE! You will not regret it. I will definitely be back for my COC, CRC, CPMA and the rest of the “alphabet soup”.

    Keep it moving!!!!

  3. AuBri Boatengmaah

    She is the best, period! I am a testimony of her hard work. I had NO experience but with her course, l passed my exam and got my first coding job 3 months after. Love from Ohio Mrs Ortega….

  4. Gia Quartimon

    Hi Mrs. Ortega! How soon is the third way to learn medical coding going to be released? I'm itching to find out

  5. ihcber rebchi

    Awesome Academy!!! First hand witness!!! Home study course looks amazing and is a true Godsend, but the classroom experience and dedication from Mrs. Ortega and her team is beyond outstanding!!

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